Azerbaijan Must Attack Yerevan, Says Political Expert

Vafa Guluzade

BAKU (1news)—Azerbaijan must attack Yerevan, said Azerbaijan former lead negotiator and presidential adviser Vafa Guluzade Thursday, adding that the attacks must be so severe that Armenia would not be able to “forget it.”

In his statements, Guluzade also said that in addition to Yerevan, Azerbaijan must attack Gyumri, Gapan and other large cities in Armenia.

Guluzade said in recent years, Azerbaijan has purchased a great deal of military equipment “that other countries can only dream about.”

Guluzade, who served as lead advisor to successive Azeri presidents, including Haydar Aliyev and was a member of Azerbaijan’s Security Council, also expressed his belief that the Minsk Group co-chair countries side with Armenia. He cited a statement by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who said that France is Armenia’s “sister country,” as an example the alleged favoritism toward Armenia.


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  1. Stepan said:

    Let them attack, last time we were out numbered 5 to 1, and we still managed to liberate Artsax, this time we may not have spent as much as the azeri’s but we have enough to counter any attacks and cause severe damage to their economy, whic is heavily reliant on the pipelines.

    But I hope this time we take back Nakachivan, as we cannot ever allow them to do what they have done to us in Nackchivan, where not a single Armenian or Armenian Church or cemetray has been spared by these tartars that have devatsed the region for centuries.

    • Ando Dovlatyan said:


  2. Վազգէն said:

    If Armenian Soldiers arrive to Baku Where will you be Vafa? – give them your address.

  3. Art-Y said:

    We’ll bomb the hell out of Baku, they have a lot more to lose….the pipelines

  4. Arman said:

    Vafa before you open your big mouth, remember about all the Armenians around the world that will come to Armenia’s aid without pay, not like you used to pay for your soldiers, also don’t forget about the 7 million Armenians you can’t kill in the other countries who will come and get you. So don’t waist our time with your treats, no body wants war but if you want one we will take you to war.

  5. Krikor said:

    All the way to Baku and hang mentally disturbed Aliev head down in the central square

  6. Hakupian said:

    Please do not make war. Since Armenia is already suffering great damage to its economy. People are moving out of Armenia to seek a better future in Russia and US, or even Turkey. Soldiers cannot build country. They only defend it. When the people are hungry, will the soldiers still build a good developed Armenia? Let the war end and start normalizing relations with the great country of Turkey. See what will happen to our economy. We will then be ahead of even Iran. Armenia has lost 1/4 of its people. This way, Armenia will disappear after a number of years. Is this what you want for Armenia? If the hungry people start revolution, there will be civil war within Armenia and then the Azeris will easily get what they dream.

    • Osmanoglu said:

      I can only admit your comment. War ist destroying civils, while this asshole politcians fill up their pockets. I cant imagine, there will be war, i hope, there will be no more war again. Even i am a nationalist Turk, i will punish the aggressor by sending money to the defender, in this case it would be armenian civils. I dont want to see dead kids and women anymore, doesnt matter on which side.

      • Dyanahar said:

        Yes, I am sure you would. But seriously, just try to keep it low on the raping, that would be nice of you, already.

  7. Varouj said:

    Eastern Turks or Shirvani Turks or Caucasian Tatars, listen carefully:
    – your days are numbered
    – Nakhijevan will come to us
    – Gandzak will come to us
    – Armenia and Russia will have common border via Dagestan
    – Talish will be an autonomous republic within Armenia
    – want to hear more, :)

  8. Krikor said:

    This loudmouth vafa ,i guess he was in an air conditioned room ;when the heroic Armenian soldiers were chasing vafa’s slaves. i have one advice to Vafa “open big mouth,insert big foot”.Armenian soldiers have very good reason to defend the fatherland unlike Azeris who tried to fight for their oil masters.!!!

  9. Liana said:

    As always ….. nothing original!! Usually such aggressive behavior is peculiar to weak and criminal minds, as mr.Vafa and his compatriots are!!!

  10. Mazod said:


    Do you live in Armenia to be making such bold statements or are you sipping on a latte and smoking a cigarette in Glendale?

    It is easy for us who live outside of Armenia to talk tough, but it is the people who actually live there that will have bombs dropping on them, burying dead family members and relatives, rebuilding their homes and schools and struggling to find something to eat.

    Think about it.

    • Stepan said:

      Mazod, what do you suggest, hang our heads, givce back Artsax and beg these tartars to give autonomy to us in our own lands?

      Mazod jan, I dont know about you and what you were doing during the last war, but I was not sitting around singing heghapoghakan songs, eating kebab ( or sippimg lattee)

      • Mazod said:


        Unless you live in Artsakh, your “own land” is your apartment in Glendale.

        What were you doing then Stepan? Were you in Artsakh holding a gun and actually FIGHTING in the war with the fedayi soldiers? If I were to guess the answer to that, it’d be umm…….NO. It’s easy to talk big homey when you are in a safe country with working plumbing/heating, stocked supermarkets and a job. If you are such a “tough guy”, but a one-way ticket to Artsakh and live there/defend it. Don’t talk tough sitting in your apartment in Glendale while real people die.

        I don’t talk tough so that eating kebab and singing revolutionary songs comment does not apply to me.

