Uruguay May Recognize Nagorno-Karabakh Republic

Uruguay foreign minister Luis Almagro

MONTEVIDEO—In an unprecedented announcement Friday, the Foreign Minister of Uruguay Luis Almagro said that his government has begun the process to make an official announcement regarding the status of Nagorno-Karabakh.

“Today we are looking into the issue [Nagorno-Karabakh] in order to present an official government position on the matter,” said Almagro. “I am personally convinced that Nagorno-Karabakh is part of historic Armenia and it must be independent and in a short while be unified with Armenia. This is the only resolution to the Artsakh issue.”

Almagro was speaking at conference in Uruguay’s capital organized by the Armenian National Committee of South America and the Uruguay-Armenia parliamentary group marking the 20th anniversary of the Armenia’s Independence, highlighting Uruguay-Armenia relations.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation parliamentary faction leader Vahan Hovannesian welcomed Almagro’s statement calling it unprecedented.

“For the first time, a progressive and democratic country such as Uruguay is officially expressing a position, which reflects the posturing of the ruling political forces,” said Hovannesian, who stressed that the process will take some time.


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  1. facts said:

    This would be a good and the only right step… given the fact that officials in Baku try to blackmail Armenia , NKR and OSCE by introducing new so called UN resolution regarding NKR

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  3. Vahe said:

    Bravo Uruguay ! You were the first to recognize the Armenian Genocide so I would not be surprised if you were the first to recognize the independence of NK. After the independence of NK, we will definitely get back Western Armenia…keep in mind people even the USA has not recognized Turkey’s eastern borders !! They have not because under International Law, USA along with 16 other countries MUST return Wilsonian Armenia…it has the great seal of USA on it…do some research..Turkey’s occupation of Western Armenia is no different than it’s occupation of N. Cyprus ! We will have our Greater Armenia back once again ! Armenians will forever live on as the peacefull, inteligent, kind human beings we have always been ! Armenia/Nk forever !

    • Van said:

      Vahe you should not write this kind of fairytale stuff online. It is not fact based and is absurd and is easy bait for Turks. Firstly we Armenians are not all peaceful, intelligent, kind human beings – to think like this is very naive… Secondly, though Wilson did make a map of a new Armenia, it never was accepted at the Paris conference. The only hope we could have, legally, would be to make a claim on Kars and Ardahan that was given to Turkey by the Soviets at the Moscow treaty for I think 90years… but I am not sure about all the details on this. It would be interesting to know if you live in Armenia now since it is independent and all or are you like the vast majority of spiurkahays who just fantasize and daydream about Armenia but have never even visited the country, let alone moved there…

      • Kevork said:

        If you are any indication, not only will we not get anything back, but we will give everything away.

        Nice try with your anti-Armenian drivel.

      • Tsayt said:

        Van, according to Ara Papian, the former ambassador to Canada and the head of Modus Vivendi, the arbitration process that was trusted to the US president W. Wilson was binding and legal. This was not a mediation that required further approval but an agreed upon arbitration. Post WWI Ottoman leadership agreed to this arbitration and the decision that would be rendered, therefore, according to Papian, this document still has legal power.

      • Realist said:

        To be a realist is one thing, but your words are quite harsh and unnecessarily negative. Do you take pleasure it attacking your people as a whole and individually? If he wants to be naive that is his prerogative, its much better than sitting behind a computer and preaching self righteous garbage that serves no constructive purpose and in fact goes as far as to insult Vahe, his intelligence, his nationalism, his grasp on reality & our people. Perhaps before you throw stones, you should remember you live in a glass house. I dont think im perfect so I dont preach it. Its not up to you to alert people as to what is “fact based” and what is “absurd” or not. I live in Armenia, my family conducts 6 figures worth of business in Armenia yearly and I can tell you what Armenia needs IS more fairy tale optimism, more diaspora support & investment, & less hogwash from Armenians like you that think you have the roadmap to Tigran the Great’s empire all in your mind, but we are all too stupid to figure it out for ourselves and/or understand it when it is explained to us. Honestly Van, take a long look at yourself then talk.

        • Van said:

          I know it is 2 years later but anyhow. My issue is mainly with “Armenians will forever live on as the peacefull, inteligent, kind human beings we have always been !” This blind way of seeing ourselves is just not useful or “realist”. We have to acknowledge our faults in order to get ahead in our cause. And Realist, yes this is a place for debate and dissagreement… though I guess I should not use words like naive or absurd anymore… but fairytale is not insulting is it?

    • pongo1969 said:

      In spite Italian government is dependant from US thus under the influx of Turkey, I hope that Italy will be the next one to recognize NKR.
      Italian people are yet on the side of NKR, and I am actively working to spread the news about NKR and let the people know and understand…
      Viva l’Artsakh, provincia dell’Armenia!

  4. Suleymanoglu said:

    Armenia may acquire S 400. Uruguay may recognize Karabagh. That may happen, this may happen. Lol.
    Since when does “his government has begun the process to make an official announcement regarding the status of Nagorno-Karabakh.” mean Uruguay recognizes Karabagh?
    Or should I perhaps be paying attention to ““I am personally convinced that Nagorno-Karabakh is part of historic Armenia and it must be independent and in a short while be unified with Armenia” BS?
    Haha, this is just too much.

    • Avery said:

      yeah that’s right pal. This may happen, that may happen. Aliyev keeps promising that he may take Karabagh back by force. It may happen. Or it may not happen. Something else might happen.

      Abulfaz Elchibey promised to hang the last Armenian in the central square of Stepanakert.
      He promised to wash his feet in Lake Sevan.
      How did that work out ?

