‘Who is Going to ask Erdogan to Apologize’ for Cyprus, Asks Israeli Diplomat

Turkey's prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

In an article in the Thursday edition of Jerusalem Post titled, “Erdogan wants another apology, this time from Armenia,” author Herb Keinon quotes an Israeli diplomatic source as saying that Turkey’s recent demands for apologies is turning into a pattern. The same source ponders: “Who is going to ask Erdogan to apologize for Turkey’s occupation of northern Cyprus?”

Keinon’s piece stems from announcements made by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Baku on Wednesday, urging President Sarkisian to apologize for comments he made in response to a question regarding the return of Western Armenia—and Mt. Ararat—to Armenia.  

“Israel can take solace that it is not the only country in the world from which Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is seeking an apology: On Wednesday he demanded one from Armenia as well,” writes Keinon, who cites Turkey’s threats against Israel if it fails to apologize for last year’s Mavi Marmara flotilla incident.

Read the whole story: The Jerusalem Post


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  1. European said:

    Turkey thinks that all of a sudden it’s an important power-house nation. The truth is, they’re an untrustworthy nation built on invasions, occupations, massacres, genocide and bluffs.They’ll never change, except of course when the 30 million Kurds in south east Turkey declares independence with the backing of the US, Israel, EU and the UN.

    • www.Voskanapat.info said:

      Russia will support that too. Not sure about Germany. The main problem for Armenians is that it’s going to be declared on mostly Armenian lands by nomadic Kurds…

    • manooshag said:

      Erdogan thinks like a bully, acts like a bully… is a bully. And we know what happens to bullies…
      when they meet their match, they run away!

  2. Vas said:

    Erdogan is getting rude every day.
    You just don’t know how he is using his army and police in north part of Cyprus to shut up Turkish speaking Cypriots by force.
    Those who support Erdogan is the settlers in the north who outnumbered TurkishCypriots.
    He is still moving population to the north.
    According to Erdogan TCs are not Turk and Muslim enough, so he is using every pressure on them, similar to his policy towarda Kurds in Turkey.

    Wake up world! And stop this inhumanity!

    • Ian Betts said:

      Turkey has nothing to apologise for about events in Cyprus. Turkey intervened in 1974 to end years of Greek Cypriot efforts to effect genocide on the indigenous Turkish Cypriots (shades of Kosovo). Turkey, Britain and Greece had an international duty (under the terms of the islands constitution) to maintain the status quo between the two major ethnic groups. Britain ignored its duty while Greece attempted to stage a coup in 1974. You would expect that after the horrors that were inflicted on Jews during the second world war, that Israelis would be sympathetic to future victims of ethnic cleansing. Do your research, check the facts then make political statements based on the truth.

      • Buse said:

        It is my opinion that our “friends” in the west, inculding the EU or at least a great part of it with the rest watching indifferently, are engaged in a plan to eliminate all obstacles we can come up with in Turkey’s road to the EU. Thet are willing to go as far as rewriting the rules of the game. So all of a sudden they “see” no problem with direct trade. They also “see” no problem with institutions the occupier has set up such as the so called committee of reparations. Even the esteemed European Court of Human Rights “sees” no problem of sending the refugees to the occupier for “justice”. Call me a conspiracy fan but to me it looks as a well coordinated Conspiracy emanating from the her majesty’s services and supported by the their Atlantic partner, the protector of justice and freedom.I see no other option than Cyprus hardening its stance towards this conspiracy. How? By letting them know that direct-trade means substantial recognition of the pseudo state which will lead to:1. A veto to Turkey’s aspirations. A very simple and direct veto, no complications or if’s and but’s.2. Closure of all passages from the north to the south effectively (and not theoritically) isolating the north.Will this lead to partition? Possibly. Personally I have my doubts. Turkey wants to control the whole island not part of it. Every move they make, every suggestion they place on the table has this goal.

  3. Berge Jololian said:

    Erdogan: Eastern Anatolia is Western Armenia

    Genocide Acknowledgment with Accountability: Land, Reparations and Restitution.

    Here is our message from NYC Genocide Commemoration 2011: https://picasaweb.google.com/109205283329146267610/ArmenianGenocideApril24thCommemorationInNewYorkCityMay1st2011#5604185875572428370

    See the rest of the banners and posters from the NYC Genocide Commemoration 2011:


  4. Avery said:

    now is the time for every political party in Armenia, particularly the opposition parties, to close ranks and stand behind the President of the Republic. Politics stops at the border of RoA. Turks and Azeri have to be told that as far as they are concerned we are as one. Opposition parties must publicly announce that they stand behind the Nation’s President 100% as far as his Western Armenia statement is concerned.

    • www.Voskanapat.info said:

      The statement was actually misinterpreted. SS did not say what the Turks tried to hear from him. His answer to a student’s question was most balanced and smart – real proof of his ability to lead the nation as a great chess player and military commander!!

