Ter-Petrosian is to Blame for Current Situation, Say German Ambassador

German Ambassador to Armenia Hans-Jochen Schmidt

YEREVAN (Combined Sources)—The current socio-political and economic complication in Armenia are the legacy left by former president Levon Ter-Petrosian, said Hans-Jochen Schmidt, the German Ambassador to Armenia during a conference Tuesday organized by the Civilitas Foundation.

Speaking at a conference entitled, “Assessing Independence in Armenia and the Region,” the German envoy said that Ter-Petrosian must personally accept responsibility for what happened during his term from 1994 to 1997.

“I often hear how the first president criticizes elections and the current authorities during opposition rallies. I asked one of his advisors what he thinks about elections from 1994 to 1997 and he responded by saying that I have wrong information,” said Schmidt.

The German envoy, however, said opposition criticism is justified, because there is an oligarchic state in Armenia, “But he has to remember that the foundation for such phenomena was established during his administration.”

While saying that it was a positive step for the Ter-Petrosian’s Armenian National Congress to be granted the right to hold rallies at Liberty Square, but added that “I think that from a political standpoint asking to hold rallies solely in Liberty Square is naive. If people want to assemble, they can do so anywhere and in any square.”

On the foreign policy front, the German envoy said the “outside world” cannot force any decision on Armenia.

“The EU also takes steps in resolving the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, as well as the normalization of relations with Turkey, but they can’t force anything,” he said.

Schmidt said the most important step in Armenia-Turkey relations is the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, after which discussions on other issues can begin.

“What’s important is that the parties understand that by establishing diplomatic relations, no one is doing anyone a favor; it is a normal process,” he said.
Schmidt also commented on last week’s military parade dedicated to the independence anniversary, saying he was impressed by the display.

“I liked the fact that the parade showed that Armenians have certain capabilities, and if others are interested in war, the Armenian state will provide an adequate response,” explained the Ambassador.

He called it a stabilizing factor for the region, saying that the capabilities displayed at the parade signal that Armenia is able to develop the expertise needed to stabilize any situation.


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  1. zograp said:

    սիոնիստ Levon he is a : The most dangerous radioactive element in all of the Periodic Table!Eliminate them! They are polluting the earth!

  2. Zareh said:

    Bravo to this German diplomat for being bang-on right.

    Levon Ter-Petrossian = corrupt, autocratic and anti-national leader not far from a despotic dictator.

    And look wh had gathered around him: Vano Siradeghian, an Interpol fugitive hiding from charges of series if murderers. the late Vasken Sargsian, who had proudly declared that Vasken Manukian, the opposition leader at the time, even if he were to get a100% of the votes he would have not been allowed to be the president of Armenia.( what “democratic” values), Ashot Manucharian, a KGB thug who ruled the internal security apparatus, and of course Serj Sargsian who was a long time Defence Minister.

    What an illustrious group of thieves and criminals.

  3. sarkis bakerdjian said:

    yes antdznabes hamamid yem germanatzi tivanakedi ardahaydaz ghoskerun vorovhedev der petrosyani trkaghan zegamol alparslan turkesi hed kaghdni zruydz unezadz er yev der petrosyani agoyani ilalov azad ghoski yev demokradyayi polorovin arkiladz er intimadir ujeri

    • Gaydzag said:

      Dear Mr. Hans-J Schmidt, You are a good man. You are speaking the ultimate truth and you are for Armenia. We love for this and please let the entire world know of your clever and just words!!! God bless you!

      Parev Sarkis Bakerdjian, toun vorun zavagn es. Robertin, Albertin te irents aveli poker yeghpore?

  4. Ishkhan said:

    Dear Mr. Ambassador Hans- Jochen Schmidt.
    You and your government are the best one, who can bring to the attention of the West partner Mr. Aliyev the Armenian capabilitisn and also disastrous consequences of a new war.

  5. Ishkhan said:

    Ishkhan says:

    Dear Mr. Ambassador Hans- Jochen Schmidt.
    You and your government are the best one, who can bring to the attention of the West partner Mr. Aliyev the Armenian capabilitis and also disastrous consequences of a new war.