      The facts on the ground are that at this time Artsakh has been independent of Azeri invaders for 20 years.
      The facts on the ground are that Azeri invaders were thrown out of historic Armenian lands of Artsakh – well most of it, anyway. There are some areas around Artsakh still under Azeri occupation.

      Azeris may gain some ground in the future, or they may lose more. May happen. Or may not.

    • Realist said:

      Notice how nobody responds to your comments Mongol. Wonder why?? BECAUSE NOBODY CARES. Whenever any Christian from ANY nation sees the letters “oglu” or anything that resembles turkish, their minds shut off, their eyes close and they skip over it. Your words are a waste of letters just like your “people” are a waste of a sperm and an egg. Go back to Mongolia, Genghis.

    • Fred said:

      Suleymanoglu. Azerbayjan, used their Army, they failed. Used their oil money to bribe countries, they failed. Tried crying in international conferences, They failed. The reticulous is that Azerbaijan is to stupit to realise ~Armenians are their masters and will always be their masters

  5. HArut said:

    it is what it is comes a time were everyone will realise that doing the right think is the only way and today URUGUAY proved it, it is not about money or oil it is about the human race as one people under one god
    and i’m sure the other nations will follow Uruguay in this manner.
    Bravo from the USA

  6. Papken Hartunian said:

    Thank you Uruguay!
    I intend to live so long to see independent Artsak and super power Armenia in the region. We are living in a syber age. Every one of us can play a role of an Army. Let unite and let others live in peace!

  7. Emmanuel Kevorkian said:

    What a valuable words from Luis Almagro – Nagorno-Karabakh is part of historic Armenia and it must be independent and in a short while be unified with Armenia – Bravo Almargo and the government of Uruguay
    for the facts bringing to the attention of the world. Once again May God Bless you and your government.

  8. Tsayt said:

    I believe it when I see it.

    This is more serious than Uruguay recognizing the Armenian Genocide in 1960’s. Is Uruguay ready to handle the wrath of combined Azeri and Turkish political repercussions? add to them the entire Islamic Conference countries, who continuously rubber-stamp any and all anti-Armenian resolutions in their annual gatherings.

    So let’ see if we’ll hear double-talk and retraction from Uruguayan leadership in the next few days.

  9. Krikor Sarkissian said:

    Thank you URUGUAY ! Country with Diamond Balls.Primo Jean in Uruguay !!GRACIAS !!

  10. ST. ECHMIADZIN said:

    First country that recognized the Armenian Genocide , we have a square in Yereva named Uruguay which is in a terrible shape, we need to pay attention to that square and invite officials from Uruguay when we fix it and show some respect to this country. Please let Armenian officials to think about it.
    Viva Uruguay.

  11. bigmoustache said:

    AGAIN, uruguay comes to armenians rescue. we should recognize that and remember it forever.
    we should also show outgoing love, support and solidarity to them so they know how much we appreciate them. first nation to recognize the genocide, now this? truly they are our best friends!

  12. Ara K said:

    I am very Happy that the same Government who recognized the First Genocide of the 20th Century.
    ( Armenian by the Bastard ottoman turk ). took the first step to recognize our own NK , thanks to the People of URUGUAY .
    all the others will follow soon .

  13. Svetlana Swanson said:

    The entire human race should salute the Uruguayan people for producing such decent and morally courageous representative government.

  14. sev said:

    Uruguay is an amazing country and the people know the difference between right and wrong. They are very close to the Armenian people and we should show them are gratitude

  15. Hrant K. said:

    The Domino effect has begun by the Honorable Foregn Minstr of Uruguay Mr Luis Almagro. Artsakh

    will be followed by Nakhitchevan,Lower Artsakh, Djavakhg Armenian Region, the Medz Hayk and

    Cilicia!!!!!! (7)

  16. Araxi said:

    We have been waiting for 20 years for an announcement such as this.
    Bravo Mr. Almargo and THANK you the people of Uruguay.
    It is clear that South American nations don’t think in PTERO-Dollars!!!
    Their hearts are in the right place.

  17. Seervart said:

    Vahe jan, Great post! I happen to regard highly and respect Uruguay’s stand for the truth and for the good people; the Armenians. Thank you Mr. Luis Almagro for your stand with us, the indigenous civilized people of Armenia proper, Western Armenia and Artsakh / Nagorno-karapakh. I hope many more countries will also recognize the Nagorno-Karapakh Republic very soon.

  18. manooshag said:

    Bravo Uruguay Foreign Minister Almagro… for recognition of Nagorno Karabagh (Artsakh). Your nation’s leadership in being the first country in the world to acknowledge the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian peoples is very much appreciated. It is past due for all civilized nations to come together, following your moral example, to recognize the free and independent nation of Artsakh. With moral force – Artsakh shall be forever free. Also, let us hope this movement to recognize Artsakh’s independence will lead to all civilized nations recognizing the Turkish Genocide of the Armenians. Too, all civilized nations shall join together to end the cycle of Genocides against the innocents – forever!

  19. Refik said:

    “begun the process to make an official announcement”

    Almagro’s comments are difficult to take seriously and quite frankly it’s a non-story. Not really interested in preambles, get back to us when he’s made the official announcement. Otherwise it’s all just hot air.

  20. Hrant K. said:

    Refik, if the process wasn’t going to be official, the whisleblowing wouldn’t have been heard yet,

    and the steaming-overheated air will blow Aliev’s ears and explode them, asa the official announcement

    becomes a truth!!!

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