Sarkisian Chides Baku, Ankara on Karabakh and Protocols

President Sarkisian with Foreign Minister Nalbandian during Tuesday's beriefing with Armenia's diplomatic corps

YEREVAN—President Serzh Sarkisian on Tuesday scolded both Baku and Ankara for their respective uncooperative position on the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and prolonging the Turkey-Armenia protocol process.

“I’m sure many of you share the opinion that Baku is not ready for peace, since it’s impossible to establish peace by propagating war, to reconcile societies by spreading hatred toward Armenians, to build trust by instigating an arms race,” said Sarkisian who was  speaking at a meeting of Armenia’s diplomatic corps at the foreign ministry.

“Such behavior by Azerbaijan is unacceptable, and our response will be appropriate. Rest assured that in case of new military action, Armenia will not hesitate to impose peace on the rivals,” added Sarkisian.

On the protocols, Sarkisian highlighted that Turkey reneged on its promise to sign the protocols that established diplomatic relations between the two countries without any preconditions.

“The Turkish side needs to understand that the protocols are not an open-ended and perpetual opportunity. Many of our friends advised us to wait until the parliamentary elections in Turkey. Thus, during the coming months we’ll see whether there are changes in Turkey, although the past two months do not inspire optimism. Only afterward we’ll decide on our future steps,” said Sarkisian.

Last week, the new Turkish parliament had not included the issue of the protocols on its legislative agenda.

The president said Armenia remains committed to normalizing relations with Turkey without preconditions.

In discussing the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Sarkisian singled out the example of South Sudan, which through a popular referendum declared independence that was hailed by the international community.

“This year we witnessed Southern Sudan gain independence after decades of struggle, enriching the world with the realization of people’s right self-determination,” said Sarkisian, adding that a similar outcome is inevitable for Artsakh.
”When we say that the approaches of the international community on the Karabakh issue overlap with the official position of Armenia, it’s not a propaganda trick. Thanks to our clear-cut position and our willingness to take responsibility, the international community has come to accept that our approaches are more realistic and peaceful. This is evident in recent high-level statements on Nagorno Karabakh. It’s also clear to whom the messages they contain are addressed,” added Sarkisian.

The president also reiterated earlier statement that while Armenia and themediating countries were prepare to advance the negotiations in Kazan, Russia earlier this summer, it was Azerbaijan that created obstacles in furthering the process.


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  1. The Truth said:

    This is an insult to our nation that US Administration jointly with fascist and highly anti Armenian officials in Baku do ‎accuse our first president “being involvement in drug business “‎

    I am not a support of Levon &Co and had never understanding, when agroup of ANC-‎‎“politicians” do visit again and again foreign embassies asking for “support” and collecting ‎signatures against our second and third President ( stupid moves).. But I do believe this is an ‎issue of honor and Armenian foreign ministry should demand from US Administration ‎clarification and apologize the same applies to the office of Levon Ter-Petrosyan!‎

    • Avery said:

      For to have the following headline “Armenia suspected of involvement in drug business” based on the body of the text screams a mouthpiece of foreign interests or foreign ownership of the allegedly Armenian news source

      This is what the body of this Azeri disinformation piece, copied verbatim by a supposedly Armenian news source says ‘..wrote that citing Azerbaijani security sources, ‘: STOP right there.

      Since when anything Azeris say has any basis in fact ?

      For to libel the First elected President of 3rd RoA based on what an Azeri says has to be the work of Anti-Armenian agents of influence that have infiltrated The whole country of Azerbaijan is run by the Aliyev mafia clan, including their so-called security sources.

      Why would print Azeri disinformation ?

    • Arthur I said:

      Calm down. The US will not make such statements without being able to back them up with some intel. Think twice before making such posts.

      • the truth said:

        Stupid reply – Be an simply an Armenian than a “dashank”! – Sorry for this- . The source of ‎this anti Armenian information is Azerbaijan and Turkey which both of them try and use to ‎make the world community believe NKR has unprotected borders and so! Think twice ‎before starting to do Turks a favor and start hating your Armenian friends and Levon !! ‎

      • Avery said:

        is that the same US Intel that was 100% certain there were WMDs in Iraq ?
        same US Intel that was not able to detect 9/11 ?
        same US Intel that was not able to find Osama Bin Laden for 10 years, while he was living in a large house in the middle of major city ?
        Did you read the article Arthur I ?
        The source of the so-called US Intel was “….citing Azerbaijani security sources,”

  2. Norin Radd said:

    Baku’s war rhetoric will have dire consequences the second time around if physical conflict is begun. The people and government of Azerbaijan should make peace with their neighbors and respect Arstakh (FORMERLY known as Nagorno Karabagh) sovereignity considering that fact that ALL of Arstakh and surrounding territories have been historic Armenia lands dating back millenia.

