Azeri Snipers Kill 1 Soldier, Injure 2

Azeri snipers kill Armenian soldier

STEPANAKERT—Azeri snipers killed a Nagorno-Karabakh Republic soldier at 5 p.m. local time Wednesday on the border of Karabakh and Azerbaijan, reported the military press service.

Yuri Sargsyan, 24, died from a gunshot wound to the head while on military duty in the western part of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic and Azerbaijan border. An investigation is underway.

In the village of Chinar in Armenia’s Tavush Province, 2 servicemen were injured as a result of Azeri sniper fire.

Henrik Khachatryan and Khachatur Sukiasyan, both 18, were injured, the Armenian Defense Ministry reported. An investigation has been launched.


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  1. Khatch said:

    How many more Armenian soldiers are going to be killed for the Armenian govenment to punish the Azeries with preamptive strikes and stop this nonsense.

  2. Edward Demiraiakian said:

    I said it before. Every time they kill one of us, we need to take more of their land. About a hectar. We should dedicate that land to the victim. That way, they will stop. Otherwise, tit for tat does not work. Because we would have to kill ten of them for each one of us.

  3. ZARMAIR said:

    God Bless you young soldier “And flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest”

  4. Arman said:

    What’s wrong with this picture: 1) The bullet proof helmets are not bullet proof.
    2) The commanders are stationing 18 year olds on border guard duty. The role of border guard is the most dangerous duty in peacetime. Read back to the Old Testament about Uriah the Hittite… after King David wanted Uriah’s wife, he sent him to serve in the most dangerous part of the Kingdom of Israel, whereupon Uriah was promptly killed in action. In Armenia’s case the most dangerous part of the country is the border with Azerbaijan. Armenia being a country with two years of mandatory conscription, it should be the Army’s policy to only send second year servicemen to the borders, and not first year. Assuming Khachatryan and Sukiasyan were both conscripted at age 18, and they’re still 18 now that they’re been wounded, this means they have been in the Army for only a few months, yet they are sent to serve and possibly die on the borders. Their country ought to consider the net worth of their service AND THEIR LIVES, as being worth more than just a couple of months training (in which they learn too much spit shining boots, saluting, and ironing uniforms, and learn far too little military knowledge and experience, which will ultimately enhance their combat readiness and save their lives). You can put boots, a uniform, a helmet, and a rifle on a plastic manicen, and do the same with a conscript. The only difference is that the manicen has no life to lose…….while the conscript does. UNTIL rock solid martial skill is taught to that conscript (WHICH TAKES TIME), skill which will enable him to kill without BEING killed, that conscript might just as well be a plastic manicen dummy standing on border duty just waiting to be shot at, even if they try their best not to stick their heads out. THE BODY COUNT IS STILL CLIMBING………

  5. zohrab said:

    enough is enough our young soldiers are dying. smarten up do some tactics fool them around use dummy soldiers anything to confuse the enemy.then plan an area where there are regular snipers capture them set an example so they will no more

  6. ARARADE Mer ne! said:

    When will we retaliate?
    10 enemy soldiers for each Armenian nahadag!

  7. Stewie said:

    Gee, that’s too bad! Now maybe they’ll know that their Armenian troops are in a place illegally. Get out of NK and bring back the 600K+ Azeri refugees to their homes!! Armenian troops…go back to Armenia!!

    • facts said:

      go back to Mongolia and central Asia and leave the occupied Armenian lands and return the ‎stolen wealth and gold from Armenian people during and after the Armenian Genocide!‎

    • Z said:

      Stupid cat, we defend our homeland at any price. In case you didn’t know, NKR is Armenian.

    • Grish Begian said:

      Of course Armenian will ‘stew” barbarian cowards.. to teach them a good lesson!!Turks are slow learners and have lower should tune your radio for next news, of course most of them erase by Mr. alioff fake army!!