  6. Ed said:

    Levon Ter Petrosian’s older brother Telman Ter Petrosian (whom i personally knew) was a traitor, Armenias first and most cruel oligarch! He toghether with Kaan Soyak were founders of The Armenian – Turkihs Business Development Council.After his death, another traitor Arsen Ghazarian took over his post.Levon Ter Petrosian himself is a traitor. When he was president of Armenia, he secretly met Alparslan Turkes – the leader and founder of MHP (Milliyetci Hareket Partisi, The Grey Wolf).MHP is the most racist and fascist political party in the world.Ter Petrosian met with Alparslan Turkes in France to “solve” the the problems between Armenian and Turkey.According to the agreement between Ter Petrosian and Alparslan Turkes, who had the support and permission from the powerfull turkish army, Turkey and Armenia would rise a monument on the border between the two countries, mutualy apologize for the “tragic events that happened in the past, in which both armenians and turks suffered”, Armenia would not have any territorial claims on Turkey, forget the the armenian genocide and compensations, but had also to leave the “occupied” azerbaijani territories.For all this,concessions from Armenia, Turkey would open the borders between Armenia and Turkey.The man behind this plan is Samson Özararat.Samson Özararat was a former communist, living in France but originaly from Konya – Turkey. This traitor was Ter Petrosians advisor and still livs in Armenia.Fortunately, the secret meetings and details about the agreement was revealed.It showed that the agreement not only included giving up the recognition of the armenian genocide, the claims about compensations, territorial claims and accepting territorial integrity of Azerbaijan but also the idea about turkihs and armenian citizens freedom to move to respective country and settle there.Later, Alparslan Turkes said that idea of turkish side was to occupy Armenia, not through military means but by populating it. Fortunately the agreement was disclosed and Ter Petrosian had to step down.Unfortunately, those who came to power after Ter Petrosyan were not better than him. When Khocharyan was president of Armenia, he asked Turkey to let direct flights from Yerevan to Alanya and Antalya for Armenian tourist (and prostitues).Thousand of armenian girls and women are living in Turkey.Many of them married to turkish men, often old enough to be their grandfather.Others works as maids or brotehls. Sarkisian is just as bad as Khocharyan. In the eve of 24 april, he announced and another traitor Nalbandian the protocols….this is our realities – unfortunately!

      • Avetis said:

        “Eye opener” simply because you people have been esleep/blind for twenty years.

        ED: Whoever you are, before you go to sleep at nights thank your God for men like Serj Sargsyan and Vladimir Putin. It’s men like them that give you the honor of having a homeland in the Caucasus.

  7. manooshag said:

    Thank you, German Ambassador to Armenia Hans-Jochen Schmidt for speaking truths… of the obvious.
    How, even today, Ter Petrossian has the gall to seek Armenia’s leadership, having been the first president of the newly developed nation of Armenia whilst actively filling his own pockets! (He must have need for more monies and assets to fill his pockets… again)!
    Too, thus becoming the ‘example’ for those who followed and abused the rights and advances of this new nation – when in all the years our Armenian nation has had great PATRIOTS – selfless and dedicated as so our Aram Manougian who endeavored to begin a university prior to Armenia’s inclusion in the USSR – to avoid Turks inhumanity.
    Ambassador Schmidt – when such as yourself speaks up as you have… more and more of the civilized leaderships of the world shall come to know that Genocides should have ended with the
    reparations of the Turks to the Armenians… and none of the Genocides that have followed SHALL EVER HAVE BEEN…. yet continues into 2011 as today the Turks abuse the Kurds – and still have the bullying
    gall to deny their own Turkish Genocide and inhumanity of the Christian Armenian nation and many more. Thank you.

  8. MK said:

    LTP’s real place is in prison,a disgrace to our nation,he was the architect of fraudulent elections,political prisoners,Oligarchs,and a sold out foreign policy,nor did he care about the Diaspora,he called them Orange eaters.

    • manooshag said:

      Too, it must be remembered that Ter Petrossian’s openly and obviously deep and great hatred for the Armenian Tashnagtzitiun… these patriotic Armenians who have been dedicated over the years to the advances of our people, today, our Armenian nation. This man is a demented mental case… together with followers who are of the same convoluted mentality as a Ter Petrossian. Obviously, such evil minds only offer dishonesty and harm to the future of our fledgling Armenian nation… such as we are seeing now the world over… such as a Quaddafi et al.

  9. shahan said:

    Tell me Mr ambassador when was it that you recognised the genocide? Remind me was it not your germanic dictator who compared our genocide to the jewish holocaust? We thank you for your comments but why dodn’t you stuff your mouth with a good batch of Munchen sausages, and let us deal with our problems ourselves.

    • manooshag said:

      Ambassador Schmidt, as such as a shahan thinks , we always must bear those who have not any comprehension whereof they speak out… Your voice, your words today… merit the praise you have earned for stepping uo and speaking the truths for our Armenian nation, for all the Armenians in our Armenian diasporas. Again, today, thank you sounds not enough, but I do thank you for speaking out when the Armenians have needs of support of all enlightened persons capable and interested in our Armenian homeland’s advancement and future against the opposing Turks and Azeri neighbors intent upon the continued ‘elimination’ of Armenians… still, today, 2011.

