Sarkisian Tackles Western Armenia Question

Sarkisian addresses Olympiad participants

TSAKHKADZOR, Armenia (Combined Sources)—While speaking to participants of the fifth All Armenian Olympiad of Armenian language and literature on Saturday, President Serzh Sarkisian was confronted with a question about the historic Armenian territories in Western Armenia.

Sarkisian’s response: “everything depends on the young generation.”

A student asked Sarkisian whether Western Armenia, with Mount Ararat, will ever be united with Armenia.

“Everything depends on the young generation. Every generation has some goal to achieve,” said the President.

“The current generation defended and liberated a part of Armenian land. If the future generation makes much effort then Armenia will be one of the best states in the world,” said Sarkisian.

“Generally, the power of the state is not defined through its territory. The state should be modern, secure and prosperous. The Armenian people are able to achieve their goals. And they will if they believe in it,” added President Sargsyan.


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  1. Halo said:

    his response makes clear our pitiful state as a people: Divided not United. Only when our zillion different mentalities get united will we ever go in a positive direction. I know for a fact that every country out there wants us to stay divided, including our “friends” Russia and the USA.

    “Everything depends on the young generation” means he does not want to be bothered with this, and he could care less about historic Armenian territories. He made clear that the option the youth have is to wait for the present ex-Soviet generation to go the way of the dinosaur, and only then can steps be taken.

    “Generally, the power of the state is not defined through its territory” – completely irrelevant! And a poor excuse to sit on ones lazy butt and leave everything for the “youth”! The Armenian people demanding the western territories are not seeking power, they are seeking justice and restitution.

    • Avery said:

      We are more united than people give us, Armenians, credit for.
      Our united-as-one posture allowed Artsakhtsi to throw out invaders who enjoyed a 5-to-1 advantage in everything military: manpower, tanks, artillery, ammunition, jet fighters/bombers.
      Let’s celebrate our successes instead of always finding fault.
      What more do you want ?

      Pres. Sarkisian is a public figure. His every word is picked up by world media. He said quite a bit in that statement. Turkish media is already going nuts. He is smart enough to say what is necessary, but not too much to have to eat his words later.

      • Halo said:

        It may be that we are more united than people think, but that is more true when we are in defense mode rather than offense mode. What I wanted to say is not so much to criticize but to point out that the direction that the diaspora and Armenia’s citizens as well as leaders head must be the same. Armenia should not and must not act in such a way to undermine in any way shape or form the diaspora and its objectives, and vice versa. I am sad to point out that we have a lot of work to do yet.

        • bigmoustache said:

          youre looking WAY too much at each and every word. he’s a statesman so he has to be diplomatic. i comment him for those comments.
          hes slowly starting to get on track.

  2. george j. mahroukian said:

    Haradev baykari vokiyov hedevink ou khore tapantsenk tashtagtsoutyanou gue hasnink mer nebadaguin artoun ou khizakh yeghek ov yeridasart Serount ays e mer medzerou guedague

  3. Stephan said:

    We are informed that Turkey spends millions of U.S Dollars, to fight our efforts for genocide recognition.
    One wonders how much we as armenians do spend fo rthat effrot? Deos anybody have any dollar figures?

  4. Stephan said:

    Corrected comments
    We are informed that Turkey spends millions of U.S. Dollars, to fight our efforts for genocide recognition.
    One wonders how much we as Armenians, do spend for that effort? Does anybody have any figures, that can be shared with the public?

  5. Ed said:

    As long as Armenia is governed by thiefs and oligargs, Armenia will never be a prosperous country.Sarkisian is one of them!

  6. Stepan said:

    This small news item actually reflects upon a very important issue. First,if we aspire to uniting western Armenia(whether that be the Wilsonian grant or a return of the Kars/Ardahan debacle), we must refer to it in educational forums as western Armenia. When Armenians from America visit Armenia, our lineage is often referred to as “Western Armenia”. The dialect we speak is referred to as “Western Armenia”. The land that was stolen was “Western Armenia”. Our cause is not simply about “recognizing” the genocide. It is about theft of western Armenia and personal property.
    Sarkisian ,as the president, has to somewhat careful to not start a discussion(politically) that he can not finish, but his message to our youth is an open invitation to focus on the educational process for now.
    Teach it in the schools, debate it in political forums, make it a real aspiration… this is what our ancestors have done for generations.
    When i was in Armenia with my family last month, I was so impressed with the knowledge and spirit of the young people of Armenia. Our dear people have not forgotten western Armenia. This why the return of our spiritual centers is so important. It gives our youth a real connection to western Armenia.
    When the day comes(and it will) when the world recognizes the genocide, we will be very disappointed if that ends the discussion. The impact of the genocide was three fold…. the devastating loss of life, the illegal confiscation of personal property and the theft of our historical homeland. Recognition will ease the pain of the survivors and allow us to grieve in an atmosphere of acknowledgement, but we will only feel a completion of our sense of generational responsibility when all three have been addressed.

    • Avery said:

      The Genocide Recognition effort was launched in Armenia SSR in 1965, by people who were terrorized and brutalized by the Soviet system for decades: nothing could stop the masses of people on the streets of Yerevan chanting “Հողերը, Հողերը, Հողերը, ….. ” Moscow sent troops to Yerevan’s streets in an attempt to restore calm. The Genocide Memorial at Ծիծեռնակաբերդ was commissioned at that time to pacify Yerevan’s residents.

      RoA historians are doing extensive and crucial work to spread the rich Armenian 5,000 year history to today’s youth in Armenia (and Diaspora).

      Some of us in the Diaspora believe Armenians in RoA are apathetic and don’t care, and that we, and only we, care about the Genocide and Western Armenia. Nothing could be further from truth. They do care and know, and care about Western Armenia more than we can imagine.

      And Recognition will not end the matter: two more come after it – Reparations and Return.
      Discussion will end upon successful completion of the Return phase

  7. Osik said:

    To me this doesn’t look like a “Tackle” at all, isn’t it more like a desperation long high “Pass” to the sideline under heavy defense pressure? :-)))

  8. gary S. said:

    The US and West will never be for this. Why? Armenia is aligned with Russia. They don’t want a country that is aligned with Russia getting the land where the pipeline currently goes through.

    • Arn.Sweden. said:

      Yes ! –

      The US has fallen prey to its demigod the dollar,
      She is not the land for Freedom anymore.
      The Spirit behind the Statue of Liberty has left Her.

      God has choosen another Nation and another People to hold Her Torch,
      Yugoslavia – read Serbia -Serbia will rise !.

      Like this –

      Revelation 6

      And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals; and I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder, one of the four living beings saying, “Come and see!”
      2And I saw, and behold, a white horse, and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him, and he went forth conquering and to conquer.


  9. Levon said:

    I think such reckless statements can only damage the image of Armenia. Turkey and Azerbaijan both are more powerful and influential than Armenia. The reason behind this is Armenian policy. We are keeping Artsakh and other lands for nearly 20 years but all we have gained is loss. We are losing bot gaining. Can any of you tell me what did we gain from Artsakh? Many people died, Azerbaijan and Turkey didn’t allow us to join any regional projects, closed borders, stopped many donations from abroad…. and so on. Do you imagine how would we be if didn’t get Artsakh. I think we should be more sensible than stupidly over-patriotic. Still I think that Artsakh will go to Azerbaijan one day because it is impossible to keep it for ever. But we can benefit from Azerbaijan a lot, and our people in Artsakh can be financed by Azerbaijan if we agree to give back Artsakh. Don’t you think so?