    • Patrick said:

      I agree with Mazod. Stepan, and the rest of you that are advocating for war with stupid slogans of “To Baku!” or ” Azeri’s are stupid…dumb.” The worst thought a soldier could have is to underestimate his enemy.

      While many like you sat in America or Lebanon and raged for war, daring the Azeri’s to attack, they did, and you sat there and did nothing; all the while, silent patriots-true patriots-like Monte Melkonian stood side by side by the farmers and young men willing to sacrifice their lives to protect the lands you all seem so ardently protesting to protect, but lack the courage to go and fight.

      Who will be sacrificing their lives? Do you REALLY think that the Armenian blood shed over this war will justify the countless families who will be stuck another 100 years in poverty because they just lost both of their sons-the only workers in their family- to Azeri snipers? Everyone starts to doubt the power of Azerbaijan saying they are idiots and morons, “we won once, we’ll win again!” Sure, Armenian intellect is superior, I agree, BUT even an inferior enemy will not repeat his mistakes from the first defeat. Stop doubting their might and capabilities. Armenia has heart, and determination, but those aren’t bulletproof.

      Who’s going to reestablish the lands we liberate and reclaim? like Mazod mentioned, who will rebuild the homes, schools, churches, hospitals, farms, agriculture, economy of all that land? Who will PAY for all of that? One telethon annually produces $14 million to aid Armenia. Will that convince you to go and live in Armenia, or Karabagh…start a family there, repopulate the land with younger Armenians…? Before you advocate for War, think about who is going to be fitting the bill.

      • Mazod said:


        I must admit that a very long time ago, I too, was once like Stepan posting comments on this and other sites. Fortunately, I realized how ridiculous I sounded and acted and quickly stopped. I can’t say the same for guys like Stepan. Unless these fools PACK THEIR BAGS AND MOVE TO ARMENIA, they can hoot and holler and post online comments all they want while smoking cigarettes in the comfort of their Glendale apartments.

        I’m sure Stepan is an immigrant to his country and loves where he now lives. He could have easily stayed (?) or moved to Armenia instead if he loved it and wanted to protect it so much but he did not for reasons we will never know.

        I will even go so far as saying I have an issue with raising money outside of Armenia and sending it to Armenia. That gesture is, in my opinion, a cop-out and insult. Every year, fools plan and collect money during the Telethon to send to Armenia. That is fine and dandy but again…THEY DON’T LIVE THERE!!! THEY LIVE IN GLENDALE WHERE IT’S SAFE!!! They do all that work raising money for it to be embezzled and to get over their guilt that they are not suffering in Armenia with what’s left of that population. They are real angels, aren’t they?

        You either LIVE IN ARMENIA or you do not. Period.

  11. Arif said:

    Do you really thinkg that Azerbaijan of today is the same as Azerbaijan of 1992? We were a broke government, things were in complete disarray. We had 4 presidents in two years. Soviet Union had just collapsed,leaving behind a great chaos. And in that chaos, the Armenian militia were better arrmed and more aggressive, and you won. But that was just a battle, not the war. Today, Azerbaijan can wipe out Armenia off the map if not for Russia. Back in 1992, our economies were equally in the shambles. Today, our GDP is 6 times yours, and our military budget alone is 1.5 times of your entire state budget. And our population is nearly 5 times yours (many have fled Armenia due to bad economy). If you think that these facts do not matter, then you are highly delusional. Which does not seem like a big stretch with Armenians, with their delusions of false grandeur.

    • Mego said:

      You think you’r Arif, but you’r really mish Arif, No Azeri will Die for a corrupt family, that pockets the entier budget of Azerbaijan. The Gross National Income (per capita) of your oil rich country Azerbaijan is $665.89 p/person. Georgia’s $661.75 p/person. Armenia’s $728.13 p/person. think again, who you’r going to Die for.Mr.Alliev. wake-up and smell the Arabic coffee.

      • Arif said:

        Mego, I am not going to die for Aliyev. My family is from Gubadli, which is now under Armenian occupation. You are gravely mistaken if we will ever EVER forget our land. You won a battle. Don’t confuse a battle with a war. The game is not over. At the very best, we will use our overwhelming superiority over Armenia soon to destroy you, or (if Russia stops us) we will just wait until Armenia itself collapses due to poor economic conditions and high emigration. Even if takes 20 years. We will wait. But we will never forget. Your brave Armenian farmers in Karabak will be able to do nothing to stop our F16s and advanced Isreali drones, Russian-made top-of-the line helicopters. Back when you won the battle of 1980s, each side just had a couple of tanks and Grads. Now it is a totally different ball-game. You are dreaming if you think that a VAST advantage in terms of military technology etc does not matter. And it is not just weapons, the Armenian army has been training the same old way of old Russia of 1980s. The Azeri army, the Azeri pilots, etc are getting the most up-to-date NATO level training from the Turks, Israelis, and have lots of money to send our officers to the best military schools in the world. So no, we will not forget. You here in the diaspora can cry all you can. The US congress will not be able to do anything. Yes, your Senators Menendez and Cox (whom Washington Post has called Senators from Armenia) will pass a resolution or two, but at the end of the data State Department and White House will sidestep them, because the professionals in US government know who their friends are in the region. Armenia has a 50-year old lease aggreement with Russia and is a big ally of Iran, both of whom are US foes. Azerbaijan on the other hand has allied itself with Israle and US against Iran. So you wait and see. And in the meantime, fine, wallow in the glory of your victory of 1980s (and you deserve to do, becase, let’s be frank and fair, you did win Round 1), but the game is not over yet.