    It was merely 100 years ago that the bolshevik movement abitrarily and illegitemately gifted the areas of Arstakh and Nakichevan to the Azeris in an attempt to give the poor Azeri people a cultural identity. After all, Azeris as it is clearly known are a relatively new entity dating back merely 100 years to the turn of the 20th century. Prior to that they were Turkish denizens of the Ottoman Empire. Due to revisionist propoganda and a lack of education in the general population of Azerbaijan, their leadership has succeeded in convince them that they are sitting on “ancient azeri lands” rather then telling them “you are Turks that were given stolen Armenian lands by the Bolsheviks 100 years ago prior to WWII “. Again, it’s not their fault, they are uneducated and often led astray by their corrupt leadership.

    • Elchin said:

      Norin read history, Karabakh has been ruled by Turkic Azeris for nearly 1000 years with Seljuks, Atabegs of Azerbaijan, Akkoyunlu, Karagoyunlu, Safavid Empire (Built by Shah İsmael Khatai-Turkic), Karabakh Khanete and Finaly ADR(1918-20)….Please if you are refuting my allegations give me the list of rulers of Karabakh starting from 11th century.İ am waiting

  3. Samiroglu said:

    Me thinks enough is enough, me ashamed of bad Turkish past, we committ big crime and steal from Armenians. We should admit our mistake and give back stolen stuff to Armenians.

    • Heghapokhagan said:

      Armenians and even very hardcore nationalist political party Tashnags “Want” Turkey and Azerbaijan to Exist as everlasting good and peaceful neighbors in harmony!!
      Unfortunately that is not what Turkey and Azerbaijan wants.
      About giving back stolen lands, and admitting the Genocide and massacres committed, is beyond that. Going back to 1988 Sumagait massacres, where demonstrations of Azerbaijani’s videos that was shown, demonstrating they are willing and beginning to commit, a new Armenian Genocide.

      To this present day, where Azeri Government is propagandizing hate against Armenians to it’s people, instead of reasoning that land has been unjustly given to them in 1921 by Joseph Stalin.

    • Elchin said:

      Aga dear Samiriglu the Armenian…İ am not as cheap as you to hide behind Armenian name and go Turkish pages to say we Armenians are lieing since 1915, our only goal is money.

      • Mir said:

        What money? Generation have been fighting for almost a century now for simple recognition. You speak as if we receive billions from Turkey like Israel does from Germany. We haven’t received a cent, and I don’t want any dirty turkish money anyway, even though we are entitled to all the wealth (not just monetary) that was stolen from us. And I speak personally here, my own ancestors owned property in Western Armenia, and I have documents to prove it.

        A thief will always remain a thief, but one that hasn’t even been punished will most certainly go on practicing his crime.

  4. Elchin said:

    Neither Turkey nor Azerbaijan have any intention to make peace with you Armenia!!! When Turkey warned you in 1993 about blockade you guys said “we dont care, do whayever you want”‘ now be a man, keep your words, dont knock Turks’ doors!!

    • Avery said:

      “Neither Turkey nor Azerbaijan have any intention to make peace with you Armenia!!! ”
      We know that. We have known that for a long time. Tell us something we don’t know.

      And nobody is knocking at Turkey’s door. Armenia no longer needs an open border with Turkey.
      Armenia has developed alternatives: much better that way. An open border with Turkey would have been a disaster for Armenia.

    • Armanen said:


      It is only a matter of time before Kurds break free from turkey and then turkey falls apart.

