Muslim World Voices Support for Aliyev on Karabakh

BAKU (RFE/RL)—Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on Wednesday again commended Muslim countries for lending unconditional support to Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Aliyev was cited by his office as telling the Baku-based ambassadors of Islamic states that the Azerbaijani government continues to enjoy that backing.

He recalled their decisive role in the passage by the General Assembly in 2008 of a resolution on the Karabakh dispute that was rejected by Armenia.

The non-binding resolution referred to Karabakh as an internationally recognized part of Azerbaijan and demanded an “immediate, complete and unconditional withdrawal of Armenian forces” from occupied Azerbaijani lands.

Only 39 UN member states, most of them having predominantly Muslim populations, voted for that document, while over 150 other nations abstained or did not vote at all. The United States, Russia and France, the three co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, voted against.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has likewise repeatedly accused Armenia of unleashing aggression against Azerbaijan. The foreign ministers of OIC member states most recently did so in September last year.

Speaking on behalf of the diplomats, Uzbekistan’s ambassador to Azerbaijan, Ismatillah Ergashev, was reported to reaffirm this stance. “The diplomat pointed out that Muslim countries will continue to support the just position of Azerbaijan on the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict,” Aliyev’s office said in a statement.

The statement also quoted the Azerbaijani leader as calling for greater “Islamic solidarity” and a “higher level of mutual support.”


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  1. AB said:

    Sounds like jihad has been called. If the Azeris actually respected Armenia’s existence as well as the Karabagh Armenian population, Azerbaijan would not have gotten its butt kicked by the villagers.

  2. Stepan said:

    Political rhetoric at it’s best. Let them “support’ Azerbaijan with empty commentary. While Aliyev runs around to build support for their theft of Artsakh, the Armenians are rebuilding from the impact of 70 years as a part of Azerbaijan. it is revealing to see the pattern in how these people treat non-Turkic minorities…… decades of despair under the ruthless Ottomans and the sly Kemalists. Ask the Greeks, the Assyrians or the Kurds. Now look at how the “Azeris” treated the Armenians as “an internationally recognized part of Azerbaijan”. It is an insult to call them civilized nations when you see the record of oppression. Now Aliyev embarks on a path of Anti-Armenian racism to justify his loss and quell his pitiful masses. We won’t buy it, the world won’t, but most importantly the people of Artsakh have moved on. Time to get with reality, Azeris.

  3. Krikor Sarkissian said:

    This shows that using religion over human rights AND dignity is the norm for OIC.
    Since the countries (co-chairs) of OSCE group voted on the non binding UN resolution indicates that it (resolution) has no leg to stand on. Using religion to subjugate or dictate people is as old as , man invented religions.Human dignity and freedom is way above political BS !

  4. JOHN said:

    this islamic association should concentrate on feeding islamic children that are dying in hundreds per day in Somalia. this association is all about jihad.

  5. the truth said:

    The corrupt Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) of Middle Ages is nothing but a ‎modern “state sponsored” highly racist and neo fascist organization based on religion… ‎simply corrupt politicians who abuse the holy religion of Islam and there population to ‎organize mass killings, as it was the case during Armenian Genocide in 1915. Bloody ‎Ottoman rules did discover “The Islam” during the Armenian Genocide “Islam and OIC are ‎nothing but an anti Armenian propaganda tool in the hands of criminal officials in Baku!‎

  6. Robert said:

    Interesting how the Christian nations yet again take the side of the lying ARF dashnak Armenians! They still fall for the century-old Armenian con job!! Tragic!

  7. Krikor said:

    What do you expect. All are ignorant, fundamentalist governments blinded by a retrograd religion .

  8. John Ahmaranian said:

    Let these Muslim countries cry. They cried for Chechnia, for South Sudan, for Palestine, for Mindanao, for East China, for Andalusia, for… for…for. Let them cry for Karabagh. They have gas and tears. They are using the tear gas now.

  9. Chris said:

    Interesting how “Robert” probably isn’t really named “Robert”. Fascinating.

  10. said:

    Turks are nomads and opposed by many sedentary Muslim civilizations like Persians.

    Azerbaijanis not a Muslim country – Azeri Turk people are not religious after 70 years of Communism and value clans and modern Western life with all its excesses over Islam.

    The native peoples of the Azeri Turk occupied lands (Tolysh, Lezgi, Tsakhurs, etc.) are subjected to forced assimilation and repressions based on their religion (sunny vs. nominal Shia Azeri Turks) or language.

    To add to that, the ruling clan of Aliyevs is Kurdish naturally in conflict with the Big Brother Sunny Turkey. Aliyevs installed their Kurdish clansmen in every town and village and discriminate against Azeri Turks as well as the native sedentary populations. They attacked Lezgi masque in Baku and demolished or closed hundreds of other mosques around the country. There are many telling videos on YouTube showing the real treatment of practicing Muslims in Azerbaijan.

  11. bigmoustache said:

    for years we’ve been on the frontline of the vilest people on earth…nazis cant compare to turks. its an honor for me that for the entire world, armenia stands alone against these turk devils