Erdogan Urges Sarkisian to Apologize for Western Armenia Remarks

Erdogan (right) in Baku wil Aliyev

BAKU—Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Wednesday that President Serzh Sarkisian must apologize for what the Turkish daily Today’s Zaman characterized as “calling on school children to occupy eastern Turkey.”

While speaking to participants of the fifth All Armenian Olympiad of Armenian language and literature on Saturday, Sarkisian was asked whether Western Armenia, with Mount Ararat, will ever be united with Armenia, to which the president responded, “everything depends on the young generation.”

Speaking at a joint news conference with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, Erdogan called Sarkisian’s statement a “historical mistake” that should be corrected, reported Today’s Zaman.

In his remarks, Sarkisian also said that “the current generation defended and liberated a part of Armenian land. If the future generation makes much effort then Armenia will be one of the best states in the world,” said Sarkisian.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry on Tuesday also strongly condemned Sarkisian’s remarks, calling the statement “very irresponsible behavior.”

According to Today’s Zaman, Erdogan said Sarkisian’s behavior is a provocation and an attempt to fill youth with hatred, which he said will lead Armenia’s youth into “darkness.”

“There cannot be such diplomacy. Sarkisian has made a very serious mistake … he must apologize,” Erdoğan added.

Erdogan also said Armenia was not displaying a constructive role in the Nagorno-Karabakh peace talks, saying Azerbaijan is working for peace and displaying a positive attitude in peace talks.

In his turn, Aliyev also slammed Sarkisian’s remarks and said Armenians should wake up “from a dream into real life.” He said Nagorno-Karabakh is an Azerbaijani territory and that Sarkisian’s words that they will occupy, what he called, “historical Turkish lands” only show their occupation mentality, adding that it seems as if Armenia thinks they have already settled the Nagorno-Karabakh issue.

“Azerbaijan will get back their territories, either through peace or military means,” Aliyev said.

Aliyev was more cautious however, when asked if Azerbaijan would recognize “Northern Cyprus” in the event that talks to settle the Cyprus issue failed. Aliyev said this is not an easy task. “There is also a Nagorno-Karabakh problem. I hope this conflict will be solved one day,” Aliyev said, referring to vulnerability of his country in recognizing Turkish Cyprus due to pressure from the European Union.

While visiting Turkey in 2004, Aliyev said Azerbaijan would consider recognizing “N. Cyprus” if Greek Cypriots rejected a UN plan to reunify the island. Reportedly, the EU pressured Azerbaijan to not recognize the “Northern Cyprus” and threatened to recognize the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.


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  1. Dieter said:

    There are actually historical Turkish Lands. You are welcome to search and find them in the Russian Taiga and Mongolia. Then you can move there, live in yurts and marry your sisters.

    Also Sarkisians comment was pretty reasonable, because let us see the the alternative:
    – Mr. Sarkisian, Mount Ararat?
    1. Yes = a just answer, but politically difficult
    2. No = a sign of resignation
    3. Depends = Only correct answer

    So in case Hitler, er Erdogan, wanted Sarkisian to say “No” he can go suck it. And don’t tell me he is too dumb to realize that the “Depends”-Answer was the only correct one. Of course he can’t talk about returning Ararat if he is not ready to give up Cyprus, which was no less stolen from its people and turkified. And on a final note: How much of a hypocracy can you take; I bet The Maximo Lideri Turko is fine with with Aliev going to school openings and proclaiming that Yerevan has to be retaken.

    The racistic hypocracy of these people is disgusting, it is really a horrible and tiring fate to have to deal with the turkish – as Europe will be finding out soon enough (the US did a great job forcing the the Germans to accept millions of them in their country).

  2. Aram said:

    These two make me sick to my stomach. The IQ between the both of them barely breaks double digits.

  3. Hairo said:

    What a childish thing for a prime minister to say: apologize. Now we can’t even express our own thoughts freely in our own country. First of all, we’re not even sure if President Serge Sarkissian rightfully said these things according to another report. Secondly, even if the preseding of Armenia said those things, apparently Erdogan is not familiar that in the past occupied lands have been returned to their rightful owners without a fight, just to sight one example :Suez Canal to Egypt.

    Erdogan, grow up. Work on getting an apology from the Israelis first.