    • Elena said:

      Don’t change the topic please. Forget that for a second and focus on what Armenia and Turkey comitte to on the protocols. Armenia was the side who approach to Turkey for relationships. Armenia did 100% of its part in order to normalize the relationship even though Armenia will never forget whats happend to Western Armenia.
      Also I’d suggest you to avoid childish language in serious websites and topics like this even though its hard
      I know

    • The Truth said:

      @Elchin ‎
      Nobody is knocking Turkish doors, be man admit your bloody past and return occupied ‎Armenian territories and wealth- after that there would be no need of “opening of any border ‎gates”! ! Hundreds of former Armenian towns and settlements being renamed in Turkey after ‎committing Armenian Genocide, besides thousand of so called “modern Turks” (maybe you ‎are one of them). Who being forced to accept “Islam” or a fake Turkish identity – Without ‎committing Armenian Genocide so called modern Turkey of Attatürk – wouldn’t have ‎‎“Turkish middle class” – Turks got reach by looting Armenian nation! SHAME ON THIS ‎TURKEY AND TURKS- NO SHAME AND MORAL AT ALL! ‎

      Enough is enough Armenia should finally bring to the attention of world community the ‎obligation of world powers regarding treaty of Severs and promises given to the Armenian ‎people – This mean Armenia has ever right to demand a revision of treaty of Lausanne by ‎referring to the international law and crimes committed against Armenian people by the late ‎Ottoman government, with Republic of Turkey as its legal successor! ‎

      ‎ ‎ And finally do not forget that Turkey/Turks is/are still keeping dead body of Armenians in ‎‎there basements!- The world community and so called “Turkish friends” is/are well aware of ‎this facts- therefore biggest enemy of Turley is the historic truth about the fact of Armenian ‎Genocide and annexation of Armenian territories afterwards! ‎
      Go get a life !

    • expert of law said:

      Elchin : Turkey is playing with fire by going on with a policy of blackmail and threats against ‎Armenia! ‎
      Turkey should better NOT to try to challenge Armenia in any international court! ‎

    • Tigran said:

      who is Turkey to warn Armenia? Do you think we want your open border? or turks in Armenia. not really. and we have no intention to make peace with any of you either. there will be no peace for turkey until it’s partitioned.

    • Anon said:

      Don’t forget that it was Turkey, with help by the US, who came knocking at our doors initially and proposed the unconditional protocol and not Armenia. When Armenia showed interest and Azerbaijan began to get anxious, Turkey suddenly began to add conditions like a little child (this was a humiliating diplomatic defeat for Turkey).

      We also warned Azerbaijan to not compromise the democratic rights of its people. Azerbaijan acted foolishly, declared war on farmers with pitchforks and got what they deserved. There is no similar war story in the world that would represent Azerbaijanis as the “good guys”. The only reason South Sudan’s fate hasn’t been applied to Artsakh is black gold and even Azerbaijan knows this.

    • Saro said:

      Turks don’t have doors in our neighbourhood, they left it back in central asia. These are our homes you broke into through our own doors. You’ve already done so much damage in our region by stealing the properties of others, slaughtering innocence, making false promises, and continuously being in denial about your own true ugly past and present. So I suggest you and your people save face by at least showing some respect to your hosts before you worsen your case. After all, these are our homelands you’re occupying and you’re just uninvited guests.

    • Ren said:

      I love comments like this, they just further prove that neither Turkey nor Azerbaijan belong anywhere near the civilized world, and any visitor should put their mud boots on before walking into any of these barbaric countries.

      We’ve lived for twenty years with closed borders, we can go another twenty. (and this is coming from an Armenian in Armenia, so don’t give me any of that you’re from the Diaspora you don’t know anything about living conditions in Armenia crap you like to spew out.)
      We try to extend a hand of friendship, and you show your true colors by spitting on it.

      And speaking of 1993, was it not Turkey who tucked its tail like a scared little dog when warned by Russia that if it dares intervene in the Artsakh conflict it will spark WWIII? And please spare us the talk about Armenia being protected by big brother Russia, as if Turkey did not and does not continue to protect Azerbaijan. It’s only fair that we have allies, like Azerbaijan is supported directly and indirectly by most of the Muslim world.

      • Nazim said:

        Ren, Turkey does not have a 50-year lease of a military base in Azerbaijan, and Azerbaijan did not receive $2 billion worth of free weapons from Turkey. Don’t deny the obvious. If not for Russia, Armenian would stand no chance against Turkey/Azerbaijan.

        By the way, i would bet a lot of money that you don’t live in Armenia, but somewhere in the USA. Your English is not that of a foreign-speaker, especially your phraseology.

        • Ren said:

          Does it matter? You have undeserved petrodollars that buy you your weapons, while we get them at reduced rates or for free because of your intelligence and friendships, not a natural resource that gives an unfair advantage.

