Survey Shows Turkish Society Becoming More Intolerant

Group of Turkish nationalists praying at Ani Cathedral

ISTANBUL–The results of a recent poll by Yilmaz Esmer of Bahcesehir University, under the auspices of the 2011 World Values Survey, reveal that Turkish society is becoming more intolerant and conservative.

Menekse Tokyay studied the survey results for Southeast European Times in Istanbul and in article published Friday points to the changes documented by the survey, suggesting that the rise in religious conservatism  is directly linked to the pro-Islamic policies of the ruling AKP..

Read the entire article from Southeast European Times.


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  1. Stepan said:

    The world never seems to learn from the past. Erdogan’s careful balancing act is designed to stay afloat by pacifying the liberals with EU relations and the conservatives with a slow migration to the right. He hoes to force the EU decision with the sheer economic/political power of the country.
    His play to the neo-Ottoman nationalists and issue of minorities is doomed. How long has the world been talking about the treatment of minorities in Turkey….Congress of Berlin-1878, Young Turk Revolution-1908, Paris Peace Conference-1918, Treaty of Sevres-1920, Treaty of Lausanne-1923, Dersim in the 1930’s and more recently the closure of Christian seminaries and the continued conflict with the Kurds.
    The credibility(or at least influence) that Turkey enjoys verses its human rights record illustrates the inability of our world to reconcile moral correctness from geo-political interests. It’s sad and frustrating, but keep the faith Armenian nation….our day is on the way. Focus on keep Armenia and the diaspora strong.

  2. Kevo said:

    This photo SICKENS me.
    It boils my blood every time I see it.
    Imagine the reaction if we held our services in the Ashagi Govhar Aga mosque in Shushi.
    It would be absolutely ridiculous, besides that would never ever happen.
    What a sick mind set to put on a show like that.
    This SICKENS me!

  3. Ron said:

    No surprise here, and this will only make Turkey’s chances of European membership even more difficult. Turkey has always been a fundamentalist islamist society. Europrean aspirations have forced the turks to behave in a more civilized manner over the last 60 years, but western values are increasingly more disliked, and minorities continue to be severely oppressed – the largest one being the kurdish population – and this alone is a ticking time bomb.

    • Z said:

      That’s not an issue. I can assure you that tr will never be part of eu.

  4. gary S. said:

    Yes this is true about Turkish society. Unfortunately, for Armenians who have lived under Turkish society for hundreds of years has negatively made us somewhat intolerant. I can see it because I was born and raised here. Spousal abuse is still common in Armenia. Now the CURRENT issue of Reader’s Digest is reporting that many female fetuses are being aborted. I thought that was a Chinese or Muslim thing.
    Also, the State Department is reporting this (human right abuses) about Armenia:
    We also have a long ways to go to. We need to get rid of that intolerant Turkish thinking from our culture too! It has been almost 100 years,

  5. manooshag said:

    A Turkey is not to be included in the EU… Obviously the European nations know the character and morality of Turks – see that even allowing Turks who now live in their nations has been a great mistake…
    For the Turk is a Turk – wherever, actually ‘in your face’ wherever they ensconce themselves. Turkey is a land of ‘glitter’ for all the world to see… reality: today their students are taught lies to uphold their own muslim history as a glorified peoples. Their students are not told the truths of their own origins from the mountains of Asia… truths of stealing Armenian lands, culture, properties and more… stolen and used by by wealthy Turks of today – as if all that was stolen from Armenians was due and owing to the Turkeys!! Today, students are still taught convoluted and dishonest lies of the origins of their own coming into the lands of the Armenians – to slaughter, torture, kidnappings, and worse… Turks had a need to gain for themselves a ready-made and an advanced nation as that of the Armenians. Today, lying that all that was/is, has belonged to Turks. The Turks used Genocides… not war, gaining Armenians lands and more!

  6. Stepan said:

    Kevo, I fully agree. This photo should be the headline for the “return of churches: initiative. We can
    not pray freely at the Holy Virgin cathedral in Ani, but Turkish nationalists can invade the santuary and conduct what it is thinly veiled insult to the Holy Cross Aghtamar event. No better example of the despictable behavior of an “intolerant” and fractured society of neo-Ottomans.