Knesset Genocide Resolutions to be Discussed in October

Hagop Sevan

YEREVAN (Armenpress)—Two resolutions pending in the Israeli parliament—the Knesset—will be discussed by the legislature in October, Jerusalem Armenian National Committee member Hagop Sevan told Armenpress.

The two bills, one that calls on Israel to recognize the Armenian Genocide and the other to mark April 24 as a national day of remembrance were unanimously sent to the Knesset’s education committee for review earlier.

The Knesset is in recess from early August until October.

On June 29, the Knesset voted 25-1 to send a bill that envisions educational programs and curricula on the Armenian Genocide to be taught on April 24for consideration by the Education and Culture Committee. The measure was introduced by Knesset member Arie Eldad. This second resolution

The Israeli government representative, Uzi Landau, who is Israel’s minister of national infrastructure commented that while the government believes that Armenia and Turkey must address this issue among themselves, the government was not opposed to the discussion of the measure by the Knesset committee.

On May 18, a motion by the Meretz party to direct the Israeli Knesset’s education committee to discuss a resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide was unanimously approved.

The motion presented by Meretz delegate Zahava Gal-On also received the support of government representatives who voted for the proposal.

During the more than 30 minute debate on the Knesset floor on May 18, various party members expressed their views on the resolution. On behalf of Israel’s foreign ministry, Religion Minister, Yakkov Marki expressed ministry’s position, which was to leave the issue on the defense and foreign affairs commission, adding that Israel must support the Armenia-Turkey dialogue process.

However, Marki expressed his personal conviction affirming the Genocide and added that time has come for Israel to make a clear decision on the matter. He then proposed that the Knesset’s education committee address the matter.

Also speaking at the debate was the ruling Likud party representative, Ze’ev Elkin who supported the motion to task the education committee with the issue. Elkin’s role in the fruition of this motion was considerable.


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  1. Robert said:

    Now, if they’re going to do this madness, will they at least also include the massacres that the Armenians did to the Jewish people before, during and after WWI, as well as during WWII? They people of Israel need to know the whole story of constant Armenian anti-semetism! Don’t worry, we’ll make sure that they will!!

    • Arsen said:

      I’m dumbfounded as to what in the world you could possibly be referring to. This comment is so utterly ridiculous I can’t even find the words. If you can make up drivel like this, nothing is beyond you…

      • Avery said:

        Arsen: ‘Robert’ is a well known Denialist Turk that was chased away from ArmenianWeekly (by Armenian posters) where he used visit regularly and basically repeat the same disinformation over and over and over again. He has a few canned posts that he keeps throwing in. Basically, there was no Armenian Genocide, on the contrary Turks were the victims of Armenians, whatever happened to us was our own fault, Turks treated us very well, but we stabbed them in that back….and a few variation of those. Don’ t expect to make any sense of his posts.

        Basically its dissemination of Anti-Armenian disinformation. Probably one of the self-declared volunteers in the Turkish Denialist information/propaganda war.

        • manooshag said:

          This misdirected, misinformed robert is a prime example of the education system in a Turkey. As was evident in Washington DC during the recent
          2010 and 2011 memorial gatherings of the Armenians to observe the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation… the Turks came there too… singing, dancing, obscene acts and more. The inhumanity of the Turk still exists – whilst disturbing the memorial observances of the Armenians – still. Hence, a Turkey attempts a glowing and glittering appearance before all the world – yet, obviously, Turk leaderships are also assuring that their youth will continue to be learning/educated via the leaderships lies… that Armenians slaughtered and worse Turks – Millions of Armenians were slaughtered, raped, tortured and elders, women and children abused and stolen to become as Turks…and more. Too, obviously, Turks did not declare war against the Armenians… Not at all… since committing Genocides allows for no Turkish loses – Turks just eliminate the Armenians as their cannot be any resistance… Too, since warring might mean Turks could lose a war – as they did with their allies of WW1… For, since then Turks do not declare wars – only using Genocides to gain their goals – ongoing/unending – with their inhumanity to humans!

    • Artin said:

      Hi dear story teller
      enough of your boring story even though it’s as long as your mind’s capacity

  2. Hrant K. said:

    The 2 resolutions’ fate should not and must not be related to the bad or good

    relations with turkey, otherwise it will be very obvious that the recognition of the Arm. genocide

    will have become a pressure tool by Israel against turkey! The greatness in recognizing – is in its

    humanitarian essence and not the abuse and the opportunistic nature during a certain era of political

    turmoil with turkey. Even if the Israelis in future remend their relationship with turkey (which is remotely

    possible with an ultra arrogant-shovinistic ‘erdogan’ around), in addition to the military and oil deals with

    baazarbaijan the so called “yeni azerbaijan’ and its Neo Nazi dictator, (the total hate mongerer), the

    recognition of the Armenian Genocide should be imperative under any circumstances. Raphael Lemkin is

    the answer to that!!! (7) G
    T A

    Let Isreael always urge itself to recognize Artsakh’s independence (the Nagorno Karabakh Republic), as

    the Soviet Union was the first to recognize the State of Israel, not the UK or the USA (and the

    ArmenianSSR was one the 15 Union States of the Soviet Union then! Armenians deserve better from the

    Jewish People and State, as we have had several common suffering ordeals of Holocausts and Genocides

    throughout both our histories! This way “the Conscience of Humanity”, that the Jewish people allege, will

    be proven by their concrete deeds and not just by mere words!! “Never Again” should be attributed

    to “Never Too Late To Recognize” !