  4. Garo said:

    Slowly, Turkey and it’s leaders and specially the angry Prime minister Erdogan will ask all the countries of the world to apologize to Turkey for their stupid reasons and benefits. Armenians, waiting for Turkey to apologize for the genocide that they committed for almost 100 years. So my response to Mr. Erdogan is simple. Go to hell.

  5. jacque said:

    Mr. aliyev, you should wake up and smell reality. azerbaijan didn’t even exist at turn of the century and Karabakh has been an Armenian land before even the word azeri was born.
    Mr. erdoghan Eastern Turkey will always be Western Armenia, and we will get it back in time. Pres. Sarkisian is not telling the Armenian youth anything that they don’t already know. Turkey is the agresser, the proof is cyprus and don’t you ever think that we will forget 1915.

  6. Ron said:

    Well, isn’t this interesting? Erdogan and his people should first look themselves in the mirror and apologize to all Armenians for the genocide and suffering that they have caused to the Armenian nation and people before asking the Armenian president to apologize. And I might add, when someone thinks he can get away with murder, he thinks he is above all law, but time for justice will come. The soles of all those perished and millions more that lost everything will not rest until turks apologize for their actions and return Western Armenia, which has belonged to Armenians for thousands of years. Everyone knows that when the right opportunity presents itself, all the nations around Turkey will take revenge, but I have a feeling the kurds will rise and teach turks a lesson first. I agree with President Sarkissian’s comments.

    • Satenik said:

      Just look at the two clown in the picture. The trouble is that they’ll never look themselves in the mirror, after all who would with those pathetic faces? If you look closely at the picture, they seem to be asking the question” what is the meaning of our useless existance” and from their silly gestures it appears that neither has the answer!

  7. Seervart said:

    In fact Mr. Erdogan must immediately apologize to Mr. Sarkissian for the Armenian Genocide for the premeditated killings of practically an entire nation of 2,000,000 Armenian souls from 1915 through 1923 who were the defenseless citizens of Turkey. Erdogan must apologize to Mr. Sarkissian for the white Genocide towards the Armenian nation that for 96 years they have been making barns or Minarehs of our thousands of Churches and Monasteries after killing Armenians, for teaching their primary and high school children the opposite of what has happened in 1915 against Armenians, for putting hatred into the hearts of theior school children against their Christian minorities in Turkey as well as hatred towards their Kurdish 20,000,000 citizens.

    You said the very right thing Mr. Sarkissian, because you know that both Artsakh, Naxichevan and all of Western Armenian lands are Armenian Highlands that Turkey after killing more than 2 Million defenseless Armenians in Turkey they have been denying it until today.

    Aliyev, get this through

  8. Seervart said:

    Aliyev, As far as Azerbaijan is concerned, there was no country called Azerbaijan, east of Armenia’s Syunik region and west of the Caspian Sea 100 years ago, those were Armenian lands not Tatars or the newly called Azerbaijan . You people stole the name Azerbaijan from a north-western Persian state. You have a newly made up country and a newly made up country name of only 100 years thanks to the devil Stalin who gave away our Artsakh and our Naxichevan to appease Ataturk. You can yell all you want Aliyev; but Artsakh has been Armenian lands for thousands of years and it shall remain Armenian lands forever!!!

  9. Satenik said:

    President Serzh Sarkissian will apologise to Erdogan when hell freezes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. zareh said:

    just to clarify something Mr. Erdogan. How many Turks lived in Anatolia in the ninth century. The answer is none. Also Mr. Erdogan when your tribes in Mongolia were chasing dogs for food Ani was the the capital of Armenia with its 1001 churches.
    My advice to you, shut up and go back to Mongolia where you came from and hand over Turkey to its rightful owners, the Armenians, the Greeks, the Kurds, the Assyrians and the Alawites.
    And for that other dog in Baku I suggest to sit on the same horse that will take Erdogan to Mongolia and hand over Azerbaijan to its rightful owners, the Talish, the Lezgis, the Armenians and the Persians.

    • Avery said:

      ‘…when your tribes in Mongolia were chasing dogs for food’

      One of the funniest lines I’ve read on these pages: hilarious, almost fell off my chair…

    • Araxi said:

      I agree with you 100%.
      Tell them to go back to where they came from.

