Labor Pain

Garen Yegparian


No, this article is not about the injustice being heaped upon working people in many states of the U.S.  Rather it’s about the aches and agony, self-inflicted, that Turkey seems to relish.  One has to wonder if that’s not the reason that country’s chauvinistic “republican” government has “renamed” Armenia’s stolen mountain “Ağrı Dağı.”

In case you were not aware, Ararat, in Turkey is officially named that obscenity.  “Ağrı” means labor pain or ache, according to the online Turkish-English dictionary I consulted.  How offensive that our usurped national symbol is called something as unpleasant as pain!

But Turkey seems to enjoy pain.  How else can we explain their spending huge amounts of money and energy lying, covering up, and denying the Genocide while simultaneously maintaining their occupation of our lands?  Turks complain of being “maligned” by us and others, but last I checked, telling the truth isn’t the same as maligning someone.  The solution is simple, and the pain (and the analogously misnamed mountain along with it) goes away!  Fess up, pay up, back up (of our lands, that is)!

It’s funny that Erdoghan (Turkey’s Prime Minister) has seen fit to bash Serzh Sarkissian over the latter’s response to a student’s question while he was visiting a school.  Responding to whether or not we’d ever get Ararat back, Sarkissian said it was up to the student’s generation to liberate it, just as a portion of Armenia (Artzakh) was liberated by the current generation.

Erdoghan interprets this as a lack of interest by Sarkissian in achieving peace.  A quick switcheroo, and Erdoghan is instructing Armenia to resolve its issues with Azerbaijan, only after which will Turkey open its border with Armenia.  Plus, a Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesperson claims Sarkissian is provoking “an ideology of hostility and hatred among societies.”  I suppose genocidal and denialist policies are manifestations of amity and love among societies.

This is the ridiculousness and absurdity we face as Armenians.  Share this laughable situation with non-Armenian friends so they better appreciate our predicament.  Heap derision on Turkey’s rulers.  You can even add the policy, of renaming places, adopted by the Ottomans and continued by their current denialist political progeny.  That policy is just another way of erasing any hint of our presence in our homeland, the Armenia Plateau.  Interestingly, Kurds have engaged in a campaign to restore place names to their pre-forced-changed origins.  If they’re successful, we’ll have to thank them because a majority of those names will be Armenian ones!

Enjoy the Turkish PM’s pathetic commentaries.  Share them with a huge helping of ridicule with your friends.


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  1. Danoog said:

    I would love to see Armenia granted EU membership and rub it in Turkey’s face.

  2. ArdeVast Atheian said:

    I always have dreamed of a loose federated Republic of Armenia and Kurdistan, incorporating the Eastern half of Turkey. We have a lot of shared history, a shared outlook and a shared destiny with our fellow Kurds. We definitely need them more than they need us and we definitely need to show the Muslim world how much kinship we feel towards fellow Muslim Kurds who have suffered just as we have from the same unyielding enemy and that we stand unequivocally committed to the survival of Armenia and Kurdistan together as a insurmountable barrier against the Turkish designs to obliterate both of our nations on the road to a contiguous Turanistan.
    A Federated republic of KurdArmenistan would show neighboring Muslim countries how much we love Muslims who have suffered from this same all-denialist, hegemoneoous Monster of the Middle East, Turkey, which has torn to pieces every nation that it has ever occupied.

  3. Gaidzag said:

    Sultan Erdoghan, renaming Mount Ararat with a Turkish moniker doesn’t grant Turkey ownership of it. Also you are transgressing against your beliefs and betraying all the prophets mentioned in the Quran Al-Sherif. Mt. Ararat is mentioned in the book of Genesis as the resting place of Noah’s Ark after the Flood. Of course it is a holy symbol for the Armenian culture. It represents the homeland to Armenians all around the world.

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