Sorry Apologies

Garen Yegparian


It seems we’re living in a time of apologies, some meaningful, some irrelevant; some asked or demanded, some received or refused; some for current and others, historical, offenses. Everyone seems to want to get into the act. And, apologies, when given, are often of questionable worth.

The punditocracy was abuzz with President Clinton’s apology for slavery in 1998. The House of Representatives followed suit, a mere decade later. What good did this do the descendants of the slaves? Similarly, the Turkish apology campaign of 2008, while a welcome sign of (miniscule) progress, didn’t get us anything.

But apologies are being demanded more often than given, lately, it seems.

We have president Sarkissian challenging President Aliyev to issue the latter’s regret for saying that “something is missing from the Armenian brain” with no remorseful outcome.

We have Prime Minister Erdogan demanding of Sarkissian an apology for the latter’s comments to a child about restoration of Western Armenia to its rightful owners.

We have Turkey demanding apologies from Israel for the flotilla fiasco of a year ago.

We have Israel wondering when Turkey will apologize for Cyprus.

Of course the last of these is the closest one to relevance, and points out Turkey’s perfidy. After committing Genocide, massacring and disappearing people, and occupying others’ lands (Armenians, Assyrians, Cypriots, Greeks, Kurds, Zazas, etc.) anyone in Turkey should be utterly ashamed, totally cowed, and nowhere near the mindset for asking of others to apologize. Yet, the egomaniacal Erdogan and his minions go about utterly shamelessly doing just that!

We should be filling the letters pages of newspapers with missives of ridicule at this situation. Don’t wait! The next time some Turkish leader (of Turkey or Azerbaijan) comes up with one of these ridiculous demands, let loose with your keyboard, and hound your local newspaper ‘til they publish your outrage.


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  1. Larry said:

    Hey Garen,

    When people describe you, I’ll bet the term “agitator” or even “rabble-rouser” probably come up quite often! Grow up and stop your infantile whining already!!