Turkey’s ‘Hysteria’ over Western Armenia Remarks Fake

Sarkisian responding to Western Armenia question

YEREVAN—Turkey’s reaction to a recent statement by President Serzh Sarkisian regarding Western Armenia is brazen and artificial, said Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan Tuesday in response to a press inquiry.

“I have the impression that the Turks have simply not read the complete answer to the question or that they are just unanimously voicing what they wish to voice, by clinging to separate sections of the address,” said Kocharyan.

“Actually the Armenian president’s response to such a question was serious, comprehensive and quite measured, which, if it’s not apparent to Turkey, then they simply do not need it. In any case, the hysteria created [by the Turks] is not only fake, but should also lead many to conclusions.

Turkey criticized Sarkisian for his response to a question Saturday from a participant of the fifth All Armenian Olympiad of Armenian language and literature, who asked whether Western Armenia, including Mt. Ararat, would be united to Armenia. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan urges Sarkisian to apologize.

“It depends on you and your generation. I believe my generation has fulfilled the task in front of us; when it was necessary in the beginning of the 90s to defend part of our fatherland – Karabakh – from the enemy, we did it. I am not saying this to embarrass anyone: my point is that each generation has its responsibilities and they have to be carried out, with honor. If you, boys and girls of your generation spare no effort, if those older and younger than you act the same way, we will have one of the best countries in the world. Trust me, in many cases the country’s standing is not conditioned by its territory: the country should be modern, it should be secure and prosperous, and these are conditions which allow any nation to sit next to the respectable, powerful and reputed nations of the world. We simply must fulfil our duty, must be active, industrious, must be able to create bounty. And we can do that, we very easily can do that, and we have done it more than once in our history. I am certain about it, and I want you to be certain too. We are a nation that always rises from the ashes like phoenix – again and again.”


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  1. John K. said:

    He said the right things. He also has to do the right things. His administration is not creating an atmosphere in Armenia to nurture young people in the spirit of caring for the homeland. On his watch, the Armenians are leaving the homeland for economic opportunities elsewhere. It is solely his responsibility that the situation is what it is. The only hope the Armenian people have, is that someone in the current administration will wake up and sees the wrongness of their ways and change the situation. Tat’s all…

  2. Berge Jololian said:

    Erdogan: Eastern Anatolia is Western Armenia

    Genocide Acknowledgment with Accountability: Land, Reparations and Restitution.

    Here is our message from NYC Genocide Commemoration 2011: https://picasaweb.google.com/109205283329146267610/ArmenianGenocideApril24thCommemorationInNewYorkCityMay1st2011#5604185875572428370

    See the rest of the banners and posters from the NYC Genocide Commemoration 2011:


  3. Seervart said:

    Mr. Sarkissian gave a very good, a very just and a very sober answer to the fifth graders. Your answer was very legitimate and very good indeed Mr. Sarkissian.