        • Mego said:

          You praised Israel more than an Israeli,were you born after 2006, if you answered yes, please watch the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, and Gaza , and see for yourself who lost,and watch the death of innocent civilians,if you think for a minute we did not study their actions your sadly delusional. I don’t want to see the same images in Armenia, or Azerbaijan, I still think that we could live side by side.

      • Akbar said:

        in any case Azerbaijani army will not fight, because last 10 years we trained special teams which are professional fighters and not just kids from the block. Furthermore we do posses more arsenal than Armenia can ever acquire.
        If you like statistics then why Azerbaijani population is growing while Armenians leaving their home country,
        we don’t want anything more. We want what is ours and we will sooner or later get it.
        Arif Qadan alim Opurem seni

        • Mego said:

          Did you copy this article from an old newspaper, when you say (Azerbaijani army) did not fight, instead the Taliban’s, al Qaeda, and Turkish fighters fought for what was yours. until when the growing population of Azerbaijan will except the status quo, living on $665.89 p/year, while oil companies pumping their wealth overseas. It’s not easier in Armenia, or Georgia, but they don’t have Oil. Which has proved to be a blessing to Arm dealers everywhere.

      • Osmanoglu said:

        Correct statement. Arif my brother, dont beg for war, dont kill innocents. Dont lick the ass of politicians, which doesnt even know you exist and HOW you exist.

    • Stepan said:

      Poor azeri, with your new shiny weapons, billions in oil money has not helped you people, Alliev and his friends are building palaces in Dubai, and your people still living in tent cities.

      Turkish army was 10 times the size of Armenian army in the battle of Sardarabat, and we all know who lost that one.

      When will you understand, its not the size of the fighter, its how much heart he has to fight.

      BTW I herar the Allievs just built another 30M palace in Dubai.

    • Ararat said:

      Arif, I think it is you who is delusional. Back in 1992 landlocked Armenia was even worse off than other republics in the Caucasus and they also had to deal with a major earthquake tragedy which devastated an entire region and took the lives of some 25,000 people. Despite all the hardship, Armenians still managed to not only defeat you in the battlefield with weapons captured from the running-scared Azeri soldiers but they also managed to destroy you psychologically. Empty threats and psycho-babbling nonsense coming out of buffoons like Aliyev and Vafa Guluzade are a testament to that.

      Do you really think since your defeat of 1994 Armenians have been sitting idle watching your corrupt government spend its petrodollars to build up its military to compensate for their lack of manhood while a million of their population is living in box carts? Back in 1992 you were defeated by a volunteer guerrilla units and today a professional army is fully in place.

      Azerbaijan today can wipe Armenia off the map if not for Russia? You must be smoking a real fine Afghani hashish to say such a thing. You sound like your president Ilham Aliyev whom we call a chicken hawk. When the Karabakh liberation war was going on he went into hiding and now he has turned into a hawk. You are so beaten up psychologically as if mentioning Russia with every defeat gives you some comfort and eases the pain a bit. Whatever works, keep amusing yourselves with your fantasies because trust me it was the Armenian fighters who were shooting at you not the Russians.

      In fact, you had the Turks, the Chechens, the Afghans, among others, and the handsomely paid mercenaries of the former Soviet Union and we still beat you. Do you know why? because Armenians fought for their survival and the love of their ancestral lands on which they had lived since time immemorial. By the way, since you amuse yourselves so much with the Russian role in all of this, Armenians would also have liberated Nakhichevan had it not been for 50,000 Turkish troops sent by then Turkish president Turgut Ozal to protect it, wink wink. If you are so strong why do you need protection from Turkey?

      I do have to give you credit on one thing I must admit. You were very wise to call for a cease-fire back in 1994 because if you did not you would have lost half your fake country. I find it very hard to respect a nation whose courage seems to manifest itself only through the destruction of ancient Armenian cemeteries and cross stones in Julfa and through empty talks and petrodollars.

    • Avery said:

      Another brave Azeri-Turk, Mr. Abülfaz Qadirqulu oğlu Aliyev Elchibey, promised to hang the last remaining Armenian in the central square of Stepanakert, and promised to wash his feet in Lake Sevan.

      He barely escaped with his life to Nakhichevan, before his Azeri buddies could hang him in the central square Baku (for the massive Azeri losses on the battlefield): he died in obscurity.

      Azerbaijan is not the same it was in 1992: neither is Artsakh’s Army, neither is Armenia.
      And we are not the ones who are delusional: if Aliyev was even a little sure Azerbaijan would not be destroyed, he would have attacked already.
      He knows very well that he may gain some territory at great cost. He also knows, his artificial country might disintegrate under the war stress. Or maybe those crazy Artsakhtsi will do something drastic – you never know.

  12. DavidSassoon said:

    Azerbaijan’s military suppliers

    United States

    Armenia’s military suppliers

    United States
    France [8]

    Pay particular attention to the top 3 suppliers for each country. Notice anything odd?

  13. Arram said:

    I guess Azeri’s are feeling a little trigger happy… how else can Aliyev justify the $$$ spent on arms building.