          You see, you do say “If not fur Russia, Armenia would stand no chance against Turkey/Azerbaija.” Admitting that it Turkey has always helped Azerbaijan and will continue to do so, does we must fight on two fronts. We have defeated Azerbaijan alone before and we can do it again. During those years there were no clear cut allies, some will argue that Azerbaijan received more help, from Pakistan, Soviet mercenaries that you could afford, the Afghani mujaheddin, etc and yes, even Russia. While Armenia was alone and was aided by the few righteous man left in the Russian military at the time (and that was purely material help, we fought on our own not with the help of foreign paid soldiers.)

          You just lost your money. You are correct in assuming that my English is like that of a native-speaker, that is because I was educated in the US, and worked there for a number of years. But I, like many Armenians that have and will continue to do so, returned home with my skills and knowledge. I was in Armenia in the 90’s during those terrible years, I am here now, and I will die here.

    • Kirk said:

      Actually we are not interested in your “peace”.As long as we have Artsakh independant,you can go to the hell,where you belong.
      As for Turkish blockade,we can live with that.After all,we did not close the border,you closed
      the border,you have to open it,not us.You have to do some explaing to the civilized world.
      All I know is the following:As soon as Aliyev opens his smelly,stinky butt,you close Armenia’s border.As soon as he closes his butt,you will open our borders.

    • john said:

      Turks don’t have doors in our neighborhood, they left it back in central Asia. These are our homes you broke into through our own doors. You’ve already done so much damage in our region by stealing the properties of others, slaughtering innocence, making false promises, and continuously being in denial about your own true ugly past and present. So I suggest you and your people save face by at least showing some respect to your hosts before you worsen your case. After all, these are our homelands you’re occupying and you’re just uninvited guests.

  5. Jack said:

    Armenia and Artsakh are losing the war for hearts and minds, I hate to say, because Azeri propaganda depicts Azeris as the victims. Armenia and Artsakh have to reverse this situation. Even as an Armenian, I can see that Azeris are on the offensive public relations wise and Armenians are not.
    We are going to lose if this keeps up.

  6. Samvel Jeshmaridian, PhD said:

    Is Mr. Sakksyan the illegitimate Armenian President going va-bank? Years ago, when bluffing in cards he lost $5 million from Armenian defense. This bluffing can be fatal for Mr. Sarksyan, his Party, and even for Karabakh!

  7. Nazim said:

    Confession: I am an Azeri. I have a question for you Armenians. When do you talk about Karabak’s right to self-determination, what do you make of the fact that there is already an Armenian nation next door? What do you say to people who say: “I see through your ruse. The Karabak conflict is not about self-determination, but is a territorial dispute with Azerbaijan.”

    • Mir said:

      What territorial dispute can there be when it is clear as day to whom the territory belongs, while the other side is in denial. There is no dispute, one side is just hanging on like a crying baby after his play-time with another kid’s toy is over.

      So go on then, leave us with just Yerevan, take the rest and we’ll be contempt with our Armenian nation. Oh, I’m sorry, I forget Yerevan is an ancient Azeri land, sorry to be trespassing. Tell me, when’s the next train to Central Asia leaving?

    • Avery said:

      Confession: I am an Armenian. I have an answer for you ‘Azeri’-Tatars and Turks.

      There is an Armenian nation next door ? There are also a lot of Turkic nations next door to Azerbaijan, specifically East of you. Who gave you the right to lay claim to our lands ? Altai Mountains, the homeland of Turkic tribes is not too far from Azerbaijan: have you thought of relocating ? I have seen pics of the area: it’s beautiful.

      What is an “Azeri” anyway ? Azerbaijan is an amalgamation of Tats, Talishes, Udins, Lezgins, Zakhors, Luitsis, Avars, Armenians. There is no ethnos called “Azeri”. The name Azerbaijan is a corruption of Northern Iran area called Azarbaijan (with an a). Azerbaijan was created by Ottoman and British Imperialists out of thin air to erase Armenia and threaten Russia.

      And who says there is a ruse ? Azerbaijan – an artificial country – has no say in what Armenians do with their ancestral lands. All the other stuff is smoke and mirrors for the voting public of the West. Every one of the Big Boys knows that concepts like ‘Territorial Integrity’, ‘Self-Determination’ and all that can be bent to fit whatever the actual situation is or whatever they want. Nobody in the West cared about the Territorial Integrity of Serbia when NATO took ancestral Serb Christian Kosovo and gave it to Muslim Albania.

      • Nazim said:

        Avery, you use the workd Turk as if it was a cuss-word. I have no intention to argue with a bigot. I respect Armenians even though I disagree with them or even am at war with them. That is what a civilized person should do. And note that I am not calling/generilizing about your nation. Just about you. As you may or may not know, bigotry and stereotypes are signs of inferiroity and not, my friend, superiority.