  10. Anush said:

    How pathetic we, Armenians, are! We are applauding the Ambassador of a country whose government had its undeniable part in the Armenian Genocide. Maybe next time Ambassador Schmidt is invited to address the problems of the Armenian people, he can open his country’s archives, and “accept (partial) responsibility” for the Armenian Genocide.

    I am neither a Ter-Petrosian nor a Sargsyan supporter, and don’t care less about them, but I care about the dignity of Armenia homeland! Instead of applauding this “distinguished diplomat” we should remind him that NO country’s representative has the right to get involved in, or publicly criticize the government and the situation of the country where he represents his country. That’s Diplomatic Relations 101!!

    Joghovurt jan, gbaveh otari araj khonarhenq!!

  11. Armanen said:

    Ed, you were spot on (more or less) until started comparing Kocharyan and Sargsyan with ltp. Here is an easy formula for you to remember and repeat until you comprehend the truth behind it: ltp < Kocharyan < Sargsyan. In other words, progress!

    • Gaytzag said:

      I don’t think neither Kocharian nor Sargsyan could be compared with the traitor Levon Ter-Petrosian. Ter Petrosian was not for Armenia or the Armenian people whatsoever. It was during his time that 1,000,000 exodus happened. He almost sold Armenia and Artsakh to the Turks.

  12. Arman said:

    Mr Ter Petrossian ought to return all the money he stole from the Armenian people while being “President.” I remember in horror the words of Professor Richard Hovhannesian when he spoke with Ter Petrosian in the early 1990s….he told LTP that he had just seen a penniless farmer pushing a plow while his wife was pulling the plow at the front, the family being obviously too poor to own an ox or horse. This is something one would expect to see in the Dark Ages during the Black Plague, yet it occurred in the depth of Armenia’s post independce calamity. Upon heaing Prof. Hovhannesian’s message, LTP laughed and said “mer mod aytbisi pan chga” and carelessly disregarded the story. Shows us that he never intended any good for the people.

    • manooshag said:

      Arman, I agree with you emphatically! Ter Petrossian stole from the peoples of the fledgling nation of Armenia to fill his own pockets – thus becoming the example of all who followed his presidency of Haiastan to pursue this method of enriching themselves. More likely he has run through all the monies and assets which he’d stolen from the citizens of Haiastan and now seeks to return to continue filling his own pockets. All those who now follow him and his convoluted ideas are as of the same ‘zughoom’ as is Ter Petrossian-still. Haiastan needs to elect patriots to lead our nation – not any who have been exposed to Turkic mentality or too, the
      vile communistic mentality whilst within the USSR realm for nearly 80 years!! Pavets!!!

  13. Satenik said:

    He is a stain and if he was living anywhere else in the world, he would be hanged. This base traitor is very lucky that he is still alive. He should not be allowed to get involved in politics at any level at all! Anyone supporting him needs his/her head checked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • manooshag said:

      Satenik, I agree. Can he not be considered persona non grata (greatly disliked/dishonest/ thief and more and sent out with his family and his followers too, freeing our fledgling nation of our Haiastan of his insipid influences… and a great example before the world that such leaderships deserve to be ‘eliminated’ – one way or another!

  14. Baron's said:

    The German ambassador is in the wrong to make any statements, political or oterwise about |Armenians and Armenia…LET US NEVER FORGET THEIR COOPERATION with the Turks in genociding our people…after all who will remember the Armenians? to paraphrase another great criminal who happens to be Germans.

  15. John Markarian said:

    The German government should pay reparations to the Armenian government for it’s role in the Armenian Genocide. The German parliament even formally declared an apology for Germany’s role in the Genocide in 2008.The parasitical Turks have caused significant problems in Germany . They have built many huge mosques and radically changed Germany into Turkey 2. They majority of German Turks are involved in criminal activities and the majority are on some kind of government assistance. The Europeans have finally opened their eyes to what savages the Turks really are. These Europeans are finally understanding that the entry of Turkey in the European Union will be the greatest tragedy in modern European history.

    • Avetis said:

      Armenians like you are sadly stuck in a bygone era. Wake up and enter the 21 century, we have a homeland to build.

    • Grish Begian said:

      Dear John,
      let those EU people see the reality of Turks, why we should stop them…let them suffer with these new Islamist Turks in Germany…we were talking about them, when we needed help from Christan West and they ignored us, so let them have more Turks with their minarets..Armenians had enough of Turks for 1000 years!!

  16. armenian said:

    Hitler was from your ancestors, they are selling now his eyeglasses, take and use it, it will fit to you . Don’t forget your teacher Helmut Kohl’s scandal, talk about it.