  14. sevak said:

    vafa speech is only propaganda ,THEY ONLY TALK ,its not important ,we hear this statements always and will hear it probably million times.
    MY NAKHICHEVAN AND turkeys eastern cities of kars ,surmalu ,artvin,artahan can be return easily because 1921 agreement is not official ,its only sine between turkey and USSR , so we can take it without fighting all we have to do it take it to international court !

  15. Garo said:

    A typical bigmouth azeri. The sad thing is that this individual is not an ordinary azeri civilian, he has advised azeri “clever” presidents (father & son).
    We have showed with our actions and heroism during the war what it means to be an Armenian fedayi, we never threatened or said we will do this and we will do that, we did it !
    In case they decide to attack, they will lose again. This time we shall solve the issue once and for all brothers and sisters.

    PS – If they knew that they have 10% possibility of taking back our Artsachk they would have not waited for 20 years. Imagine, they spent so much petrodollars on their military compared to us, and they are STILL AFRAID from us.

  16. kevo said:

    The BTC (Baku-Tiblisi-Ceyhan) pipeline is the second largest in the world. BTC is owned by corporations from the USA, Azerbaijan, UK, France, Turkey, Italy, Japan, Norway and needless to say Russia. The picture is quite clear….These are the criminals who are pushing for stability and peace in the region. The oil whores can’t afford this war. The BTC pipeline as well as others in the region will be destroyed. Let us not forget this pipeline also runs through western Armenia. The Kurds hit this pipeline a few years back and caused severe damage. Another pipeline is heading to Europe….. Stay tuned kids!

  17. Armen said:

    It seems Vafa’s medications is not working. He should visit his doctor for change of medications. No wonder he is ther “former” negotiator and presidential advisor. Maybe its better for Armenia that makes more of an idiot of himself to the world by making obsurd comments like that. God bless Armenia, Artsakh and all the Armenian people and all other nations who promote peace.

  18. Derek said:

    It seems that neigbouring country wishes to have more casualties in comparance to the last time.Instead of all thesenonsence doaccept you are paying because of that bloodsucker ” Stalin” so cooldown & do not waste your time & energy.

  19. Hagop said:

    this guy reminds me of his big brother turgut ozal who wanted to ‘show teeth’ during the Artsakh liberation war. Obviously these people have all the same wooden brain. I would suggest gim to follow gis big brother to the end (ie in the grave)

  20. Hayq said:

    Ironic, as in the first 48 hours of such an assault, all pipelines out of Azerbaijan will be destroyed, leaving them economically ruined and internationally humiliated.

    Once that happens, and the Azeri leadership flees Baku in their fiasco of an offensive, what then? Honestly. WHAT THEN? They think they can march in Yerevan? Attack Gyumri? What is that, an assault on Russia? Its stupidity like this, with lack of foresight, that is the most dangerous thing about the Azeris.

    They have the wealth and weapons to actually try something that will end in their utter destruction.

    • Arif said:

      Hayg, do you really think you can destroy the pipeline? It does not belong just to Azerbaijan, but is co-owned by powerful European, and US, Japanese companies. If you destroy an important property of UK or US, know that there will be consequences. It will be a total suicide for Armenia to do so. Here is what is going to be happen in case of a war. Your midget president will get a call from the West: “You Suckissian, listen, if you touch our pipelines there, you are a toast”. Azerbaijan has been very smart in getting the West involved in the ownership of the pipeline. Did you by any chance hear what the US ambassador in Baku said: he said the US military is interested in helping Azerbaijan protect its energy infrastructure. Read between the lines, my friend.

  21. Tsayt said:

    Uhhmmm, Vafa Guluzade after the fall of Kelbajar: “It’s finished, we’ve lost the war.”

    May we also remind Vafa his own words: “Armenian would reach Kura River in 1994″

    Let’s read from Panarmenian:

    Former advisor to Azerbaijani president Heydar Aliyev Vafa Guluzade said that the Armenian troops would have occupied major part of Azerbaijan in 1994, if it were not for the West’s support of Baku. Guluzade said in an article published by Yeni Musavat paper and placed on Caucasus-Online website that the oil factor was the decisive one in the 1994 agreement on ceasefire in Karabakh. Otherwise, the Armenian troops would have reached Kura River and Kurdamir in the central part of Azerbaijan, what would have jeopardized Azerbaijan’s existence as a state. “Only the interest of the U.S. towards Azerbaijan prevented implementation of these plans,” said Guluzade.


  22. Claudia said:

    If war starts again, I hope his son is on the frontline. My brother and cousins will moves east and shot him between his eyes. To me Vafa sounds like angry, frustrated old man who lashes out because he is insecure and knows he will not win.

  23. arziv said:

    If they attack , the oil fields will go up in flames, making the Kwaiti oil fields fire in 1991 look like a cameo episode. Wafa may then play his harp from his balcony watching the flames consume the source from which ” we have weapons others don’t dream of”. I seems bizarre that such churlish comments pour out of the mouth of an educated , reponsible, political ” expert”. He sounds more like a street wise terrorist. This man wants to hurt us in a singular fashion, Wafa needs to be zeroed in, to exact justice when the time arrives..

