Protocols ‘Expire’ in Turkish Parliament

In 2009 demonstrations in Yerevan urged no concessions to Turkey

ANKARA—The term of the Armenia-Turkey protocols in the Turkish parliament has expired, reported the Turkish Merhaba Gazetesi.

According to the law, legislation not approved during the term of the national assembly automatically expires. The new parliament, which took office last month has not placed a vote on the protocols on its agenda.

Turkish law, however, provides the possibility of restoring the bill on the agenda on behalf of the government or per the request of parliament members, reported the Anadolu news agency.

The protocols, which were signed on October 10, 2009, were sent to the parliaments of Armenia and Turkey. The Armenian parliament approved the protocols within the timeframe cited in the documents.

The Turkish parliament did not approve the documents, and placed preconditions of its approval on the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

On April 22, 2010, President Serzh Sarkisian suspended the ratification process, citing Turkey’s continued delay tactics and its insistence on placing preconditions on the process. Armenia, however, did not remove its signature from the documents.


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  1. Samvel Jeshmaridian, PhD said:

    This approach of Turkish Parliament shows that the Armenian illegitimate President Sarksyan is a political persona-non-grata for Turkey. It can turn devastating for Armenian political climate. Turkey’s support to Baku is growing essential, and Mr. Sarksyan’s resignation might occur anachronic!

    • Ren said:

      What exactly are you trying to say? That Turkey’s unwillingness to sign the protocols (thus dispelling the myths that they somehow benefited Turkey only and severely hurt Armenia) proves that the Armenian president is illegitimate? Having a PhD after your name doesn’t make one clever all of a sudden.

  2. Elchin said:

    No border opening untill Karabakh’s resolution…Hayastan should be kept under economic blockade.

    • Avery said:

      Artsakh aka Nagorno-Karabagh has been resolved to our satisfaction. What ‘resolution’ are you talking about pal ?

      And Turks should definitely keep their border with Armenia closed. Open borders with Turkey will be a disaster for RoA and economic boom for the backwards occupied Western Armenia aka Eastern Dumpster Turkey. That whole area is mired in abject poverty. They want Armenians to come and build it up, so they can steal more of the wealth that Armenians keep creating and Turks and Azeris keep stealing.

      • Elchin said:

        Hehe economic boom in eastern Turkey?Thats why people in Shirak region in Armenia works for $1/hour and eating grasses behalf of bread in order to survive?lol

    • Sergik said:

      Armenia doen’t need Turkey and Azerbaijan and meantime not only Artsakg (Gharabagh) stays with Armenia but also the west Armenia occupied with Turkey should be return to Armenia. Armenia should demand Turkey through UN.

  3. Elena said:

    unfortunately turkey is doing what it wants only because of its geographical advantage and it exists only because of that but if Armenia does something wrong the whole so called civilized (funny) world will go against Armenia
    Things will change after all only and only if we Armenians wake up. BARI LUYS

  4. zohrab said:

    its a turkish game.they had a motive at the time to serve their purpose they achieved that no more needed

  5. Dave said:

    Elchin, also worldwide powers need to put sanctions on Sarkisian for his land claims on Turkey. That is warmongering and the “Western Armenia” idea is as ridiculous as Mexican Supremacists planning a reconquista of Southwestern America.

    • Elchin said:

      Ancient name of Califirnia is Californakert built by Tigran long before Christoph Columb arrived to those lands

  6. Stepan said:

    I am sure the State Department is thrilled with Turkey over this one. As superficial as the process is , the United States has publically called on Turkey to make the next move. This is not the one they were advocating. The one thing that worked in Armenia’s favor during this entire protocol disaster is that it showed the Turkish government to be duplicitous hypocrites. The public mantra of the protocols was relationship without “pre-conditions”. The ink was hardly dry and they announced their pre-conditions and it “expired” exposing their lack of sincerity. The Armenians played by the rules and at least got external points for that position. Turkey’s duplicity on the world stage is not sustainable. They live on the left and on the right. They are European and then Islamists. They are a secular democracy but drifting away. They are an increasing fractured society… civil society, Islamists, neo-Ottomans, weakened military in the political arena and Kemaiists. That on top of the Kurdish “problem” that will not go away but is 25% of the population. Our time will come. Be prepared.

  7. Gevork said:

    That’s all we need, allegedly well educated knuckleheads, and turks tell Armenians what’s good for us. Artsakh’s solution is very clear, independence. As far as the allegely closed border goes, Armenian can only realistically gain from a complete shut down. Armenian farmers don’t need cheap, contaminated turkish agriculture products flooding into the country, and Armenia should be better utilizing it’s resources. What’s the point of relying on a trade route controlled by a hostile party? I personally would like to thank the turkish parlament. Sarkisian can now tell the leaders of the western world that at least they tried in good faith, and this is the turkish response. Win for Armenia on all counts!

    • Elchin said:

      “Armenian farmers don’t need cheap, contaminated turkish agriculture products flooding into the country”….you know purchasing power of Armenia and Turkey?80 million Turkish nation has nothing to sale 2 milliom Hayastan..You will benefit from it because your farmers will find a gaye to sale their vegetables…you are smart Armenian

  8. Sadiq said:

    Dear Armenian diaspora, before you proudly claim Armenia does not need the opening of Turkish borders, please consider the issue from the side of the Armenians ACTUALLY living with the blockade. The fact that the closure negatively impacts them is clear from the fact that your president wanted it to open. On the other hand, I must admit: you guys are good chess players, and I thought Sarkissian was playing a great chess game. He went along with the border negotiations, knowing that, even the border does not open, he will have damaged the Azeri-Turkish relationship. And that would have been right. Unfortunately for Azerb, and fortunately for Armenia, the Turkish-Azeri relationship has been fatally damaged. We Azeris have realized that Turks are not to be relied on. So in that sense, ironically we have your Sarkissian to thank. That is, for opening our eyes to the illusion of Turkish solidarity. All Turkey wants is to open the border thorugh which they can flood Yerevan with cheap candy and crappy shoes.

    • Elchin said:

      Lol Sadiq you claim that you are Azeri?pafffff…smart but little old ploy peer, get new tactics to pretend like Azeri.