Sarkisian Slams Aliyev for Insulting Armenians

Sarkisian during a joint press conference with the visiting Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski

YEREVAN—President Serzh Sarkisian on Thursday slammed his Azeri counterpart Ilham Aliyev who on Wednesday continued his racially-motivated anti-Armenian slurs by saying that “something is missing” in the brains of the Armenian people.

At a joint news conference, where Turkish Prime Minister Recept Tayyip Erdogan called for an apology from Sarkisian for his remarks on Western Armenia, Aliyev chimed in by advancing his anti-Armenian agenda by saying, “I am well informed about [Sarkisian’s] way of thinking. In effect, this demonstrates the aggressive essence of Armenia.”

Aliyev continued his verbal rampage by saying: “But to have territorial claims to Turkey? This simply means that something is missing in the heads of these people,” he added.

In his remarks, Aliyev went on to say that “Azerbaijan will get back its territories, either through peace or military means.”.

In his response, Sarkisian referenced a recent speech he gave at the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe, in which he highlighted Azerbaijan’s anti-Armenian policies, an issue that was condemned by the European Parliament as an impediment for stability in the region.

Speaking at a joint news conference with visiting Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski, Sarkisian pointed to the absence of a “proper atmosphere,” saying that “it is not possible to poison your own people everyday and at every level.”

Hitting back at Aliyev comment on Armenians’ lack of sanity, Sarkisian said: “Is that a statement by a normal individual, let alone a leader of a country.”

“A person filled with enmity, cannot make normal decisions,” added Sarkisian.

Aliyev’s boasting in front of Erdogan, however, became muted when the question turned to Turkey’s insistence that Azerbaijan recognize “Northern Cyprus” in the event UN efforts to address the issue fail.

Aliyev said this is not an easy task. “There is also a Nagorno-Karabakh problem. I hope this conflict will be solved one day,” Aliyev said, referring to vulnerability of his country in recognizing Turkish Cyprus due to pressure from the European Union.

While visiting Turkey in 2004, Aliyev said Azerbaijan would consider recognizing “N. Cyprus” if Greek Cypriots rejected a UN plan to reunify the island. Reportedly, the EU pressured Azerbaijan to not recognize the “Northern Cyprus” and threatened to recognize the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.


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  1. Pyuzant said:

    What you except from DOME,DONKE. ASSHOLE,, aliyef !!! only him you can except comment like this that is aliyef when he open his mouth come out shit,and he is that nation president, imagine !!!! all other what is look like????

  2. HArut said:

    Thats right Mr. Sarkissian you are very right i my slef dont know how this aliev can even run a country with these kind of mentality unless his people are all ready poisened by his way of life

  3. zareh said:

    Prince Heydar, you say something is missing in the heads of the Armenian people to which I say the Armenians brought the World Chess Team Championship to Armenia last night and your people were way at the bottom of the competing countries. Perhaps there is something missing in the heads of the Azeri people, if there is such a thing as Azeri people.
    Now go and start counting your money before you lose it all after you lose the second Karabagh was you re so eager to start. I also suggest to have your Monaco Mansion to have a summer clean up because you will need it very soon when you are thrown out of office by your own people who have been abused by your corrupt government of cronies.

  4. Seervart said:

    Good for Mr. Sarkissian, his answer to this belligerent president Aliyev is very fittig. In fact, Aliyev is the mad one and the idiot.

  5. the truth said:

    These are the same rulers of Turkey of 1915….. it seems that Turkish and Azerbaijani ‎leaders) including Erdogan) have nothing else to do but to make racists comments about ‎Armenian nation. They voice there neo fascist ideas in front of cameras.. therefore one can ‎imagine simply what they are discussing behind close doors.!!!. These are leaders of our two ‎of neighbors who are proud of genocide of 1915 committed against Armenian people!‎

  6. Masis said:

    Yes, Aliyev is right, something is missing. That “thing” is the aggressiveness and bloodthristy attitude “these people” have had and will get during a time of war and oppression. What’s missing is what was present in Nagorno-Karabakh when these people were attacked and pressured in the early to mid 1990’s. What’s missing has been supplanted by an attitude and desire for peace and autonomy. Go ahead, you bombastic boy of a conquered Communist crony. Your aggression and rhetoric will bring back what is missing. Yet again you’ll be sorry. Was this “something” missing in Shushi? How about Agdam? Was this “something” missing in Monte?

  7. Zograp said:

    The Turks here are blatant fabricators of lies and they despratley try to hide the crimes of one of the most brutal empires in history

    armenia is the only nation that still exists from the 3000 year old maps of anatolia
    and even those othaman war dogs couldent destroy armenia … armenia lost alot in 1915 but she still stands proud and victorious.