    • ARARADE Mer ne! said:

      Stewie I think you meant the 600 Azeris :) not 600K
      Besides, if we Armenians were as barbaric as your people “turks and azeris” are we would have massacred all 600K refugees just like your people did to ours for many years, but believe it or not and unfortunately we are more civilized than your Azeri propaganda portrays.
      I suggest you read some unbiased historical archives to determine yourself to whom that land belongs.
      Long Live NK

    • Pongo said:

      What did you drink yesterday? The only unlegal occupants are the Turks and the Azeris, which in the century have invaded the Armenian land with violence.
      Sooner they’ll invade even your country, and you’ll see the reality then…

    • Avery said:

      Stewie oglu: check this out: “Armenia’s Armed Forces on Wednesday took punitive actions against Azerbaijani subdivisions and, as a result, two Azerbaijani servicemen were killed. ”
      “According to Azerbaijani media, 20-year-old soldier Novruz Aliyev and 22-year-old sergeant Suleyman Askerov were killed after a fire exchange in the direction of Terter and Tovus regions.” (Oct 6, 2011).

      Gee, that’s too bad: the ratio should have been 5-to-1, same as during the Artsakh War of Survival and Liberation. You remember that, Stewie-oglu, don’t you ? For every 1 Armenian soldier KIA, Azeris gave up 5 soldiers KIA.

      Time for you Azeri-Tatars to start buying real-estate in the beautiful open spaces around Altai Mountains and the Mongolian Steppes with all the surplus cash the Aliyev clan has amassed. Sooner or later you guys have to leave all the occupied historic Armenian lands and return to your homeland. You have overstayed your visa.

    • Basil said:

      Getting shot at and having troops killed during a (mutually signed and not forced) cease fire is going to showing a single thing: if Arzax is going back to Aliyevstan, then the next shots are going to fall at the Armenian border. The 1933-Germany-like indocrinated people of Azerbaijan are never going to get enough of hate for others (now Armenians and Iranians, who is next? Jews and Kurds like in Turkey maybe?) and self-glorification.

      Then, there never were 600.000 Azeris in NK when it was a de facto part of Azerbaijan; a little bit of logic could help you here: Arzaxs population is less than 150.000, and they were a majority back in 1990. If you are talking about refugees that fled from Armenia, how about talking the other way round too? After all the tensions started out in Baku, Sumgait… but I guess you just can’t help but being hypocritical? What about Naxichevan, are you going to let Armenians back there too?

      By the way, right now Azeri civilians are free to go to Armenia without any complications, maybe we start talking about the refugees-issue once Armenian boxers aren’t being literally stoned during AIBA hosted matches in Baku for being Armenian?

      But I guess it would be very convenient for you if the Armenians from Arzax would actually move to Armenia. That would bring you a lot closer to your Panturkic dreams, wouldn’t it now? Turkey, Azeristan, Turkmenistan, Usbekistan all combined, no borders but the Caspic Sea, doesn’t that sound wonderful? Too bad a major part of that dream is taking part on Armenian, Iranian and Kurdish soil, and this is as far as your fascist, violent ideology is going to get you. Mind you, Azerbaijan is the only country where the well known fascists of the grey wolves have an own party…

    • john said:

      10 enemy criminal soldiers for each Armenian nahadag!

      this will go on until the pain become to much to bear for you.

    • john said:

      Gee, that’s too bad! Now maybe aerie will start a new war so Artsh will liberate more of her territories.

      turks go back to mongolia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • john said:

      Azerbaijani Army’s overtime serviceman commits suicide

      [ 06 Oct 2011 18:02 ]
      Baku. Hafiz Heydarov – APA. A resident of Nakhchivan committed suicide, prosecutor’s office of Kangarli region told APA.

      The incident took place in Gyvrag village of the region. Madat Murad Veliyev, born in 1989, hanged himself in a storehouse located in his yard because of family disputes. His body was found by the relatives much later after the suicide.