    • Grish Begian said:

      When people like you get enough education and less brainwashed attitude, you will find out, that azerByjan is a stolen land from Iran (Persia) by your old masters Ossmanian Empire, where Osman forcefully changed the land of Aran and Turkified them in the name of Islam and made entire land of Aran into Turkic harems for their consumption!!Now your stupid alioff playing war and hate games against Armenians, in order to keep his Sultanate alive and keep people like you busy with Armenians, then he can make more money out of oil for himself and his beloved family and his faithful friends, just like “Ghadafi baba” and “Heidar baba”…this is how dictatorial regimes exist in Muslim world!! No Nazim Armenians will never go for 2-nd Genocide of century …your people killed and raped enough of us in Samgate and Baku….”NEVER AGAIN”..

      • Nazim said:

        Grish, you know nothing about me, my educational background etc. I have no intention to argue with a bigot (yet another one).

    • bayrakiniyakan said:

      whose territory ????? Artsakh a land that always been an Armenian, Satan Stalin
      gave it to Azerbaijan!! just because artificially and unfairly for 70 years was part of
      your artificially created nation of Azerbaijan a name that given to you also by Stalin*
      *{ before 1918 azerbajian known to the world as TATARS } dose not make karabagh or Artsakh your land !!! after all if Azerbaijan right now recognize the Independence of Artsakh and sign a peace
      treaty with Armenia and by the two side recognizing the integrity of each other land for us
      it will be good news as Artsakh is ours !! the bad news will be we lost Nakhichevan forever !!
      so i hope Azerbaijan starts new war and we free Nakhichevan then we NEGOTIATE !!
      by the way the Armenians made big mistake by accepting the ceasefire in 1994 because
      the enemy Azerbaijan was on his KNEE today after 18 year a new generation in Azerbaijan
      brainwashed as Karabagh is occupied that shows one thing Azeriz want another war Armenians
      have a new chance to liberate more land !! hallelujah Amen !!

  8. Sam said:

    Yes we made a mistake we knocked your door.but let me remind you very soon your door with Syria will be locked for ever according to syriens and all other Arabs after realizing about the lies and the games you play in politics.and you no longer will have that huge Arab market that build your bankrupt economy .and you will knock israels door as well and no one will answer to you and you know the European door or you want me to remind you. So maby you will have your turkik brothers market to your west and now you might knock the Armenian door and I have no answer for that

  9. ZARMAIR said:

    Elchin, buddy, you speak of being “a man”, Since when did a Turk know the meaning of that word? Throughout your history name one chapter when your people have displayed manhood. No race or creed has perpetrated more vile and disgraceful deeds than your tribe since that cursed day centuries ago it came knocking on Armenia’s door.

  10. necati said:

    The illegal invasion of Karabakh by Armenia against international resolutions is a clear casus belli.

  11. Armen said:

    Armenian was not the only country who created the protocols, Turkey promised by signing the protocols, no one twisted theri arm, now they prove to the whole world that Turkey does not keep their word like a man and coward away by suggesting preconditions that never was accepted in the protocols, therefore Elchin let Turkey be man enough to keep their word , no let me rephrase keep their promise in what they signed. and stop disgracing themselves. Armenia wants peace, and yes Azerbaijan and Turkey does not, because it is in their nature not to want it, act like a bully, Armenia teached bullies a lesson last time, and this time the bully will suffer more severe and consequences. If they act in peace they will get it, and show a better side to themself to the world.

    • Elchin said:

      Armenians teached lesson nice time huh??i am sure Turks failed to teach you lesson last time a century ago.Otherwise you wouldnt talk like this

      • Basilius said:

        This is the funny part of your comments, because obviously keeping it civil will not work for you, because then you have to deal with the truth behind your history.

        Instead, when its convenient you claim to be peaceful and willing, unfortuneately its us Armenians that aren’t. Of course you and your representatives would never say things out loud like “Turks failed to teach you a leasson”, not only because you know better than to show your barbaric nature, but also because you don’t even know what lesson you are talking about, since after all “there was no genocide”, right? And when people really confront you with the truth, simple as it is (actions speak louder than words is the message here), you get really nasty.