    • Arif said:

      Arziv, how is your bom going to get to Baku? Are you not aware of all the weapons we have? From S-300s to everything. Your old donated charity airplanes from Russia’s junk-yard will be incenerated before they even take off.

  24. David said:


    You all seem to forget that Armenia doesn’t have a REAL military force!! You have thousands of Russian troops and equipment (missle batteries, etc.) in Armenia “protecting” you from Turkey (since you can’t do anything for yourselves anyway). Russians doen’t trust you (nor does the rest of the world) with their “toys”, so what do you think would occur if a skirmish broke out between Armenia and Azerbaijan? Finally, since you are so cocky, why don’t you come and try to attack Turkey and see what happens (remember, you’ve got your “Russian babysitters” protecting you)!! You’re all talk and no action (other than cowardly terrorism).

    • Ararat said:

      That’s a rather hypocritical nonsense coming from a country, Turkey, which has been pimped out by USA and NATO for the last five decades.

      Speaking of terrorism, Turks are the biggest terrorists in the world. How many nations did your terrorist ancestors terrorized to build the corrupt Ottoman Empire? The effects of their terroristic actions are still present to this day. The Armenian Genocide aside, why do you think the Balkan wars broke out in early 90s when Yugoslavia broke up? Because the Serbs were another victims of Ottoman terrorism centuries earlier.

      I find it rather amusing that Turkey’s tough talk and courage comes from decades of acting as slaves to the West in return for all the weapons you posses today. Your country sways whichever way the USA’s and NATO’s wind blows.

      Talking tough for a corrupt, genocidal and failed empire turned into a hostage to Western policies who can’t even deal with some ten thousands or so Kurdish rebels is the last thing it should do.

    • Ashod Krikorian said:

      Russia has a couple of thousand soldiers in Armenia, the other 10’s of thousands are Armenia’s own.

      Where did you get your information from?

  25. Arn-Sweden. said:

    We will se what happens when Iran and Turkey face each other in the War to come.
    Turkey will be crippled and lose its prey.


  26. Random Armenian said:

    And what in Yerevan, and other cities will they be attacking? Civilians of course. And this guy was a top level Azeri official. If there is a new war, they will target anything in Karabagh, including civilians. Especially civilians because their goal is to get rid of the Armenian population in Artsakh.

  27. Elchin said:

    Yerevan, as a capital if the second worst economy on the earth wouldnt be needed to attack, its gonna be abondoned anyway because of mass emmigration.

  28. manooshag said:

    Azeris leaderships have been buying military equipments – big show. Too, Azeri leaderships have been filling their own pockets and buying themselves and their families and friends mansions in many other nations. Seems the Azeris use their OIL profits to fill their own pockets – and to hell with the citizens of Azerbaijan… who are not benefitting from the oil wellls – but – shall be the fighters… who else??

    • Rafael said:

      So why bother attacking Armenia and sustain such a huge costs??!! You say all the time that Armenia is poor, miserable, it has no economy, it has nothing, etc. So, why do you sweat so much? Why do you want to attach us??? Aren’t we gonna perish overtime? (according to you) BUT THIS IS NOT THE POINT. THIS IS ONLY BULLSHIT. YOU KNOW WELL THAT ARMENIA IS NOT THAT KIND OF NATIONS (LIKE YOURS) TO PERISH. ARMENIA HAS BEEN AROUND FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS AND WILL BE AROUND FOR EVERA AND EVER. But you stupid azeris with no civilization and nothing except oil which is gonna finish in near future and when oil finishes you are going to live like the way you deserve, like hungry hyenas and that day is close and when that day comes no European superpower or America is gonna help you.

  29. siamanto said:

    Your economy might be in better condition compared to us but I will guarantee that our people are freer compared to yours to speak their mind and do the things they want.
    Now ask yourself which one do you prefer? More freedom or better economy? I know which one I prefer.
    Russia direct assistant in Karabagh may be questionable but I promise you that one step inside Armenia’s border will be met with sever response from Russia. Russia will never ever let a country it is supposed to protect to be attacked, both because of the harm it will cause to its reputation and the agreement it has signed with Armenia. Of all people Mr. Guluzade should know this better than any one.
    If he knows this and talks about attack on Armenia he is a lier and provocateur and if he doesn’t know he is just stupid and ignorant. Don’t know which one is better.

    Your country is a tinderbox waiting for a match to be struck so please do not play with fire. What you have built in years can go up in flames in hours. In case of war every Armenian in every corner of the world will come to help, in person or helping financially, thats the way we Armenians have been brought up, its in our blood and no one ever can take that away from us. I wonder how many Azeris will come to their dictatorial and clan leaders help !!!
    At least Azeris know meaning of one sentence well “Act in haste, repent at leisure! ” thats why that have not dare attack Armenia.

  30. gary S. said:

    Russia will help us take the oil rigs in Baku. Watch out Baku.

  31. Arto said:

    I don’t know why everyone is so angry and wants war. If there is another war, I promise that the bloodshed will be very great on both sides. Since this war has always been between Russia and the west (US, NATO, Israel), then I believe the result will be the same as before, only more people will die and probably Azerbaijan will lose more land, Armenia’s economy will be much worse and there will be more hatred. I think it is time for all this bullshit to stop and for the Azerbaijani people to wake up and realize that their leadership is deliberately teaching them to hate instead of focusing on building a civilized culture. The way it is going now doesn’t look good. I think that Armenians should feel very lucky at least that their leaders speak more responsibly and don’t teach war and hatred. I think Azerbaijani people should learn from this.

