Tankian Awarded Prime Minister’s Medal

Prime Minister Sargsyan presents Serj Tankian with the honor

YEREVAN (Armenpress)—Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan awarded musician Serj Tankian, who is currently in Armenia for a concert, with the Prime Minister’s Memorial Order medal.

The medal is awarded for Tankian’s contribution to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the advancement of music.

The Government’s press office reported that in meeting with Tankian, Sargsyan emphasized the legendary rock musician’s visit in the context of support and development of rock music in the Republic of Armenia. The prime minister said a rock association uniting a number of Armenian rock bands has been established in Armenia for the promotion to rock music in the country.

The “Rock against Genocide” festival to be conducted on the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and with the participation of famous rock bands was also discussed touched upon. The prime minister wished Tankian success in his endeavors and future projects.


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  1. Angel said:

    Serj doesnt need a medal though. this is his mission. his purpose! this cause is in his heart and soul!


  2. denise said:

    Congrats Serj your hard work and countless hours of work are being noticed!!! What an amazing man you are.

  3. Carla Rosas said:

    Your efforts have moved millions of hearts, mine is one of them! I thank you for your honest work, your passion and all the love you put in everything you do. Persons like you are a big inspiration! Thank you, Serj, and congratulations!

  4. Rafał Bandura said:

    Good to know, that such a great artist has been appreciated. Congrats!

  5. Agnes from Poland said:

    The biggest Patriot in the world!
    He’s deserving on it in 10000000000000000000%

  6. The Truth said:

    Congrats, Serj, peopel need in life time recognition and not afterwards!‎

    I would suggest, that Armenia PM should declare “Navsard” as a “national festival day” and ‎organize celebration of old Armenian new year in different parts of country (to give simply a ‎symbolic new birth to our different kinds of pre Christianity traditions ) inviting Diaspora to ‎this specific tradition holiday every August!‎

  7. Carlos Hartmann said:

    I wish I could meet Serj sometime.
    He’s so amazing. I think that it must be fund to talk with him about philosophy and stuff.
    Maybe I’ll be lucky…


  8. Evelyn Malena said:

    Serj you are a hero, not a silent one though 😉
    Keep on it! I look up to you!

  9. manooshag said:

    Hye, Serj, I’m too old to appreciate your music which my family and grand children enjoy.
    But yet, I thought you’d enjoy knowing that I enjoy your heart and your mind… Astvatz koo hedit meest alah,

  10. Christina~ said:

    **Serg Tankian has proven to be such a blessing from God to the Armenian People** Many Congratulations!

  11. Steve said:

    It is hoped that Serj’s commitment to justice will rub off onto Yerevan’s officialdom….

  12. Tamara said:

    I’m so proud of you Serj! You really deserved that award for fighting for human rights and justice, and also for your incredible voice and music, with or without SOAD, you’re a true genius. I love you <3

  13. Random Armenian said:

    “It is hoped that Serj’s commitment to justice will rub off onto Yerevan’s officialdom….”

    Sorry but some comments from Serj who will leave Armenia to go home can’t compete with the temptations of power and money. These officials are able to continue what they do even in the midst of open discontent amongst the public, so why change?

    What is hoped that this would encourage Hayastantsis to step up and make stronger demands, particularly the youth. They need to grow with the ideas that things can be changed and they can do something about it.

  14. Bill said:

    Serj should win an award for being the biggest Turkophobic bigot on the planet.

  15. MIND said:

    I don’t even know what to say.But i will start here Serj you really deserve this and even more i doubt that the people even realise what you are,you are something out of this world,your songs the lyrics in them have such a deep meaning that only a handfull of people can understand what you really want to tell the world and the voice with which you are singing is the voice of your soul screaming,trying to get out to show the world what you feel.I bow down infront of you and hope that one day i can become half the man you are,i want to say so much but what i feel when i listen to you can’t be explained by words.Show them what you can do.

  16. UYA said:

    Bill – Biggest Turkophobic… WHAT?

    Do you even KNOW what happened in 1915? Why don’t you get cancer and die off, you piece of stinkin’ shit…

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