        But try to keep your cool, while no Turk can deceive us anymore, you know you are afraid of the Western world realizing that your holdup murdering times aren’t over yet, they can’t ever end… a wicked mixture of lack of education, general autosuggestion.and the unique capability of believing in lies which ultimately form your fascism won’t ever make it stop. In a way, if everything that had to do with Turks ever since they decided to leave their yurts in Mongolia wouldn’t be a terrible nuisance to say the least, I would feel pity for the Turks of so called Turkey and those of so called Azerbaijan.

  12. Vzgo said:

    How long will it take Turkey to come to it’s sences to give back territories and wealth and churches, Monasteries of Armenians who have been living in these lands for over 3500 years.

    Turkey, (The Otomans.) took our lands, butchered our people Women and Children , Burned the Armenian leaders and and the men in their own Churches . They committed a massive genocide , They ignore the truth and now present themselves as peace makers to the civilised world. but want more to be given to the terrorist Azeries who started killing the Armenians in Baku in 1991 . and finally Russia and Armenia stopped Nagorno Gharapagh, and of course They are have another Armenian land another Armenian land : Nakhichevan which was given to the azries by then horrifying dictator Stalin the terrible who was himself a lunatic who butchered more than 10 millions of his own subjects including armenians. . Nakhichevan has no geographic connection to Azerbeyjan and yet they do not return it to its rightful owners ARMENIA.NS
    . The Turkish government always covers the truth and lies about their ancestral horrifying history. .
    If they ever join the European Union. with their endless lies, Europe will soon be ruined and they will have their hands full of Turks who do not value human rights , relegious freedom , Womens’ rights. and particularly ethnic minorities, . Just one proof is the hidden Armenians of Turkey who remain hidden

  13. Hrant K. said:

    Elchin, at least learn from Mr Samiroglu and open up tour eyes, ears and mind!!! (7)

  14. Elena said:

    Mr. or Mrs. Elchin or what ever you prefer, learn to be humanic from Mr Samiroglu and never try to do the wrong things and have the mentality of your fathers. Take this as a suggestion.

  15. Nazim said:

    Ok, something needs to be said about this ubiquitous Armenian claim: “Azeris came from Mongolia, which means that the current territory of Azb belongs to Armenia.”

    All regional DNA tests have shown that genetically Azeris are essentially the same people as the other native people of Caucasus. But you don’t need DNA tests to tell you that. Do you really think that in less than 1,000 years, Asian faces turned into perfectly Caucasian ones? Do Azeris look like Mongolian to you? Use common sense. Of course, no one can deny the fact that Turkic tribes invaded the area, and the ancestors of Azeris (ancient Albanians) eventually adopted their language and religion. Now, how does any of this justify your territorial claims? The fact that my ancestors adopted their language, it does not mean that your ancestors owned THEIR land. This is a logical fallacy, the kind that a teacher of Logic would underlie with a red pen (i.e., the necessary relationship you hold does not necessarily hold). If anything, you yourself Armenians claim your motherland (Ararat) to be in Western Turkey, and all the Ancient Armenian kingdoms center in that area. If anything it is you who came to Caucasus, not my ancestors.

  16. Nazim said:

    One more thing … You accuse Turks of racism and of being uncivlized. But looking at your own use of language here, do you not see the irony and hopacrasy? A by-stander may or may not have evidence of Turks being guilty of this stuff, but by reading your comments here, one can draw more certain conclusions.

  17. Vzgo. said:

    Sultan Nazim with little or no brain. You know you are lying
    The whole world knows you are lying and making excuses of no value.
    We Armenians have experiences The Genocide which is documented by Journalists of that time ( Your own Ottoman hidden archives. All of European Journalists of the dtime even German News papers. (Your best Allies of the First World War.
    Many Armenian soldiers joined the Russian troops to help and save whatever was left of Armenians in occupied Western Armenia. and of after the 1.5millions were killed .and burnt and butchered for our wealth and posessions and your Ottomans promissed the Kurds (Muslim) to kill and rape and starv and butcher all the women and the children
    You call that civil war? you ignorant lying grand child of butchering Ottomans , and you call yourself an educated humanbeing ? you Ass. do not bother talking about things you do not care to know.
    What a jerk you are.

    How ignorant you must be to call it civil war , When the Ottomans had cleared all the lands from the Gavour Armenians who had lived in Western Armenia for over 5000 years. Instead of protecting the Armenians who had fought on the side of the Ottoman empire during the WW1
    Butchering women and children and the elderly , Burning all the heads the men and the leaders prists of Armenians In Churches and you call it Civil war