  3. Hrant K. said:

    Robert, the only Anti-Semitic Madman is your ‘prime minister erdogan’ and your ex bloody Red Sultans, who

    have consistently rejected the idea of a Jewish Statehood, and thus commited the massacres of 300000

    and Genocide of 1.5 Million Armenians. as the Armenians had outnumbered any minority in the ‘ottoman

    shattered empire” and that would be a strong message to the Jewish Community to refrain from that

    Statehood demand! The ottomans’ fatal blows in North Africa, the Balkans and the Arab Peninsula drove

    them to turn bloodthirsty and shifted their anger towards their own innocent citizens, who had coexisted for

    600 + years together in harmony (of course by always trying to keep fellow Armenians as the underdogs)

    So Robert (or Cetin or whatever your real name is), before submitting any electronic nonsense to this

    or any other forum, do your homework and stop spreading turkish lies to us or the Jewish People,

    because both of us know better and have (thank God) higher IQ standards, than to believe your fairy

    tales! The only sane people were the latest (secular) Generals, who resigned because your prime minister

    bullied them and replaced them with hateful anti-semitic military commanders! A ciminal, a thief or a liar

    always thinks that everybody else is as such too. Such is the case with the helpless turks and azeris! The

    academicians, journalists and liberal activists who speak the truth are either thrown behind bars, exiled or

    even murdered in “bazarbaijan or turkey”! And those , who have different ethnic origins, even from their same

    religion, are deprived (and have been deprived) from using their own languages, because tolerance has no

    place in the turkish fake society! All they are good at, is Fabricted

    Public Opinion Changing Attempts, which have become the mockery of the wise and fools’ belief!!! (7)

  4. Grish Begian said:

    Armenia SSR fought against Nazi Germany and they have lost 300.000 soldiers out of 1.5 million population, with many many heroes and one field Marshal and 60 top Generals..Turks during 2-nd world war were neutral and pro Nazi state and they were very busy in their harems..Armenians spreaded all over the world due to Genocide, and you must understand Armenians follow the rules of adopted countries, and that is included Ottomans!!Armenia as a State never been against Jews or practice anti-semetism…it is all your opinion in order to poison ordinary people’s mind…we all know about you and your “anti Armenian” behavior in our most civilized news papers, something a Turk like you never learn since last 96 years about the truth of Armenian Genocide and blaming foreigners or even Jews!! Remember Armenia SSR during Soviet times was the only republic that Jews would love to live with Armenian communities without feeling discrimination, the number of Jews in Armenia was a big prove during that period of time…most of them emmigrated to Israel, due to unlawfully blockaded of Armenia by your uncivilized Turkish and Tatar States!!

  5. oganess avakian said:

    A turk will always remain a turk.. Israelis know this very well.

  6. manooshag said:

    Methinks the Jewish knesset is dragging their feet… for too long, not only in Israel, but too, using their influences – extended even into the Congress/State Department of the USA. Having had their Jewish Genocide addressed and their reparations well established from the German nation… methinks the Jews should be knowledgeable/interested to learn that if the Armenian Genocide had been brought to justice, with Turks admitting their guilt and Turk’s reparations established (as was Jews)… IMAGINE!! All the Genocides shall have ended. The cycle of ALL Genocides shall have ended!! And, the Jewish Genocide that followed the Armenian Genocide just one generation later… shall never have been. But, at least the Jews recovered their measure of recognition’reparations from the Germans… Nations of the world have recognized the Turkish Genocide of the Armenians… but perpetrator Turk seems unable to recall their inhumanity to humans during their Armenian Genocides. For, this segment began in 1915 and lasting until 1923. Yet, today, still abusing the Armenian peoples in Armenia, too, in effect, reaching even Armenians in all the lands where the diasporans had reached – fleeing the horrors of the Turkish Genocides – ongoing/unending – still, in pursuit – Turkish style.

  7. arziv said:

    I am dumbfounded that energy and effort has been squandered on this character Robert, a psycopath ignoramus or devil may care slanderer wherever he may from. The ignore treatment , in this instance , is the effective rebuttal. If the knesset adopts the resolution it will do so in order to rub turkey’s face in its own feces. Turkey and Israel are on a collision course; therefore in this historical passage it might be avantageous for the knesset to deliver a telling blow to the turks by exposing them as executioners of genocide. If it serves the knesset interests the resolution will be adopted, but it will not be on ” moral grounds”.

  8. rita said:

    the jews are trying to use us as political football again, oh great. togh “bill”e arnen irents vore khoten