  32. Ara said:

    He talks the talk now, sitting in his grand palace he built with corrupt oil money, but when war begins and our troops begin to march deeper into Azeri territory, Mr. Guluzade, Aliev Jr. and their famalies will be the first ones flying out of Baku in their private hellicopters to Dubai for a permanent vacation.

  33. Artin said:


  34. Random Armenian said:

    Again, this guy is promoting hitting civilians and causing large casualties publicly, in front of the world. Does he not get that this does not make Azerbaijan look good?

    Not only that but the Azeri leadership, past and present, is promoting a very hostile and hateful attitude. If they start a war again, their military will target civilians.

    What exactly is the US supplying Armenia? Are these even weapons?

  35. sarkis said:

    Mr vafa I thind that you have mentality and wise enough to think who you are and what is your origin . if you dont know let me tell. you are the new generation of chengiz khan who burned and destroid the countries and setteled in anatoly . your country was a part of iran there was no free country called azerbaijan,Now thind who are your populations origin ,afghan hungry wounderers that for a pice of bread will kill their family or un known chechen or from turkamanestan gherghizestan , or tagikestan do . you really think that these people will fight for your country and why should they do .the whole world knows that US armed you . but really you know how to use them you are so stupid ,your government members all think for their pocket originaly you and yur population living in that region are savage highway thieves, as every body knows that you are anti christian country and does not let the christians visit your country, then how you promiss that you are going to take care of minority population of armenia if gharabagh come back to you,you did show in sumkaity how you take care of them .we never forget your action ………………………..tell to your boss Aliev Hicaly chokh aghli pokh

  36. javidarmanioglu said:

    You Armenians and Azeris don’t understand the game being played. The Russians are whispering into the Azeri’s ear that they can attack Armenia if they get the oil and gas to go thru Russia with the caveat that Azerbaijan will have immunity for attacking Armenia with Russian protection. The Azeri’s will attack and Russia will stab Azerbaijan in the back with the rest of the world in tow faster than you can say Kosovo. Aliyev will be war criminal at the Hague, Russia gets control of Azeri oil fields and northern border regions of Azerbaijan, Iran gets talishistan and mughan plain and Armenia gets nakhichevan and right bank of the Kura. Russia will also collect all the billions hidden in azeri bank accounts around the world. The Russians will never allow for any transcaucasian state to be independent let alone a wealthy independent azerbaijan. So called Azerbaijan will be a stump, a dump and without the (oil) pump.

  37. Christ said:

    Wow how smart of this old man, we are gonna pave the way for him so they can invade Gyumri, Yerevan etc.
    He talks like a kid; one more war will be the last between us, and this time not only your gonna lose Karabakh, but also your “Precious” Baku ..
    One more war is gonna be more destructive, so beware azeri’s know what you’re talking, plan it first.
    You should know that when the war breaks down, its not just the Armenian military or the Karabakh military that’s gonna fight against you, but also 8 million from all around the world, take care son.

  38. Vartkes said:

    To my Turkish friends fond of their might and ecomomy; haven’t you recently heard about the Arab spring, summer taking place in Tunis, Libya Egypt, etc.? Guess what’s next, Turkish FALL (otherwise known as autumn). Do you think the Kurds, Alawites, Cherkez and other minorities will relinquish their rights and watch other countries enjoy their seasons while giving you a free break? No way, enjoy the coming season.
    The grand plan unfolding in the Middle East is to give ALL minorities their own countries within ‘natural’ borders. Your time is coming, and that is what we will be waiting for.

  39. Dyanahar said:

    Stay realistic for a moment please. While these “2nd worst economy”-nonsense and the constant azeri threats should neither be ignored nor taken too serious, you people should realize what world it is we are living in.

    You already know you can’t go with the US, since all they care for are messing with Russia via Turkey and that little bit of oil they get out of turkish occupied northern Iran (honestly Obama, try getting along with Venezuela and you won’t need partners like azerbaijan, which won’t make you part of yet another conflict). Russia on the other hand might be interested in Armenia seperating those dear turks from each other, but a stable Armenia would be far bound to Moscow, so they try to keep a balance on both sides, not realizing that with the current fascism in azerbaijan this won’t be possible forever. Europe has enough problems of their own with a pretty much no leadership and foresight. Iran could be an interesting partner, definately the most deserving, but they are pretty much isolated. And finally Israel.. listen people, selling your shit to Aliev might give a fre $$, but lets imagine they get used and you have one Turkic state from Greece to the Caspian see.. where will they turn next? Think your a-bomb is going to prevent that? Well think again, especially considering your demographics.

    So, in conclusion, as always, the more-or-less righteous have noone they can trust or rely on while the very definition of political injustice, “Turkey” and their lesser twin “Azerbaijan”, with their leader-cult (Atatürk-Adolf-Aliev), a partial Islamism (laicism my ass) and their very own kind of degeneration, do as they will. Until of course the shit goes down once again and either they are put to their place right there or, in case it goes the other ways round, the US or Russia realize that they need to be put to their place unless they want a new third reich.