    • ATB said:

      Mr. Zareh; why only go back to 9th century? Why not to times of Hittites, Urartu, Greeks?Your argument is fallacious and stupid…We are in the 21st Century (but still not very much evolved…that is another story)…No nation voluntarily gives up land within their national borders recognized by International laws, and Armenia (and any other nation) has the power or legal right to take away any piece of land from Turkey. As much as I understand and appreciate and even work for the Armenian causes for the sake of social justice and peace (as many Turks like myself) trying to take away lands, or even expressing one’s thoughts and aspirations, especially that one is a President of a nation, is idiotic and dangerous proposition. Unfortunately Sarkissian showed his limitations as a politician. Although he does not need to apologize, he needs to retract his statement for the sake of efforts being made to normalize the relationships, especially for the sake and the benefit of Armenian nation and its youth. It is bad politics to fill the hearts and minds of young with such stupid and dangerous ideas. Armenians should pursue their rights over the churches and personal properties owned in Turkey through legal means, in international courts.No doubt there are legitimate claims. I do support that notion and let the chips fall where they may be.

  11. Ararat said:

    This rabid Erdogan is really pushing it. Someone must put this Ottoman Islamist disguised in a suit and a tie in his place. Any Armenian who even attempts to appease this wild boar does not deserve to be called an Armenian.

    Instead of punishing Turkey for all the misdeed and the Genocide perpetrated against the Armenian nation, false treaties were signed between the ‘rebel’ Kemalists and the Bolsheviks that granted precious Armenian territories to the Turks. Neither the Kemalists nor the Bolsheviks were internationally recognized which makes such treaties null and void. Imagine a country that lost the war in WWI gained even more territory.

    This Erdogan is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and intends no good for Armenians. He recently visited Russia to reaffirm the illegal treaty of Moscow as if to laugh at our faces.

    He tricked the Armenian politicians into signing unconditional reconciliation protocols for opening the borders knowing in advance this would be a plot to corner the Armenians into making concessions to ‘fake’ Azerbaijan by making the Karabakh issue a condition to ratify the protocols.

    He tricked the World leaders, after being pressured by the World, by spending a mere $1.5 million dollars renovating a deliberately ignored Akhtamar church on lake Van to score political points but only allowing worship once a year and using the church as a tourist site for revenue for the rest of the year. I would not be surprised if the $1.5 million dollars was donated entirely by Armenians themselves. He realized the entire world, slowly but surely, is zeroing in on Turkey by recognizing the Armenian Genocide and that he must show some false gesture to impede if not stop it.

    We Armenians must find every opportunity to discredit and humiliate this fraud Erdogan and make him realize the entire Armenian nation, united as one, is determined to right the wrong committed by the Turks against our nation by fighting for the Genocide recognition, demand reparations, and make the return of the Western Armenia to the Armenian people a reality.

  12. Anar said:

    As an Azeri, I rejoice to discover that the president of my enemy is not a smart man. Everyone knows about the Armenian aggressiveness towards their neigbors. But to say it openly like that? He has ruined whatever chances there were for opening the Turkish border, and solidified the Turkish support for Azeris. And the Americans will have no face to pressure Turkey to normalize the ties. I know you guys in California could not care less about the opening of the border, but for those of your brothers still stuck in Armenia they need the opening to help their economy. At any rate, I join you in celeberating the President’s remarks. Obviously for difference reasons. 1) He has shown himself to be not too smart, and 2) Turkey has woken up from their illusions from trying to be nice to Armenia. Thank you very much President Sarkissian! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. David said:

    I guess Erdogan and Aliev are forgetting about the Treaty of Sevres and US President Wilson’s proclamation for a Western Armenia that included not only Mt. Ararat but Erzerum, Van, and other historical Armenian lands. The plain fact of the matter is that if we Armenians had the power (either militarily, political, or economic) and somehow took back those lands (that also include Cilicia/Incirlic air base which were informally promised to Armenians by the French following World War I) then we could march right into the United Nations and tell the Turks to go take a hike, i.e. the treaties are in place. So the real occupiers of these lands are the Turks, plain and simple.

  14. Papken Hartunian said:

    Armenians have only one option! Become a super power in the region. Turks and all its BIg Brothers know very well that if they let Armenians alone, they will rule the world. Just see peoples standing behind ministers during signing those unfortunate protocols! Our adversaries are not only Turkey and Azerbaijan!

  15. Panos said:

    Turkey must apologize for the Armenian Genocide – the Armenian President should not apologize for making a very clever, yet subtle, statement regarding future claims and demands. The Armenian Nation will be truly viable once we have access to the Black Sea!