    • manooshag said:

      Avery, forget it… the hard headed Armenians i.e., Hovnanian is an example… he is still fighting
      re the Armenian Museum awaiting to be resurrected – his way or no way!! Delays, distractions…
      makes me wonder where all huge sums of monies went??

  5. Nondas said:

    In reading your article ” Who is going to ask Erdogan to apologize about the 1974 invasion and subsequent occupation of 37% of Cyprus? Erdogan’s comments of intransigence on the 37 anniversary of the illegal 1974 Turkey’s invasion and occupation of 37% of Cyprus irk EU officials UN and Greek and Turkish Cypriots . The Turkish Cypriots are vanishing minority in the occupied 37% of Cyprus and are outnumbered five to one from the hundreds of thousands of illegal Anatolian settlers whom Turnkey transferred to the occupied 37% of EU Cyprus soil in violation of the 1949 Geneva convention. One can find the reality of Cyprus problem in its strategic position which holds in the Mediterranean crossroads connecting three continents Europe Asia and Africa . Cyprus long History of Civilization shows just that, and this is the reason that the British betrayed Cyprus (in order to secure free of charge their strategic interests and enslave Cyprus along with Turkey) and worked out the sellout of a bi communal confederation with Turkey at the helm in order to rule it later on… Cyprus was conquered and looted ,burned and destroyed many times in its long history, by many outside conquerors,invaders and Barbarians worse of all the Ottoman Turks.The Ottoman Turks since 1571 fall of Famagusta to Turks , many times the Turks beheaded Greek Cypriots , Bishops, Priests , and Attila army raped women and murdered indiscriminately children and old pensioners with more than sixteen Greek Cypriots Prisoners of war still missing,and Turkey refuses to knowledge their fate since 1974. It is very sad inconceivable unacceptable and incomprehensible for EU to keep having EU accession talks with Turkey which is one of the most ferocious barbarians of all times. In Cyprus since 1571/1878/ 1955/1956/ 1964 / 1974 Turkey repeatedly,and consistently non stop has committed the worst crimes against the GREEK CYPRIOTS and HUMANITYas a whole. EU must cut off all relations with Turkey or force Turkey to abide by the rules EU rules and protocol like any other country did as state of EU . Turkey has invaded Cyprus in violation of all UN security council resolutions,destroyed the Greek Cypriot cultural religious heritage, desecrated more than 550 Greek Christian Orthodox Churches , and occupies illegally 37% of EU Cyprus soil and committed the Ethnic CLEANSING of 200,000 Greek Cypriots and brought more than 500,000 Illegal settlers from Turkey ,and housed them into the stolen properties and houses of the uprooted 200,000 Greek Cypriots in violation of the 1949 Geneva convention We Cypriots and EU citizens demand from EU ,USA ,Britain ,Germany, France and rest of the “Free world ” , Armenians ,Israel and the International community to force Barbarian Turkey to get out of EU Cyprus state and leave the true Cypriots to find a JUST ,FAIR, FUNCTIONAL, DEMOCRATIC CYPRUS and VIABLE Solution in the framework of the UN ,Security council,EU resolutions in compliance with international law and the provisions of the EU rules of the protocol. EU and the so called “Free World “and the International community has a responsibility and a moral duty not to let Cyprus to be crucified by the known big powers, who let Turkey free commit its criminal acts in order to serve their strategic interests . Turkey Must get out of Cyprus its Attila army of occupation and its Hundreds of thousands Illegal Anatolian settlers which constitute a crime against Humanity . !

    Sincerely.E. Nondas

    • manooshag said:

      Endrogan/Turk leaders think that with the passage of time… all will be forgotten and the turkeys will have whatever they seek – their ill gotten goals… but the problem is: they will still be Turks.

  6. Nondas said:

    Turkey Murdered in cold blood more than six thousand Greek Cypriots ,and the Attila army of occupation indiscriminately raped and killed thousands of women children and old pensioners who were cuptured by Turkey’s army of occupation .Sixteen Hundred Greek Cypriots are missing since 1974,and Turkey refuses to aknowledge their fate. Turkey ,committed the ethnic cleansing of 200,000 greek Cypriotswhich is acrininal act against Humanity,. Turkey divided,destroyed and desecrated more thn 550 Greek Christian Churches,and destroyed the Greek Cypriot cultural ,and religious heritage along with the looting pilage of the Greek ancient ruins,and stole thousands of precious Greek Cypriot antiques and other arts ,and the city of Famagusta stils remains a ghost town enclaved with barbed wires enlaved unihabited and Turkey doesn’t permit its legitimate Greek Cypriots to return to their ancestral homes and properties. . These are the Inhuman acts of Barbarity committed by Turkey which seeks to join the European Union and doen’t abide by the rules of the EU protocol which it signed and keeps 37% of EU Cyprus soilunder occupation in violation of EU protocol .Sincerely E. Nondas

    • Grish Begian said:

      Those turks still believe That Hagia Sophia built by their Osman guy!!

