Sarkisian Concludes Trip to France

Presidents Sarkisian and Sarkozy greet eachother in France

PARIS–After concluding his visit to the US, President Serzh Sarkisian went to France, where he met with that country’s president, Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday.

At the meeting, which took place after an official welcoming ceremony, the presidents of the two countries discussed the process and prospects of development of multifaceted Armenian-French relations.

Welcoming the President of Armenia, Sarkozy said that he is looking forward to his state visit to Armenia, adding that the framework of the visit itself is intended to demonstrate exceptionally good relations between the two states.

Sarkozy emphasized that France is Armenia’s friend and will always stand by its side. He also stressed that France is the second largest investor in Armenia and expressed France’s desire to come up with new projects to advance that relationship.

Sarkisian said that his visit to France coincided with the 20th anniversary celebrations of Armenia’s independence.

“We are proud of our relations with France, and we attach the utmost importance to the established close relations between our two states,” said Sarkisian who also hailed France’s continued support in Armenia’s development.

During a working dinner, the two leaders also discussed cooperation in the areas of energy, infrastructure development, education and culture.

They also addressed regional issues and discussed the current state of the Nagorno-Karabakh peace process.

Prior to his meeting with Sarkozy, Sarkisian met with the Speaker of the French Parliament Bernard Accoyer, who characterized the inter-parliamentary relations with Armenia as unique.

The two emphasized the need for expanding inter-parliamentary diplomacy and highlighted the important role friendship groups play in the two countries’ legisatures.

Sarkisian with French Prime Minister Francois Fillon

On Wednesday, Sarkisian met with French Prime Minister Francois Fillon. The two discussed economic development, Euro-integration.

Fillion outlined France’s role in the construction of a new nuclear power plant in Armenia and pledged that his country will also probe the possibility of implementing road and railway construction and strategic development ventures.

Charles Aznavour

Sarkisian and Sarkozy attended a gala concert by renowned singer and the current Armenian Ambassador to Switzerland, Charles Aznavour at the Olympia concert hall. The concert was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Armenia’s independence.

“I would like to express my gratitude to both presidents, as their presence is highly important in our struggle,” Aznavour said in his welcoming remarks.

The unique show brought together several Armenian and French artists, including singer Hasmik Papian (soprano), pianist Tigran Hamasyan, comedians Michel Leeb and Laurent Gerra. Aznavour’s daughter, Seda, also performed during the concert.

Sarkisian arrived in Warsaw, Poland Thursday to take part in a summit of European Union leaders and members of the Eastern Partnership Program.


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  1. John Markarian said:

    It is quite interesting that Mr.Sarkozy is half Turkish Jewish. According to a British historian, Mr.Sarkozy’s great grandfather was neighbors with Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, another Ottoman Jew in the city of Salonica (which is present-day Thessaloniki) so I don’t trust the guy . The French newspaper La Figaro wrote an article that Mr.Sarkozy was a low level Mossad agent. He also pressured the French parliament not do adopt the Armenian genocide anti-denial law. It was convenient of Mr.Sarkozy to invite the Mr.Sarkissian to France right before elections to fool the French Armenians into voting for this clown. I truly hope that the French(including French Armenians) vote for a Socialist or a Gaulist party candidate because they have always been friends with the Armenians. The best relations we had was with Mr.Chirac, a truely great man who followed the honorable traditions of the great Frenchman President Charles De Gaulle.

  2. John Markarian said:

    It is important to note that Mr.Sarkozy even told the press that passing the Armenian genocide anti-denial law would threaten military contracts between France and Turkey. You simply can’t trust this guy because he is close to the extremist elements in Israel.

  3. Edward Demian said:

    All this time I thought that he was of Hungarian descent. The Jewish connection would not have been helpful for the French electorate. If he is Jewish, than his sentiments are inclined to be with the Zionist camp. But Armenian politicians are likely inclined to look favorably towards Armenian political ideals too. Rather than griping, support Armenian candidates everywhere. Learn from the Jews.

  4. facs said:

    ‎ I would recommend President Serzh Sarkisian to put an end to the corruption, special well ‎‎known corruption practices at Megri – at Armenian /Iranian borders. Every year 1000´s of ‎‎tourists are crossing Megri and always every year tourists see the same dirty toilets, dirty ‎‎waiting room, and corrupt customer officials and corrupt police officers , who stop cars ‎demanding money for apparently “driving to fast” .. Who demand about 5000 drams from ‎tourist in ‎order to not check the vehicles and let them pass .. Else they have to wait for hours ‎till a ‎‎“sexy Russian “lady starts to check the passports.. The situation at Megir is a shame for ‎our ‎young republic! ‎ ‎

  5. Berge said:

    John…you’re full of shit…Sarkozy is a Hungarian…born in France…that simple…go get your facts straight before you talk.

    Hungarians have always been friends with us…but anyways…Sarkozy is only the President of France…nothing else…he really has nothing much to do with foreign policy,,,it is dictated to him by French Bureaucrats, who, if they say Armenia is good, then he kneels down and he kisses your ass…if they say Armenia is bad…then he kicks your ass…Presidents have no power….Obama, the man who said, yes WE CAN DO , pledged to recognize the Armenian genocide was castrated as soon as he claimed the white house… buddy, relax, calm down, think about it and be sure not to shake he boat when you state an opinion.

    • said:

      Hello Berge! When were Hungarians friends with us? They are TURKS! They were with the German Nazis during the WWII! Look at another famous Hungarian – George Soros! This “American” billionaire funds numerous anti-Armenian initiatives and a whole university in Budapest, Hungary to promote Pan-Turan ideology with Azeri Turk “scholars” running the show there.

      The only difference is that they arrived from the North – their relatives are Turkic speaking Hanty-Mansy, Mordva, Samoyed, etc. in Northern Finland and Russia. It does not change their Turkish nomad nature. No matter how many centuries passed. Their language is Turkic, their historic memory is the same – they had to KILL the native populations to settle on the lands they occupy now and they are still at odds with their Slavic neighbors.

  6. John said:

    The true value of Armenia’s relationship with foreign governments lies in creating values which can facilitate a common understanding and mutual benefit, and not the national heritage of certain world leaders.

    I don’t think the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, alone, can help Armenia determine what country is friendly or not. The Armenian genocide recognition benefits Armenians, what’s in it for the other side?

    The Armenian genocide recognition can be achieved only when a foreign government sees a mutual benefit from doing so. Armenia should make itself attractive to foreign countries; investments, have a strong middle class, which requires the establishment of just social conditions, instil people’s trust in a system where it would be possible to change a government by the votes of the ordinary citizens. Only then Armenia’s political prestige will grow internationally and all other issues will find proper solutions.

    We are a long way from that reality.