Medvedev, Aliyev in ‘Extremely Frank’ Talks on Karabakh

Aliyev and Medvedev in Sochi on Tuesday (Itar-Tass photo)

SOCHI, Russia (RFE/RL)—Russian President Dmitry Medvedev met with his visiting Azerbaijani counterpart Ilham Aliyev on Tuesday for what he described as “extremely frank” talks on the future of the Nagorno-Karabakh peace process.

The two leaders made no public statements after the meeting held in the southern Russian city of Sochi.

The Kremlin said they discussed “pivotal issues in Russian-Azerbaijani relations” and “the state of the negotiating process on the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement.” It gave no details.

“Of course, the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement is one of the most important topics,” Medvedev told Aliyev in televised remarks made at the start of the talks.

“I would like to have an extremely frank conversation with you about what to do next, about how events could develop considering our last trilateral meeting [on June 24 with Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian] that was held in Kazan and previous meetings held in the same format,” he said.

Contrary to high international expectations, the Kazan meeting did not yield an agreement on the basic principles of resolving the Karabakh settlement proposed by Russia and the two other mediating powers, the United States and France.

Medvedev subsequently presented Aliyev and Sarkisian with a set of unpublicized proposals aimed at salvaging the peace process. The content of their replies sent to the Russian president last month remains unknown.

Aliyev on Tuesday praised Medvedev’s active involvement in the search for Karabakh peace. He said the nearly one dozen Armenian-Azerbaijan summits organized by Medvedev in the last three years “have very much made the parties’ positions closer to each other.”

“This is the main problem of regional security and, of course, Azerbaijan is interested in a quick resolution of the conflict more than anyone else,” added Aliyev.

It is not yet clear whether Medvedev plans to hold soon similar talks with Sarkisian as well.


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  1. Garo said:

    Armenians must make ZERO concessions. Losers don’t dictate to winners, and Azeris are losers. We made a terrible mistake not taking Naxichevan in 1994 as part of the cease fire, or gone all the way to Baku. Thank you USA and Russia for stopping us, and keeping the region full of Turkish and Azeri terrorists.

    • Elchin said:

      Garo taking Baku? İ guess next time we should send more Armenians to 5 star resorts in Der E Zor.

      • Garo said:

        As you admit, your genocidal mentality is the reason you will never take another inch of Armenian land. Your race will never ever have another 1915, that that will be a permanent stain on you. The last Armenian will die before we trust you savages ever again.

        And as far as Baku, Armenia has every right to it. Armenia did not ask for a cease fire, your losing country did because you knew very well Armenians were headed all the way to Baku after you lost Artsakh. You can deny this all you want, that will not change facts.

      • Arsen said:

        Yes, going to Baku. Azeris were crying and begging for a ceasefire, we were gracious and humane enough to afford you one so that more suffering and deaths could be avoided. Your ungrateful bunch are now barking like big dogs years later. Makes me wish we refused to sign an agreement and taught you a proper lesson. We liberated Artsakh and were satisfied with that, we had no wish to bring war to even more people deeper in Azerbaijan, even though we could have. We are not oppressors nor are we invaders, but it seems that that is the only language you understand.

        • Elchin said:

          Yeah i am wearing Talat Pasha’s mask for this Halloween to scare you;)

          • Kombushaa said:

            what a stupid comment you wrote there, go grow some brains and the fact that you are talking like this proves that The Armenian Genocide happened and that you and your people are big fat losers and liars. Don’t even bother to reply, you are even not worthy of being alive.

  2. Arn.Sweden. said:

    The Kremlin said they discussed “pivotal issues in Russian-Azerbaijani relations”

    Comment –

    Seems then as they could be at stake ?.


  3. ed said:

    It seems that even russian playboy Medvedev is tired of this racist evry crying Ilham Aliyev and his ‎racist advisers, who says aboard something else and by return home plays the rambo!‎

  4. Armanen said:

    If the talks go well with aliyev then Medvedev will meet with Sargsyan

  5. Hrant K. said:

    They talked about how to undermine the Nabucco pipeline by upgrading the Novorossiysk’s one!

    Nagorno Karabakh talks was only the cover-up story ! (7)

  6. The Truth said:

    First of all we have to admit that Armenian policy regarding Arstakh is and was totally wrong ‎staring form the ended of the liberation war. And there is no ( even Kocharian did failed to ‎act and S . Sarkisna is a worst copy of our two last presidents!!!) courageous politician in ‎Armenia having the strength and courage to correct the mistakes. Armenian people were and ‎ready FOR: ‎

    ‎1-Either Armenia has to declare NKR/ Arstakh as a antimony Republic within Armenian in ‎current borders and move the president palace or at least the office of PM to Stepenakert‎
    ‎ ‎
    Or ‎
    ‎“- Armenia has to recognize Arstakh as a independent Republic with Sushi as its new capital!

    Shame on these politicians and politician leaders al of them are engaged in stupid import ‎business, shacking hands wit Turks or simply doing nothing!‎

    If you want Arstakh l /NKR so we have to make Azerbaijani belive that they have lost ‎Arstakh/NKR and surrounding areas FOR EVER. ACT NOW and show the fascist ‎Azerbaijani rules in Baku the red lien -Armenian ruling elite has failed so far to show Baku ‎the red line -this is the main problem – we can and should not accept never ending OSCE ‎meditation! ‎

    There is a lot o stupid talks about “international laws and referendum ” BUT nobody is asking ‎according which stupid international low NK being illegally made part of Soviet ‎Azerbaijan!?‎
    ‎ ‎

  7. the truth said:

    ‎ PS: I am sure soon President Sardinian will have couple nice pic and hadn shaking with his ‎counterpart Ilham Aliyev .. Laughing and jacking (as if) and soon back in Baku Ilham ‎Aliyev will insult Armenia people – as usual! Our President has lost very resects while ‎meeting the racist Ilham Aliyev !‎

  8. gary S. said:

    Look at Dmitry Medvedev’s eyes and facial expression. He’s saying to himself, “Darn you got a big nose.”

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