  7. Seervart said:

    I am glad that the Israeli diplomatic source pondered and questioned to Turkey’s president Erdogan as to who will ask Erdogan to apologize about Turkey’s occupation of Cyprus.

  8. jaklin said:

    not in million years, is this guy for real? who is going to apologize for the Genocides and damages that Turkey did? and all the stupid comments he made? Turkey has to apologize to the Armenians and the Greeks and the whole world.

  9. rita said:

    dear asbarez, when writing an article about hypocrisy, its not very smart to use sources who are extremeley hypocritical. the israeli source you quote which asks “Who is going to ask Erdogan to apologize for Turkey’s occupation of northern Cyprus”, should look in the mirror and ask himself who will apologize for Israels occupation of Palestine.

    • Pongo1969 said:

      Jews were present in Palestine well before the Arab-Muslims!
      So, after the World War 2, they have just came back their homes.
      And what the welcome of Arab people? Bullets! Jews are living peacefully everywhere, unlike the Muslims, which are well renown troublemakers.

    • Aram said:

      This comment from “Rita” proves without a doubt that she is not Armenian but a virtual agent, if you will. I’ve been following her comments on the original article posted on the Israeli source and her comments became increasingly pro-Palestine anti-Israel as opposed to pro-Armenian which she masqueraded as. He goal is obviously not to defend Armenian rights but bash Israel at every turn. She seems to care more about Palestine than Armenia (though she claims to be Armenian). I’d ban her IP address outright.

  10. Vahe said:

    This ” Leblebici Reccep ” is quite amazing , from his political manuveres with Shimon Perez , his peace convoy for Gazza , then siding with ” Lady Clinton ” in the events of Libya and Syria !!! and after a week bloody battles with his own kurds in South East of Western Armenia.

  11. Meghrouni said:

    Erdoghan is becoming hysteric personality and acting like Napoleon, Hiltler or may be Lengtimour, he wants people to worship him like a new send Messiah. But i trust as armenian saying ” PEDDEVADZ HAV” . Europe turned his face from Turkey and he knows it, failed his related politics with Syria and Iran, unfriendly attitude toward some Arabic countries such Libya and even his best military partner Israel. Also USA is not in cold war anymore to please Turkish demands. He is indeed PEDDEVADZ HAV

    Hey guys do you have any poultry farm and a place for him?

  12. Grish Begian said:

    Jews are back to their 1/5 of their ancestral land…Arabs taken away most of Jewish and Palestinian historical land…same as Armenians, Turks taken away our Cilicia, Western Armenia, and commit genocide against Christians!!Made Diaspora Armenians homeless…if Palestinians are smart will take what ever Jews are offering them …they will get the best world healthcare system, best education and a strong economy and happiness beside Israelis…we Armenians do not get same hospitality and Luxury from Muslim Turks!! Palestinians and Arabs and Muslim world wants the destruction of Jewish State, same thing Muslim azerBYjan and Muslim turks wants the destruction of little left over land in Artsakh and Eastern Armenia!! Please do not compare Armenian cause with Palestinians!!

  13. ARA said:

    Israel can be our ally-the Turks are who they are-history speaks for itself-what more can oen say-The turks occupy our lands and will destroy Judaism, Armenians and us-Christians or Jews-as they have done for centuries-nothing new here-we must be careful and we will get our lands back-all of us

  14. Samvel said:

    I wish that Pres. Sargsyan would call the Israeli Prime Minister – in a very public way – and encourage him to not only not apologize to Turkey, but to demand that Turkey apologize for sending the IHH flotilla in the first place – a clear provocation and grand-standing act by Erdogan to gain favor with Muslim public opinion.

    I back Israel in its battle with Turkey. That does not mean I agree with every Israeli policy.

    I do not understand Europeans who are sending flotillas to Gaza while Muslims are oppressed in many Muslim countries. This strikes me as a double-standard.

  15. Turan said:

    Why apologize for Cyprus? Greek Cypriots wanted to unite with Greece and Turkey utilized its legal right to protect the Turks on the island and it did interfere. 2 times 2 = 4… Why is it difficult to accept? Seriously?

  16. Chris Manougian said:

    Guys, why Every time the Israeli -Palestinian issue is brought up in our case ?We are in our matters and we say what is good for us and our interests . So let us not think about China ,let us think about us .
    Time will tell who would really apologize .He thinks himself as a big match o.

  17. Mike Dougas said:

    Turan, everybody knows that Turkey may had the right to protect Turkish Cypriots, but it didn’t had any legal rights to 1) invade a sovereign state called Cyprus, and then 2) divide it (Green Line) and then 3) create another state called Northern Cyprus in Cyprus’ territory!

    How this sounds to you: even the Republic of Azerbaijan, which is Turkey’s brotherly ally, does not recognizes “Republic of North Cyprus” at all… Why Azerbaijan, the United Nations, Russia, America, Great Britain, France, China, etc, refuse to recognize Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus as “legal”? :) Try think about it…