Azerbaijan Protests French Legislators’ Visit to Karabakh

The French parliamentary delegation meets with President Bako Sahakian

BAKU (Combined Sources)—The Azeri Embassy in Paris presented a protest note to the French Foreign Ministry in connection to a “solidarity” visit by a French parliamentary delegation to the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic this week, said Elman Abdullayev, an Azeri foreign ministry spokesman, reported Trend news agency.

“The French members of parliament will be included on the ‘black list’ of persons whose entrance to Azerbaijan is undesired, due to lack of respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and for not informing relevant Azerbaijani government bodies about visiting the Nagorno-Karabakh region,” said Abdullayev.

The Azerbaijani side also appealed to the French Foreign Ministry with a request to seek clarification from the French National Assembly.

“In this letter, Baku demanded an explanation in connection with the French parliamentary delegation’s visit to the occupied Azerbaijani territories,” said Abdullayev.

Baku has had an ongoing policy of blacklisting officials who have visited Karabakh. Among those blacklisted by Baku are five other French deputies who traveled to Karabakh in June 2010. That trip was initiated by Francois Rochebloine, the pro-Armenian deputy chairman of the French parliament committee on foreign affairs.

The four-person delegation headed by Guy Teissier, chairman of the French National Assembly’s committee on national defense, is in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and met with President Bako Sahakian, local parliamentarians and other officials in what is being dubbed as a trip show of support for Karabakh’s pursuit of international recognition of its independence.

“Coming to Armenia is a gesture of friendship. Coming to Karabakh is a gesture of solidarity,” Teissier said in a speech at the Karabakh parliament, reported RFE/RL on Monday.

The senior lawmaker, who is affiliated with France’s ruling Union for the Popular Movement (UMP) party, said that Karabakh had been incorporated into Soviet Azerbaijan “at the whim of a dictator” and that its predominantly Armenian population should be able to determine its status.

“Why would we keep silent and not say that people very deeply rooted in this land have the right to live here?” added Teissier.

Jacques Remiller, another UMP deputy and the mayor of the French city of Vienne, also voiced “great sympathy” for the Karabakh Armenian cause.

“Just as other nations like Kosovo and Cyprus, where they have two governments, they [the Karabakh Armenians] have the right decide their destiny by themselves,” Remiller told RFE/RL’s Armenian service.


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  1. Halo said:

    Armenia should also make a black list, where anyone who visits western Azerbaijan, eastern Turkey, Cilicia and southern Georgia is violating the territorial integrity of the true Armenia, and making a mockery of the Armenian Genocide and therefore is not welcomed in Armenia.

    Does that sound ridiculous? Maybe, maybe not. But the Azeri version is without a doubt not only ridiculous, but an insult to all of Humanity.

  2. elena said:

    Of course they will. A country that EXISTS only and only because of its damn oil is doomed to be distructed one day. We against the satanic government of azerbaijan not the people who live in that country. Those people have been lied for many years in fact they have to realize the reality, what happend and whats happening. They always hear hate sentences, speeches and silly propaganda from their government media against Armenians. Now they are angry that slowly but steadily Artsakh is getting recognized and there is ABSOLUTLY NO WAY BACK.

    • Elchin said:

      Country exist because of oil??Azerbaijan always existed ubder different names, Akkoyunlu, Karakoyunlu, Atabegs of Azerbaijan, Elkhanis, Safavids(Found by Turkic Shah İsmael), Khanates (including Yerevan and Karabakh khanetes) and then finally Azerbaijan…read history, we know California is ancient Armenian land (Californakert) but you should study little bit.

      • Ren said:

        The most troubling part about this is that you probably actually believe this. Fact: No country of Azerbaijan or people called Azeri existed anywhere on any historical map until the 20th century. Fact: Armenia has been indigenous to the area since the beginning or recorded history, and centuries before. You can consult any historical map or book written by everyone from Persians to Romans and Greeks. You’re going to call those fabricated too? You can claim all sorts of historical connections, fact of the matter is your are a fake state with no identity created for the sake of syphening oil out of the Caspian, and it must hurt knowing that. Instead of calling everything else a lie, why don’t you reassess your own “truth”? I feel silly even explaining this to you, it’s like trying to prove somebody the Earth is round, you yourself feel like an idiot.

  3. Ararat said:

    It sickens me to read time and again these two sick mongoloid Turkish and pseudo-Turkish enemies, to the west and the east respectively, talk about territorial integrity. The concept of territorial integrity is meaningless when established borders are artificial and do not reflect historical facts. It really amuses me when I read about the reaction shown by Azeris when foreign officials pay a visit to Artsakh. They are still under the illusion that Artsakh is in Azerbaijan, it is NOT. Who the hell would want to visit Azerbaijan anyway, that fake Turkish satellite state, to genuinely care about being black listed? No one cares about Azerbaijan and no one will, it’s the oil they care about. I hope more and more foreign officials visit Artsakh so they can be black listed. This will give more legitimacy to ‘independent’ Artsakh and create a rift between the foreign governments and Azerbaijan to a point that Azeri government itself will be black listed.

    As far as Turkey poking its nose where it does not belong, how convenient it is for Turkey to talk about respect for people’s rights and territorial integrity when itself is the illegal occupier of western Armenian territories. Turkey systematically wiped out the Armenian population from its native lands and laid claims to Armenian homeland through Genocide and false treaties and now dares talk about territorial integrity. If Turkey advocates and is so adamant about territorial integrity then why is it that its so-called Azeri brethren have not, in the last 36 years, recognized the occupied northern Cyprus as a Turkish entity? You would think the least Azeris would do is to recognize the Turkish northern Cyprus when Turks refer to Azerbaijan as an “extension” of Turkey. It’s a sick world full of hypocrisy we live in.

    Let there be no doubt in the minds of each and every Armenian that Turks do not exist to do us good but rather they exist to harm us every time the opportunity presents itself. We must get stronger and united and face the enemies head-on. No retreat, victory ONLY.

  4. manooshag said:

    Will citizenry of Azeris will awaken and learn that their own leaders have been their worst enemy… stealing and keeping the profits from their nations’ natural resource of oil for themselves… Azeri citizenry, all these years have been told they are suffering due to the Armenian neighbors. Truth: it is that their own Azeri leaders are thieves – stealing from their own citizens – lying. Lying to their citizenry that it is because of Armenians that Azeri citizens must suffer. Truth: as their leaders build, for themselves, mansions across the world – with the monies that belongs to th Azeri citizens – the monies from their OILS!