Iran’s Army Chief Urges Aliyev to ‘Respect Islamic Rules’

Major General Hassan Firouzabadi

TEHRAN, BAKU (Combined Sources)—Iran’s Armed Forces chief of staff on Wednesday called on Azeri President Ilham Aliyev to strengthen his government by respecting Islamic rules and people’s demands, reported the Fars News Agency.

“I hope Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev pays attention to issues that strengthen the pillars of his government, otherwise he will face a dark future since people’s awakening cannot be suppressed,” Iran’s Armed Forces Chief of Staff Major General Hassan Firouzabadi said, FNA reported.

Firuzabadi’s remarks were a reaction to Azeri police using force against demonstrations protesting the Azeri ban of the Muslim headscarf—the hijab. The protests turned violent when demonstrators were beaten and a number of them detained, reported FNS.

“People’s aspirations cannot be suppressed,” Firouzabadi was quoted by FNS. “Some neighboring and Muslim states, with which we enjoy friendly relations continue to ignore friendship criteria and allow the Zionist regime (of Israel) to meddle in their country’s affairs. They also give orders to bar Islamic rules.”

Some civil society activists in Azerbaijan stated that the ban on the hijab in schools violates the constitutional right to freedom of religion.

Azerbaijan’s foreign ministry on Thursday protested Firouzabadi’s remarks by summoning Iran’s ambassador to Azerbaijan to the ministry, reported the Interfax News Agency.

Azeri Deputy Foreign Minister Nadyr Huseinov, in a note delivered to Tehran’s envoy to Baku, Mohammad Baqer Bahrami, said Azerbaijan “strongly protests the irresponsible and slanderous remarks by the Iranian official representative and said that the Iranian media’s posting of materials targeted against the people and state of Azerbaijan, national interests and security and the distortion of the domestic policy of this country contradicts friendship, mutual understanding and commitments between the two states.”

“It is a great pity that we have to express our attitude with pain in our hearts on such issues. Azerbaijan always builds and develops its ties with Iran on the basis of principles of neighborliness, friendship and mutually profitable cooperation,” Azerbaijan’s head of the presidential administration, Novruz Mammadov, reported

“However, despite the statements of the Iranian leaders at meetings with the president of Azerbaijan, some circles in this state, conducting policy that runs counter to the interests of both Iran and Azerbaijan, openly demonstrate their cunning position. Occasionally, some religious figures distort history, or a military man, instead of fulfilling his professional duties, interferes in politics,” said Mammadov.

The Iranian embassy in Baku said that the chief of general staff had not made the remarks and that the reports were a “press misunderstanding.”


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  1. The Truth said:

    ‎ Currently Aliyev @ Co. are trying to copy actions of war criminal Mustafa Kemal ( ‎Atatürk) ‎after 1921 …‎

    Azerbaijani officials are using the statements made by this Iranian general to show the US and ‎Israel that Baku is able to challenge Iran. Any way the statement of Mammadov and other ‎members of Azerbaijani parliament are rude and aggressive one and will create some ‎problems .. I don’t think Iranian officials will accept such rude and arrogant statements!‎

    • Ahmet said:

      you should relax, after Mammadov’s statements, Iranian general Hassan Firouzabadi denied that he has said such things. So, zero problem between two muslim countries.

      • Thr Truth said:

        ‎ Denied or not denied important thing is how Iranian establishment thinks of corrupt and ‎criminal Aliyev Clan & Co… ‎
        This is the same rude Aliyev how did insult Armenian nation weeks a go . As Armenia ‎and Persia were neighbors and did fight wars and made peace and so on there were no ‎‎“Azerbaijani” . I think Iranian establishment is well aware of the history Mammadovs all ‎turca should better not try to teach Iranians “the true history” and what diplomacy is ‎

  2. Mr.Jo said:

    The government in Azerbaijan is nothing but a puppet for the west
    Which country among Caspian Sea Nations has given access to foreign countries (US ships) to enter the Caspian Sea? Azerbaijan!
    If Azerbaijan allows access to it’s Air Space in an attack against Iran, I promise Iran will wipe out every infrastructure in Azerbaijan within the 1st day…

    • Ahmet said:

      Azerbaijan is a puppet? Look at Armenia. Which Caucasian country has Russian troops on its soil? Armenia! At least Azerbaijan does not invite foreign country’s soldiers to have a base in its lands, like Armenia does.

      Do you really think that Azeri officials are not smarter than you to know the consequences of a such attack on Iran from Azerbaijani territories?

      • Avery said:

        Armenia invited Russia to base her troops in Armenia.
        Same as Turkey allows US, its NATO ally, to use the Incirlik Airbase in occupied Cilicia, near the historic Armenian city of Adana, to attack Turkey’s Muslim kin in Iraq and Afghanistan.

        So where is the problem ?

      • bigmoustache said:

        you have an american base training your border police. in turkey there is a huge nato base. israel and turkey supply your arms through america…10 to 1 odds and well still beat you, again! stealing your tanks and using it against you is a sport in armenia

    • Tigran said:

      we hope for this !!! Iran is to kind to accept turkish and azeri cussedness… Iran should be the regional rooler!!

  3. peace said:

    This is not a joke!:
    ‎ A couple days a go Azerbaijani border guards did announce they have found drug in the anus ‎of officials of Islamist party of “Republic Azerbaijan”, while later trying to pass the border to ‎Iran. The same Azerbaijani officials and news media refuse to gave any information if they ‎have found similar kind of drugs in the anus of Islamist Turkish PM Erdogan while the later ‎did visit Baku. Still it is an open question what Iranian officials will find – our will put – in the ‎anus of Ilham Aliyev after inviting him to Tehran!