    Oh and “Hakupian” – nice try, next time less blatant please.

  40. bigmoustache said:

    first act in nakhichevan is a museum in julfa where foreign dignitaries to armenia will have to visit. so they can see the lack of culture our enemies have when they destroyed our khatchkars

  41. Armenia_On_Suicide_Watch said:

    Vafa Guluzade has a good point. Pipelines can be fixed (usually within 48 hours) and burning gas and oil fields can be extinguished but all it would take to destroy the Armenian Economy and bring it back to where it was in 1990 is to send 1,000 long range missiles to the Centre of Yerevan and target the Nuclear Power Plant. The Azeris have 30,000-40,000 such missiles. Twenty odd years have proven that Armenians are not good at Nation Building. Its time to face the music and reach a compromise with the Azeris and Turkey before its too late.

    • Ararat said:

      Beggers can’t be choosers. The aggressor, Azeri military, attacked and lost the war. To the victor goes the spoils. I really enjoy reading your fantacies. People who put forward such bold and daring scenarios with absolute victory don’t give speeches, they act.

      We don’t theorize and talk bold, we prepare and act boldly when the time comes no matter what. But if we had the petrodollars the Azeri corrupt government steals from its people who live in box carts, and if we had the military hardware USA and NATO have supplied Turkey for the last 50 years for pimping them out, today you would be grazing goats in your ancestral homelands in Central Asia and Mongolia.

    • Dyanahar said:

      Is is phrases like “Armenians arent good at nation building” which shows what a fascist nation Azerbaijan has become. Of course, in comparison every other landlocked CIS country is flourishing right now, no? Oh, wait. And btw, I can’t understand how Turks from occupied Northern Iran take so much pride in oil, I mean yes: it is all they got, but still. But as history has shown us, oil is not a good ground for nation building, nor is fascism. Too bad for you.

  42. john timothy pashayan said:

    if the azeris attack armenia they will be falling into the hands of russias big picture that is this is what russia wants. if you are russia looking down the road ten years from now they see a picture of U S intervention in baku because of the oil fields. georgia who has thier nose so far up the united states that they can’t breath will be next in line for russia expenasion buy using the armenians to take back javak the russians now have complete control of all the lands from baku to bartum. the question is will the turks intervene on the behalf of the azeria?if the are stupid as i think they will and now this will give the russian the excuse to fight turkey because sense the carzs russia has always wanted a presence in the middle i if you look at the big picture in the middle east. you can see that the US is becomming a big player in establishing its presence on behalf of isreal. putin will be the president see if the sparks don;t fly. i hope i am wrong but russia knows that armenia is thier closet allie and with the US TURKEY PUTTING PRESSURE in this region they have no choice but to let the dogs loose and the chips fall as they be

  43. Stepan said:

    The past and current leaders of Azerbaijan have only the empty rhetoric that quells their pitiful masses and appeals to their sense of pseudo-nationalism. While they make statements about destroying, the people of Artsakh build… as Armenians always have. I was there a few weeks ago and was very impressed with their spirit and what they have accomplished. Azerbaijan can buy all the military hardware they want, but they are lacking a sense of purpose, unity of thought and tactical capability.
    The “leaders” of Azerbaijan know that our people liberated what was stolen. One side is prepared to defend their homes and other is uttering shameful rhetoric. The Azeris response to Armenians defending themselves after their continued oppression reminds me of how their Turkish cousins behaved during the late 19th and early 20th century. Avarayr, Sardarabad and Karabakh…. examples of a peaceful people who, when confronted, rise to defend their freedom.

  44. Ulku MAVZER said:

    Russia won’t help you. Armenia is on its own. If Russia dares to enter in the conflict this time, Turkey will do the same. Russian military is old and useless. During the Georgian war we have seen their ability does not mean anything. Turkey’s ability is much more higher and superior. Within 3 days Azerbaijan’s army will reach the Turkish border. After the connection of these two brothers Caucasus will be entirely ours. If Russia dares to intervene Russia itself will dissolve much more qiuckly. 15% of the current Russian population is Turkic Muslims. I advise you Armenians prepare to hand over the control for your own security and benefit your days are countered.

    • Ararat said:

      What a joke ! The so-called superiror Turkish military has been unable for the last 30 years to deal with a few thousand Kurdish rebels let alone get involved in a major war in the south Caucasus.

      For your information, in 1992 the late Turkish president Turgut Ozal did attempt to get involved in the conflict but was warned by the Russians. He backed down and dropped dead the next year.

      Too bad you are not an advisor to the Azeris. If you were we would have taken over the rest of that fake country.

    • Halo said:

      LOL nice fantasy. Which comic book can I read the rest of it?
      You will reach the Turkish border alright – with your underwear over your heads and your klashnikovs up your butts!!!!!

    • Mikhail said:

      I’m Russian, and guarantee you that if Turkey dares to intervene, and especially to counter Russia, it will be its gravest mistake. How do you like waging a war on three fronts? Our brothers in the Balkans, who have tasted your oppression for centuries, can’t wait to get their hands on you. Iran won’t sit idly by, and, well, the Big Bear will certainly crush you. Our military is old and useless you say? Even by numbers we can wage war for hundreds of years without a break and our arsenal won’t run out. And that 15% Turkic Muslim population you speak of will be taken care of swiftly. We can’t wait for the opportunity to send you scum back to where you came from.