    The atrocities committed by Turks against Armenians, Assyrians, Kurds, Greeks, Serbians, Romanians, Arabs, Bulgarians and almost all nationalities that were under Ottoman rule is documented by most reliable historical institutions ( except Turkish Historical Society)

  8. Zograp said:

    .The Turks are a human cancer, a creeping agony in the flesh of the lands which they misgovern, rotting every fiber of life …

  9. Stepan said:

    Learning is a continuous process in life. What we can all see very clearly is that there can be no
    reconciliation or even an honest relationship without respect and integrity. Erdogan has shown on
    numerous opportunities that he no respect and at contempt for the Armenians. The silver lining in his behavior is that it is an opportunity for ROA to show the world again our civilized nature. It also served to unify the Armenians which is critical to our success. The good news is that it is another reminder to Turkey that discussion on stolen western Armenia is just beginning.

  10. said:

    This state visit of Erdogan was a total failure! The two Turkic states could not agree on anything important to them – namely oil and gas tariffs and prices, pipelines, recognition of PKK as a terrorist organization by Bazarbaijan, etc. So they had to resign to the only topic on the agenda that they agree on – hate towards Armenians and willingness to commit another Genocide when they are given a chance.

    It is interesting that Turkey continues to insist that Aliyev dictatorship recognizes Kurdish PKK as a terrorist organization where everybody knows that KGB General Heydar Aliyev was an ethnic Kurd born in Armenia and he was the one who was responsible for Soviet involvement in creation of these Kurdish terrorist organizations when Turkey turned away from Lenin-Stalin’s Bolshevism to NATO.

    His son, Ilham Alieyv, the current illegitimate Sultan-president of Bazarbaijan re-settled hunderds of thousands of his Kurdish brethren from Turkey and Iran to Nakhichevan and areas surrounding Artsakh.

    It is to the point now that the local Azeri-Turks in places like Gandzak (Ganja) complain that Aliyev’s Kurds took over the city that they took over from Armenians and now Azeris have to leave for Russia while that region becomes another Kurdistan under the watchful eye of Ilham Heydar-baba Alieyev-ugly and his Kurdish clans.

  11. Osik said:

    For once that stupid man is 100% right and that one thing that is missing from Armenian’s brain is nothing but FEAR.

  12. Osik said:

    Mr. President Sarkissian, You should have been sending a copy of the World Chess Championship results with a BIG “NO COMMENT” in reply :-))))

  13. Vahe said:

    I get upset when we play with the rules of ceasefire. Like Israel , Armenia, actually Armenians should respond heavy handedly when the tatars breaks the cease fire .
    It is time for Armenians to look for liberation of Nakhijevan.

  14. Papken Hartunian said:

    Armenians have only one option to be free from these monsters-to be super power in the region. We can do it. All we need is to be united. United we would rule, divided we would be ruled.

  15. Armanen said:

    Where are all the haters who called President Sargsyan a traitor?

    Great reply Mr. President!

  16. Krikor Sarkissian said:

    Ha Ha Ha is sad that the dog’s tail is trying to defend the dog.It is well documented by human rights world associations about the atrocious records that both countries (Turkey AND Azerbaijan) have.Their governments are nothing but dictatorships.
    As for Western Armenia ! eventually will be returned to their rightful owners.Armenian minds (brains) are superior to it’s adversaries’.We suffered a lot but we came back;because we are resilient.
    WE WILL WIN eventually.Long live Republic of ARMENIA !!!

  17. Arshag Kavafian said:

    Why do we Armenians condemn Azerbaijan and Turkey for their misbehaviour? Whose backing them? Every US president lied to us and pampered those. Even Sarkozy did not fullfil his promises. If the Christian democratic Western superpowers are spoiling those nomads of Turkey and Azerbaijan against Armenia, what do we expect from them but…publicly and openly insulting us.
    Even good old Vatican and its, Popes who consider themselves God’s second in command on planet Earth, have hidden important documents since 1915 which condem the Turks of commiting the Genocide, and have just now admitted that. Oh God, oor eyeer Asdvadz?

  18. manooshag said:

    All these years… and the Turk, now with its ONLY ally, azeris, have been ably displaying to the whole world their true nature – desecrators of peoples/nations – as Turk leaderships took lives in the evil/vile ways of Armenian non-muslims, abusing and violating humans, changing goals to suit their own needs of the moment. But, yet, and too, all these moments leading to more and more harm to humans – stealing the Armenian nation for themselves by eliminating the Armenians… ubable to be allied with any nations of any time/consequence… For, as Armenian survivors fled to the great nations of the world ( who accepted the Armenians). For too, as Armenian survivors had their need to recover, to re-create their families, then to come together to resume AND to regain their homeland stolen via the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation. Turks slaughtered, raped, kidnapped, tortured via Turkish modes, worse, ALL under cover of WWI- not via wars- via Genocides of a disarmed nation… Armenia! And all the Genocides that have followed… and NOT recognized… by all the nations who are too, guilty of allowing all the Genocides!!