    This is a very complicated political process, which UN Security council should deal with it. Therfore, soon ‎officials in Azerbaijani Kanat will send a protest note to Kofi Annan- as usual – these ‎non stop crying kids in Baku need simply some attention!

  4. manooshag said:

    Iran is being treated as a “unruly” nation… by the Israelis… based upon words from a member of its government, So many leaders, all the world over, (even from Israel, even the USA) have had/still have leaders that are not in tune with their own citizens… See all the riots the world over!! Actually, today, Iran is a nation to be emulated… a nation that has come away from their past… can stand tall along and able to join honest and intelligent leaderships… Nations who recognize Iran for what it has become.
    Some other so-called “democracie”, of today – have been/still are – guilty of their Genocides perpetrated, still, ongoing/unending. Genocides still used, today to gain their own convoluted goals… eliminating peoples… For, these nations see that the methods of Genocides eliminates peoples… wars are costly, wars may even cause death of the perpetrators – thus Genocides!! Obviously these are bullies… using devious and immoral inhumanity against humans – still… for world’s nations has yet to know that the cycle of Genocides has never ended… Actually the nations of the world, so-called CIVILIZED LEADERSHIPS of the world… are not yet – really – not yet civilized!! And shall remain uncivilized until the world leaders join together and bring those committing Genocides to face their crimes against ALL humanity. Bullies should not be allowed to tell the sane/civilized peoples of our world that Genocides shall continue – just because the bullies choose to inflict the Genocides – kiling of innocent humans by – inhumans.

  5. Kaveh said:

    Someone is trying to create enmity between Iran and Azerbaijan now. Leave the two nations alone.

    • Ahmet said:


      I don’t think anyone can make the two brother nations, Iran and Azerbaijan, enemies. Theese are empty and meaningless tries.

      • Thr Truth said:

        Ahmet : yes, you are right Muslims have never killed each other .. “Brother and sisters? “ .. as ‎if Sadam did´n use gift gas against Kurds and Iranians .. Keep dreaming. your comments will ‎not change the sad reality a… ‎

      • Arsen said:

        Brother nations? Most Persians I know can’t stand Azeris, or Turks for that matter.

      • manooshag said:

        The Iranians are head and shoulders above any of the nations of that area. How many peoples share living in this nation… It is because of the obvious honesty of the Iranian government in their treatment of all who live together in the Iranian nation. Ahmet, do not insult the Iranian leadership by attempting to liken the Iranian leaders with the likes of the Azeri leaders… They are as far apart at night and day…. The world is coming to know that the Iranians have moved on – the Iranians have progressed… the Azeris are still regressed, and regressing – and not advancing, but immersed in their past – their only positive – oil. For the Azeris even misuse and misdirect the oil (out of the earth… belonging to all the citizens of Azeris… but all the profits are buying properties the world over for the Azeri leaders. Too, the Azeris leaders blame the poverty of their citizens on the Armenians… as they continue to fill their own pockets… with the oil monies belonging as well to the Azeri citizenry.

    • Avery said:

      Nobody is trying: Iranians are well aware of the ‘Azeri’ plans to annex northern Iran, Azarbaijan.
      Iranians are also well aware of US and Israeli plans to use Azerbaijan to attack Iran.
      Azeri-Tatars and and their Turk cousins hallucinate about Muslim ties between Iran and Azerbaijan.
      Historic and genetic ties between the Armenian and Iranian people predate Mohammad by thousands of years.

      During the Artsakh War of Survival and Liberation, Iran helped Armenians massively.
      Iran also allowed Russia to send materiel to Armenia thru their territory, via the Caspian.

      So much for Muslim brotherhood: blood is thicker than religion.

  6. vahe said:

    Only extremely naieve people who call each other ‘brothers’ solely based on religion would say Iran and azebaijan are ‘brother nations’. Majority of iranians are very aware the main reason of forming a country named ‘azerbaijan’ was to have land claims on Iran (Besides Armenia). Besides wanting to wipe out Armenians fromtheir native homelands, you want to tear apart Iran and take ‘southern Azerbaijan’ which is infact an Iranian province which has NEVER been apart of your ‘country azerbaijan’. There was NEVER a country called ‘Azerbaijan’, but there has been PROVINCES called ‘azerbaijan’ ALWAYS SOUTH OF THE ARAX RIVER. Throughout history, there has NEVER been a mention of a race or country called ‘azerbaijan’. This artificial ‘country’ popped up in 1918, your brainwashed people are so primitive they believe everything that’s fed to them.

    There are no 40 million azeris in IRAN, they are persians who have a turkified language due to the repeated wars and invasions from turkey and turkmenistan. Your BS will never work and IRAN and ARMENIA are 2 of the oldest indo-european countries in the world. Nobody cares that your both muslim, if they did, Iran would not take sides with Armenia in the Karabakh war. Armenia proper has a 42 Km border with Iran, Karabakh never had a direct border with IRAN in the USSR days, but after the war which i’m sure you clearly remember you LOST, Karabakh has over 200 Km of border with IRAN. This is better for IRAN than having a larger border with ‘azerbaijan’. I’m sure you know the reasons why.

    I urge everyone to read this including you AHMET, and let’s see what BS you tell us after doing so.

    This will prove to everyone how fake this ‘nation’ truly is. Share with all Armenians and Iranians, and you ignorant turks and azeris.

  7. ArdeVast Atheian said:

    I identify with the Azerbaijani and Turkish governments here. Both of them have far more advanced, modernized and universal outlook in their attitudes thanks to the legacy of Kemal Ataturk than Iran or the other Islamic republics in the Middle East. It makes it easier for us people representative of Western attitudes to integrate with them regardless in whose country it is that we happen to be living. Iran has a remarkably tolerant and benevolent attitude towards Armenians due to its long history of living with them trouble free and amicably.