  45. Armen said:

    As everybody knows that so called communist leader Stalin was the one who gave the originally Armenian lands Artsakh and Nakhichevan to Azeri Turks brothers ,which so far to correct the wrong did cause many lives, unfortunately the descendants of Genghis Khan can’t get it, and willing to attack and destroy more with their new war tools, by keeping the oil money to be spend for destruction instead alleviating the livelihoods of the region’s population, it takes long time to become a civilized nation when repeating same mistake over and over again, same as their ancestors been doing it for many centuries, attack kill and rob, when this foolishness shall end, and let the region to advance, people like Vafa must go to the grave with their destructive ideas.

  46. zareh said:

    Vafa, talk is cheap. Bring it on. Azerbaijan will shrink around Baku. Talish and Lezgis are ready to partition your country. And don’t forget Iran. They will come to Azerbaijan in a second to root out the Israeli Mossad threatening Iran. Your pipelines will be destroyed in the first 24 hours of war and your clan mafioso Aliev will end up in Monaco with the rest of his family before you know it. Where will you end up Vafa?

  47. sako said:

    yes Mr Vafa killer you may have more money more weapons of mass destruction you are criminals we are sure of that but we have got the will to defend our right for exsitance our freedom and we are ready to die for that

    • An Armenian in America said:

      Uhhh, Im Armenian and I wouldn’t die for Armenia. Why would I? I’ll die for America any day, at any moment, when the time is right and the country is in need. Not only did America help my parents from the beginning with housing, food stamps, job placement, etc, they gave me and my little brother free education until High School; thereafter both me and my brother finished university and now have stable well paying jobs in the science field. Now I pay my taxes to help others like me who were in my situation 17 years ago. What the hell did Armenia do for me? Nothing, in fact I see Armenians destroying this country with their fraud and other bs. Save Armenia, what a f***** joke. Save America, it’s worth SAVING.

      • An Armenian in America said:

        I went to Armenia last summer, nothing worth saving… The corruption is beyond belief, the people live like thieves, terrible attitudes, constantly trying to rip each other off. Tell me why on Earth would I give up my life saving scum like that? I’ll die for a crack head American any day but not for Armenians in Armenia, they are of a different mentality. A crack head American can be a doctor as soon as he wishes, he can even be a millionaire in a few years lol! But an Armenian will always remain scum, no potential whatsoever.

      • Halo said:

        That is some lame Azeri propaganda. No one here believes an Azeri fool pretending to be an Armenian in America.

      • Fred said:

        Are you talking about the same America who have their heads so far up Israely ass that they can’t bring themselves to recognise the fact of the Armenian Genocide. Even though their leader at the time had done so much for Armenia.

    • Nigohos said:

      I have no desire to have an argument with you because you talk some of the facts.However we have more and more hard working honest and honorable people.
      Armenia definitely needs out spoken people to acknowledge her mistakes to correct as the generations to come, but we are what we are at this very moment and I believe every Armenian individual has an obligation to fight and correct this image.
      Unfortunately we are the inheritor present Armenian’s indecency and the corruptions, yes! it is shameful fact and require from each of us to pay our debt to correct this shameful image! Finally my gratitude to you that you are appreciating about what you and your family have received from U.S.A. some people don’t!
      Once, J.F. Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you,.. ask what you can do for your country. Of course it’s up to you to except this heavy responsibility.
      Best regards.

      • Nigohos said:

        I have no desire to have an argument with you because you say some of the facts are true. However we have more and more hard working honest and honorable people as you have pictured yourself, who has group of values or moral standards.
        Armenia definitely needs out spoken people to acknowledge her mistakes and to correct them as a generations to come, but we are what we are at this very moment and I believe every Armenian individual has an obligation to fight and correct this negative inherited image.
        Yes! unfortunately we are the inheritor present Armenian’s indecency and the corruptions, (long story to explain what we went trough as a nation to be came like this) Yes! it is shameful fact and require from each of us to pay our debt to correct this shameful image! Finally my gratitude to you that you are appreciating about Americans generosity to you and to your family. there are some people don’t!
        Once, J.F. Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you,.. ask what you can do for your country.
        Of course it’s up to you to accept this nobel and heavy responsibility to both America and Armenia as well.
        Best regards.
        Nick Beranian

  48. Gaidzag said:

    To Vafa :

    Somebody should have told you
    That talk is cheap if you don’t act
    So get yourself together
    And prove to me that you are all that

  49. Harut said:


  50. Halo said:

    I think every couple of decades the Azeris get the “itch” to give away all their weapons to the Armenians along with some land for a bonus by losing battles and running back to Baku like headless chickens. I think it’s that time again, or it’s getting near…

  51. Edward Demian said:

    With every disaster there lies an opportunity. I we were to capture some more land, than it should be land that the oil pipelines runs through. In that case, the international community will kiss our rings, and take us more seriously. Right now, we have nothing to offer them.

  52. George said:

    hahaha… you guys probably didn’t hear about this “azerbaijani clown” he’s know for making such statements on armenian’s most hated aseri-website So don’t even take this pussy seriously, armenian-russian websites always make fun of him and his ridiculous statements. I read several of his articles, and only one saying comes to my head “talk is cheap” and that’s what he’s known for.