ANCA-WR Statement on Hate Speech And Incitement


The Armenian National Committee of America – Western Region strongly condemns the arrival of the offensively-named Ottoman Military Marching Band and its October 3 visit to Los Angeles. The ANCA-WR likewise questions the irresponsible decision by the City of Los Angeles to grant a permit to a group who claims descent from the notoriously murderous corps of the Ottoman Army known as the janissaries. The nature and planned performance of the band are not only insulting but wholly unacceptable to the Armenian American community.

Just over one mile from the borders of Little Armenia, in Los Angeles, the adoptive home of hundreds of thousands of Armenian Americans – including many whose families were gravely affected by the Armenian Genocide – the Ottoman Military Marching Band will play the anthems of a military credited with exterminating 1.5 million Armenian people and hundreds of thousands of other minorities within the Ottoman Empire. It is a chilling parallel: the Band will again march through the streets of an Armenian neighborhood, recreating the horrific scene of the Ottoman military parading through Armenian towns and villages 100 years ago, before they methodically and brutally murdered the Armenian populace in the first genocide of the 20th century.

The parade’s planning and execution, in a heavily Armenian-populated community, leaves no question that the Ottoman Military Marching Band is brazenly taunting the Armenian American community in a blatant example of hate speech. Despite this flagrant attempt at incitement, we call upon the Armenian American community of Los Angeles to oppose this painful and egregious provocation peacefully.

Further, the ANCA-WR remains committed to pursuing justice for the Armenian Genocide, including recognition by the U.S. and Turkish governments, and to the belief that no entity is allowed to inhumanely terrorize victims of genocide and their  descendants. As the largest and most influential Armenian American advocacy organization, the ANCA-WR stands with all individuals and groups ready to civilly oppose this vulgar reenactment of an unforgotten and torturous past.

The Armenian National Committee of America-Western Region is the largest and most influential Armenian American grassroots advocacy organization in the Western United States. Working in coordination with a network of offices, chapters, and supporters throughout the Western United States and affiliated organizations around the country, the ANCA-WR advances the concerns of the Armenian American community on a broad range of issues.


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  1. Peter said:

    This is sickening! Every Armenian-American should show up to stop them from marching! This is a slap in the face to the worldwide community saying ” We murdered Armenians, and now we can celebrate that fact”

  2. Kiazer Souze said:

    They might as well have the NAZI marching band. Turks have to make a decision to either call themselves Turks or Ottomans. Do they see themselves as citizen “Turks” or as subjects of the “Ottoman Empire with the Caveat that I define as to what is “Proper” citizenry.

  3. Ara Bedrosian said:

    They have no class, it is like the Nazi Third Reich marching through a jewish neighborhood.

    I thought Turkey wanted to distance themselves from the dark days of the Ottoman Empire. Guess they were only fooling the world and themselves.

  4. JOHN said:

    The Mayor of Los Angeles should sign an executive order to implement Marshall Law to prevent the city from chaos.

  5. Edward Demian said:

    Let us give them a traditional American reception fit for the occasion. Not Armenian. American! The Armenian way was to run indoors and bolt the doors. The American way is to bring along all those spoiled tomatoes from the back of the refrigirator. They will come in handy when they pass by. The least we can do for an organization that forcefully took children away from their parents, castrated them in the most crude manner, and then brainwashed the less than 10% survivors into murdering their parents and former neighbors.

  6. Armen Simonian said:

    We the Armenian people should be very carefull not to engage in any physical aggression against any of their participants, as they will use this against us, and it is obvious they are trying their best to provoke us into making a mistake. Instead the Armenian community should use this momentum to disgrace them by doing our own protests.

  7. manooshag said:

    A continuation of the “IN YOUR FACE” of the Turkish leaderships – in all these years – to any and all.
    “IN YOUR FACE” all those who suffered their Genocides inflicted from the Ottoman times vilely planned and committed against the Armenians in order to gain for themselves that was a ‘ready made’ ancient and advanced nation of nearly 4,000 years. Too, the dishonest claim that the ancient Armenian culture was the Turks own culture. Imagine! these hordes who came down from the Asian mountains without any culture thus stole the lands and all that was Armenian, historically, belonged to the Turkeys who had not any advanced culture of their own. Greeks, Pontians, Assyrians. (all non-Muslims) suffered the Turkish Genocides. (note, Genocides quickly eliminated masses of millions of peoples slaughtered, raped, tortured and marched into the deserts, tortured, unitl mercifully dying…. All the inhumane methods of eliminating humans via the inhumanity Turkeys to gain their obscene goals which continues, still today into the 21st century. Turks deny their guilt for the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation, seems they have a limited amount of historical memory to suit their own goals. Today, Armenian Cause (Hai Tahd) is avidly pursued – and recognized by many civilized nations, many religious, anti-Genocide organizations, Turks spend millions of dollars via USA ex-Congressmen to maintain this stance.
    But yet, note, the Turks still continue their ongoing unending use Genocides – 2011 – against the Kurds!
    Many the world over recognize the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation… but the bully leaderships of a Turkey, as perpetrators of Genocides, now are the winners – yet, the victims of Genocides are the losers – and all it takes is honesty and humanity, joining, to bring the inhumane perpetrators to justice…
    once and for all ending the cycle of Genocides which shall have happened when the Armenians suffered their inhumanity – and a Turkey was made to face their crimes against ALL humanity. None of all the
    Genocides that followed all the 20th. and continues into the 21st centuries SHALL NOT HAVE BEEN!!
    since the world’s civilized nations are incapable to joining to outlaw perpetrators of Genocides

  8. Kevork said:

    I would say let us all go there with loud horns, and when they are playing make constant noise so that their performance will amount to nothing.

  9. ARA said:

    They are stupid- what else can we say-oh well- lets see how far they can really go!!!!!!!!!! ha ha hah hah

  10. Samuel said:

    Mr Erdogan on his UN General Assembly address invites world leaders tofind a solution for Artsakh & Azarbaijan frozen conflict,while at same time arming azaris & encoraging them to fight with artsakh people.
    mr Erdogan believes his causin Alieve is victim. for attakingArtakhi people got panished.
    Mr Erdogan on his speach forgot or posibly denied anopportunity invite world leaders help him find an honorable solution for 20 milions Kurd people have free themselves from turkish tyrany of enslavement
    not a word to explain when he will end up Cypros ilegitimate occupation he hids his head in the closet
    like ostrich on the sand & believes for himself nobody will see.
    A year ago turkish government ploted Mavi Marmara flotila conspiracy for gaining political advantage under
    cover humanitarian aid to Palestinian. initiated high risk of confrontation with Israielis army, when they defited intheir attempt like their criminal Azari causin start playing victims game all around.
    Now turks have another version of Mavi Marmara conspiracy called Ottoman Military Band coming Holly Wood to diplay their fanatic Jihadist arts & craft to the descendants of milions victim including Armenians Greeks Asirians , Kurd & Juish people. Also must be mentioned Alqaida inspired the same
    philasophy & idealogy with indiscriminate cruelty, that will be insult & dishonoring the memory of the Sept/01/01 NY terrorists attack victims & LA the same.
    There are 2 options available, First community representatives try bring this issue to the attention of city authorities ecorrage them to revoke this unpleasant program. Second if Ottoman military band perform
    there festivity so entire comunity Armenian, Greeks ,Asirian, Kurds & juish need to participate, bring turkiush victims & destructions banners immages including 911 victims allimmages available, speakers & every necesary tools can help to explain & reflects turkish wanderful history for everybody especially for turks.

  11. Stewie said:

    I have never seen so many whining infants!! What’s the matter ARF…afraid that someone, somewhere may actually start asking questions AND may even demand a debate.

  12. Larry Movesyan said:

    Merhaba Stewie!
    Anytime – name the time and place as usual, you will back out as you did with this nonsense military band from an era that embarassed your country in the eyes of the world and continues to give a black cloud to your people because your country refuses to discuss anything prior to 1923, as if nothing ever happen and all those 1001 churches built by the indigenous Armenians and the Topaki Palace, St. Hagia Sofia were brought in by aliens from space.
    Any discussion of it in your history or schools is punishable in the Gulen Turkish controlled judicary system, which is even more of a joke with the latest ‘Ergenekon” scandal. What is it now article 301 or some other silly smoking gun that is put out there anytime anyone discusses the dark days of the Ottoman Empire?
    But thanks for offering to return back all the non-Moslem religious worship buildings and cultural centers that you stole from Pontican Greeks, Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Alevis, etc.,
    Lets see if the Turks keep their word.
    A Persian proverb:
    Let no fruit grow where a Turkou has been