  16. Hrant K. said:

    Talk talk talk, action speaks louder than words!!!1- Create endless jobs in Armenia , 2-Strengthen the

    Armenian airforce and intelligence, 3-Get a better leverage in the US Congress and the State Dept.! This

    way you can slap those 2 arrogant shovinist “fascists” and make them bend over!!!

  17. Hrant K. said:

    And BTW , the Armenian President’s remarks were just a warm up!!!

  18. John K. said:

    Erdogan can suck an egg or something longer for that matter. He can also team up with Alyiev to do that, an d then, both of them can go back to Mongolia or wherever else they came from….

  19. Onnik K. said:

    This man is not only a shameless denier of Armenian Genocide, but has the audacity to ask an Armenian (let alone a president!) to apologize. This is what you get from a Turk who only understands the language of violence.

  20. Ruby Minas said:

    Who is this comotose Erdogan that barks at every occasion and demands th whole civilized world to apologize to his Savage nation who actually has massacred over 1.5 million Armenians,stole their properties, lands, money, jewelery and their pride in 1915-1923 and it proves that “an ass can change it’s saddle but will always remain an ass!!!” a turk is a turk, either during ottoman’s or the new turkey
    Pres. Sarkissian should not even bother to answer this retarded dummy since he has more important things to do than answer to this lunetic.

  21. Sarkis said:

    If aliyev thinks he will take any karabagh land back even a yard he is dreaming,and he is right this matter is not settle yet ,we have lots of land to take from this mongol mother fuckers…………….

  22. ed said:

    Hysteria in Turkey and behavior of Tayyip Erdogan are the best way to teach and inform so called modern and brain washed Turkish nation that “East Turkey” in the fact was and will remain West Armenia. I am sure after Turkish reactions millions of Turks got a chance to know another pice of truth and got used to the term “Western Armenia” and even more !…

  23. Vazken said:

    To an imbecile Prime Minister of Turkey.
    The above comments of- Dieter, Aram, Hairo, Garo, zohrab, Jacque, Ron, Satenik, Seervart, again Seervart, Satenik, hatsakorzian nerses, zareh – are the children, Grand children, and Great Grand Children of the survivors of Genocide, and there are “seven million sisters and brothers” like them outside Armenia. I applause them all… .

    The Genocide which was instigated by your grand father’s generation, and I assume he was participated in that (as I read in one of your slips about your grand father), drank Armenian blood, “bet and played dice to guess the sex of a child before stabbing him or her with a bayonet after extracting them out of the womb.” and I hope it may have been just then’ at that moment the nemesis bullet got your grand father right between his eyes in the Western Armenia which you occupy now.

    You’ son of a Erdogan Apologize on your grand fathers behalf` for the Armenian Genocide as he didn’t have much time to do it himself…

  24. zohrab said:

    someone told me turks never sleep in peace i asked why i it so he replied because he knows he is sleeping in someone elses house

  25. Tavit Two said:

    I hope that Israel does not apologize to Erdogan for the flotilla killings, but I can see that there is dissension and uncertainty in Israel as to whether to do this. Israel is weakening. We Armenians should bolster them.

    Israel should demand that Turkey apologize for sending the IHH flotilla in the first place, and that will throw Turkey off balance and it won’t know how to respond. Use Turkish tactics against Turks. Turks are not used to being treated the way they treat others.

    But the problem really is that Turkey is used to making threats and getting its way. This has gone on for a long, long time. One reason for this is that the US is weak, flabby, and “PC”.
    Europeans are even flabbier. Look at Norway. The longest prison sentence its has is 21 years, and the prisons are like bed and breakfasts. Europeans and Americans have all gone soft because they are actually psychologically scared of Turks. The Turks have discovered what Western people are made of: slabs of flab. How come we don’t hear more about this?

