AYF Halts Protest Amid Cancellation of Ottoman Military Parade


The Los Angeles Police Department has confirmed that the permit for a parade of the Ottoman Military Marching Band, originally scheduled to take place on Monday in Hollywood, has been withdrawn by organizers.

The prospect of large-scale protest and backlash from our community has clearly forced those behind this offensive campaign to back down from their planned march.

The Armenian Youth Federation welcomes the cancellation of this shameful and extremely insulting event. The notion of celebrating a military responsible for the murder of 1.5 million of our ancestors on the streets of Hollywood, just over the border from Little Armenia, is wholly unacceptable. 

As a result of this apparent cancellation, the protest demonstration planned for Monday in opposition to the march is also being halted.

However, the AYF remains on high alert and continues to monitor this issue closely. Should there be any attempt by the Ottoman Military Band to reorganize its offensive display within our community, we are ready to promptly and appropriately address such an action.

This episode once again displays the blatant contempt of Turkey and its allies toward the Armenian community. It is incumbent upon us to remain vigilant and organized against such brash provocations.


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  1. zograp said:

    Turks in US and across Europe are building aggressively and coordinate “Turkish Mosques” and Islamic schools. They get all kind of help from “secular” Turkey!

    During and after Armenian Genocide Turks did destroy more than 2000 Armenian churches and other place of worships. The same “modern” and Turks in the past 60 years have build with support of so-called “secular” Turkish government more than 2500 Turkish mosques alone accrues Europe, beside this Turks are engaged in islamization of countries like Germany and Belgium (above all). A part of Societies in Europe have already “integrated” in Turkish culture –

  2. Emmanuel Kevorkian said:

    I would only add to my previous comments – bravo to the American-Armenian community of WR- period.

  3. Osik said:

    On April 24th 2012 we should put together a comic Ottoman Military Marching Band with out of tune instruments and funny uniforms and march in front of the Turkish consulate building.

  4. Vacheh said:

    Long live AYF and its patriotic members. Let the world know that Armenians are alive and vigilant to throw back the descendants of murderous Ottomans and bring justice to our nation. Ararat mountains have waited a long time to see its children crossing the Arax river and celebrate the May 28th and September 21st on its plateau.

    I wish AYF and its fine members could have had a major role in running and reconstruction of our homeland, rather than a bunch of bandits and oligarchs.

    God bless you AYF.

  5. Avo Shahinian said:

    I feel truly grateful to LA Police Department for their alert and logical and rightly decision made in order to stop that Ugly show of rude rabble. Also thanks to AYF discerning people.

  6. Kani bilgiç said:

    neither music nor Turkish People are not dangerous for Armenians.

    please do not afraid of the Turkey.

    We are sharing many things.

    we have to plant friently relationship between 2 nations.

    with my kind regard to the Armenians.

    Kani Bilgiç

    • Norin Radd said:

      Dear Kani,

      Turkeys like you are nothing to be afraid of, you are right. Turks are nothing to be afraid of either. Until your government pays for it’s crimes against humanity, your people under international law remain criminals at large.

      In fact I think it is Turkeys that are afraid if Armenians, especially your politicians, they don’t like taking walks at night. You remember the 60s, 70s, 80s don’t you? Yes you do remember . . .

      We would love to have friendly relations, first however, you must pay compensation for murders your government committed, land they stole, property they confiscated illegally, and wealth they took that did not belong to them from the Armenian people. After Armenian solve these issue, then we can be great friends.


    • Avery said:

      Kani Bilgiç, please do not insult our intelligence.

      The Anatolian event is in Costa Mesa, about 100 kilometers away from the planned Ottoman Military Band march in Hollywood. There was no reason for the organizers to hold the Anti-Armenian parade in Hollywood other than to pour salt on the open Armenian wounds of Turk organized and implemented Armenian Genocide.

      Turk organizers know very well that there is a large Armenian community only 1-2 kilometers from the planned march site in Hollywood. A community which includes survivors of AG and descendants of AG survivors.

      So don’t give this baloney of us being afraid of you.
      We can’t stand the in-your-face insult Turks tried to pull off.
      This is almost as bad as your Turk buddies dancing and singing in Washington D.C. in front of the Turkish Embassy on April 24.

      If you want to plant friendly relations between our peoples, work towards recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the State of Turkey: then we’ll talk.

    • Basil said:

      Tell that to 70 % of Turkey population, which instead of sinking into the ground out of shame for the way they country murdered the Armenians in 1914 and denied murdering them ever since, says that they strongly dislike Armenians, Greeks and Jews.

      I am sure that those 70 %, mainly the uneducated, violent and primitive part Turkish population, are not dangerous to anyone now, are they?

      And from my point of view, there is no way you can plant friendly relations at this point. You could have, 90 years ago, by acting accordingly to your peoples outrageous acts. But after 90 years of denying and aggressions, noone will be stupid enough to care about your friendship. I bet most of East Anatolias Armenians were in good terms with their Turkish neighbours – it is obvious what they got out of it.

      Also, remember a Persian saying: Turks murder you, and then go complain about being murdered. It was so with the Turks in 1914, it is the same with the Azeris in 1990, I guess you can’t change your ways after all.

    • ARA said:

      It is ur politicians and racist nation of people -not all individuals. Your govt denies history, lies and swears turkishness as a bullet to any one who speaks openly or tries to tell the truthy about half ur country is ours land and our churches and people were annihilated by their grandathers. perhaps some by their fathers and them too in power now- WE WILL NEVER FORGET and we want our wealth and lands and country side back-history is part of the future- appreciate your honesty if u r saying what u believe-

  7. Grish Begian said:

    This racist Islamist band should try to get a permit around Ground Zero…I believe there is more attraction for tourism ..and I wonder, when they raise their Islamic moon and star symbol, what would be the reaction of American people!!

  8. Edward Demian said:

    In response to Kani Bilgic.
    If the Armenians had set up a Military unit that kidnapped children from poor Turkish peasants, Crudely castrated them, ( procedure that resulted in 90% deaths from infection), and then forcefully converted them to Christianity; trained them to hate Muslims and sent them back to kill their parents and former neighbors; How would you feel about that?

  9. Arman said:

    Simply put, majority of present day Turks who are engaged in denying the genocide and organizing such provocations against Armenians, are not different than the murderers themselves one hundred years ago.

  10. zareh said:

    Kudos to AYF. God bless you.
    Where are the Ramgavars and the Hnchaks? I feel sorry for them.
    You truly represent the Armenian psyche and soul.

  11. Somebody said:

    Shows me Armenians have zero tolerance for the culture of others. You should leave my beautiful country. Back to Armenia….

    • Norin Radd said:

      Your name says you’ur a “somebody”, you speak like a “nobody” nobody cares about. Off with you! Back to the Turkish showers with the other pedophiles . .

      Armenians have been tolerant enough, we saw how the world thanked us. When we invented tolerance, most others in the world were still grasping with the idea of allowing those different than themselves to live. Don’t preach to the choir little man.

    • Avery said:

      Your beautiful country ? you descendant of Nomadic Seljuk Turk warrior tribes. Since when do you know what a beautiful country is ?

      When your tribal descendants were galloping their horses between their yurts on the vast, empty expanses of the Mongolian Steppes, Armenians were building magnificent cities, like Ani, which rivaled Constantinople. Truly beautiful country, truly tolerant civilization.
      And which your barbaric Seljuk Turk ancestors destroyed.
      Unreal levels of tolerance were shown to the indigenous Armenians by the barbaric invading Seljuk Turks and their descendants: Armenians were tolerantly exterminated.

      YOU should leave OUR beautiful America.
      And take your repellent Ottoman Marching Band with you.

  12. Armenian said:

    Intolerant of other cultures? No, there’s something seriously wrong with mocking the memory of 1.5 million innocent victims of genocide and ethnic cleansing. Maybe if you weren’t such a xenophobe yourself, you would object to this sort of first-class display of arrogance as an insult to humanity. Shame on you, “Somebody”.

  13. viken said:

    It’s funny every time you post something on this site that a mediator has to check it before they allow it to be posted. Why is that youtube doesn’t do that? If its bad words why don’t you guys block the words instead of the entire comment?