  26. Patriot said:

    We live in 21st century, but every time this kind of question arises, most of Armenians refer 100 years back and talk about stalin for some reason,
    If we even assume that that ridicules statmets are true, it does not change reality that Azerbaijan is exsisting country with biggest population in the caucasuces, also Nagorno-Karabag is Internationaly recognised territory of Azerbaijan, So the conclusion is Azerbaijan will get its lands Back

  27. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Westren Armenia full of Tukrified Armenians,
    They know their hidden identity
    Go to videos and read and see…
    Many say “my grandmothers are Armenians”
    Even Prophet Muhammad if appears once again
    He will give back Ararat to Armenians
    Because it belonged there before him…!
    Those people are Never Muslims as The Arab poet Assad Rustom said in May 6, 1915
    When his friends were hanged in Middle East by Jamal Pasha (alssafah)
    “Sons of Turks ,You are Never Muslims”

  28. Maho said:

    Firsly you should read the right historical books and learn truth. In case of war it was very normal to kill your enemy. It was not a genocide. It was turkish defence. But armenian was too weak so they died. Erdogan tries to create a civilized world but you are realy wild. I am living in Istanbul and Armenia is like Istambul’s small village. Sarkisian can only get his wihes in the game “Age of Empires”

  29. arziv said:

    These two warmongers have an agenda and they to follow it. The Erdogan agenda is denialism; and Aliev’s is selling dream packages to his people about the ” return” of Karabakh. Armenia is a sharp thorn on their sides and a natural barrier preventing the unification of turania. Erdogan knows that denialism will run its course eventually; and alyev will only keep his mouth shut when he is displaced from power. In the meantime the war of nerves will continue in the hope that Armenia’s resolve weakens and a rift with the diaspora becomes an accomplished fact. Only then , the two turanic partners can effect their union.

  30. Osmanoglu said:

    Armenia is Ottoman Territory and the armenians are Ottoman Citizens. Accept the fact! Serious, you guys still whining about land you do not have for more than 1000 years. Grow up, you are worse as Kindergarten-Kids :)

  31. David said:

    How many Turks and Azeris live in Armenia today? How many Mosques survive in all of Armenia (answer…only the one in Yervan. the rest were destroyed up until 2008!)? Armenia boasts a 98% purity rate. The only way to acheive that goal is by mass deportation and ethnic cleansing! When is Sarkisian going to apologize for the 2.5M Moslems and non-Moslems (including Armenians refusing to help Andronik and Dro “The Butcher” Kanyan murder innocent Turkish and Kurdish civilians before, during and after WWI? Why are you ALL sooo terrified in debating us in an open public forum with full media coverage? We all know the reason why, don’t we! A debate will finally bring out the truth, which will destroy your century-old lies and false propaganda, which will then cause your house of evil to collapse!

  32. Grish Begian said:

    Turkey will be exploded, if Mr. Erdogan take that bloody penal code 301 away from their unjust justice system…let Turkish journalists freely put their own finding in the news..Turkish societies are the most confused nation in this planet, where they have been lied and brainwashed by their owners…since last 600 years until today, still can not understand, why they are living on Christian owned lands.. this is why most Anatolia or Western Armenia is under Turkish military surveillance, but how long this scenario will continue in Turkey??It will be up to ordinary Turkish population…they will find out slowly and finally, that their real ancestors were mostly civilized Christians and they were not TURKS from Mongolia!!!Turks oppressed and forcefully changed the real demography picture of Byzantine and Western Armenia’s population…first they forced them to worship Ossman guy, then change their minds in the last 90 years, and made “turkeys’ out of them!!

  33. Christo said:

    I guess the liberated states from the ottoman empire should also apologize and annex themselves to the turkish republic. erdogan and his like should apologize for their neo ottomanism aspirations. What is up with the KURDS in RoT? Arab Spring… how is it that they are being suppressed and not voicing their independence?

  34. border said:

    That’s why even in Turkey they call him Erdogan pasha and always make joke about his absurdity. He is such a megalomaniac who does not have control over his thoughts. He needs to be a real politician not a fake one.

  35. Avery said:

    now is the time for every political party in Armenia, particularly the opposition parties, to close ranks and stand behind the President of the Republic. Politics stops at the border of RoA. Turks and Azeri have to be told that as far as they are concerned we are as one. Opposition parties must publicly announce that they stand behind the Nation’s President 100% as far as his Western Armenia statement is concerned.

  36. Vahe said:

    When one analizing a turk , he should look into Iranian dictionary and comic books :
    Turk / azarbaijanis , even Iranian azarbaijanis = Torke’ khar ( Donkey turk ) ( Esh turk )
    And Iran suffers a lot because of too many donkeys !

  37. Dion Gipson said:

    The last thing Christians should do is mimic Islam. Anti-blasphemy laws are an affront to any free society, whether in the name of Christ or Mohammed.