      The prosecutor’s office launched criminal investigation into the fact.

      Veliyev was an overtime serviceman of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry’s Nakhchivan-based military unit.

    • john said:

      Mine hits Azerbaijani serviceman
      6 October 2011, 16:52 (GMT+05:00)

      Azerbaijan , Baku, Oct. 6 / Trend , K.Zarbaliyeva /

      An Azerbaijani Defense Ministry serviceman was blown up by a mine.

      Agjabadi military unit Sergeant Hikmet Babashov was blown up by a mine while repairing a tractor owned by the military unit on the road in the Yukhari Giyamadinli village, a military service told Trend.

      Babashov got slightly injured in leg and was hospitalized. A fact is under investigation. The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry confirmed the fact.


    • john said:

      Azerbaijani Army’s overtime serviceman commits suicide

      [ 06 Oct 2011 18:02 ]
      Baku. Hafiz Heydarov – APA. A resident of Nakhchivan committed suicide, prosecutor’s office of Kangarli region told APA.

      The incident took place in Gyvrag village of the region. Madat Murad Veliyev, born in 1989, hanged himself in a storehouse located in his yard because of family disputes. His body was found by the relatives much later after the suicide.

      The prosecutor’s office launched criminal investigation into the fact.

      Veliyev was an overtime serviceman of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry’s Nakhchivan-based military unit.


    • Varouj Asdourian said:

      Get lost Stewie! Read up on history. NK was never Azeri territory to begin with. Stalin gave it to tthem as a political ploy in the early years od he Soviet Union. nK has always been Armenian territory. Plus I see yo conveniently forgot to mention the Armenian massacres in Baku and all the Armenian refugees that were systematically deported. History does not lie but Azeris and their Turkish cousins do it all the time

    • elena said:

      I don’t wanna teach you about humanity and stuff since it’s something you must have if you are human but it’s not right to say gee if anyone, doesn’t matter who, dies. It clearly shows you disrespect toward everything in life and yourself at the top of it. So, there’s no need to show your national charactristics here. You may need to answer for what you say soon.

    • Kombushaa said:

      Nagorno Karapagh has always belonged to Armenia, and will always do. Russia offered it to Azerbeijan in the times of URSS, it is Armenia’s property. And Karapagh’s majority is and has always been Armenians no Azeris. Get your facts right before you say something.

    • Vartan said:

      FYI “stewie” LOL

      NKR: Baku will pay back threefold for every lost life of an Armenian soldier
      October 7, 2011 – 18:21 AMT

      PanARMENIAN.Net – Nagorno Karabakh defence army does not violate ceasefire, only resorting to retaliatory measures to protect themselves, which, in turn, may bring to losses on Azeri side, according to head of the of NKR defence army press service.

      Commenting on recent incidents at contact line, Senor Asratyan noted that the adversary will have to pay back threefold for every lost life of an Armenian soldier.

      “Azeris are a life proof of the law of boomerang effect, with every attempt to harm Armenian soldiers followed by deaths on their side, which are caused by acts of violence or moral lapse inside the Azeri army, rather than Armenian army’s actions,” Asratyan said, citing the death of 1 and injuries of 2 Armenian soldiers followed by deaths of 2 Azeri soldiers over ceasefire violation and suicide of 1.

      The official urged the Azeri army against ceasefire violation and provocative actions to prevent further losses.

      According to Artsakh defence army data, in September –October 2011, 13 Azeri soldiers were killed (including 2 suicides) and 12 injured. Over the same period, 3 deaths and 2 injuries were reported in Artsakh army.

    • Responder said:

      How can you be a refugee in your own country? Perhaps the Azeri government should take better care of its 600K+ refugees (currently dispersed within Azerbaijani).

    • Simon said:

      Stewie, you are so wrong
      I don’t know what your name means, but its “wiered”
      Listen pal: Armenian patience is getting thinner. If this continues, we know what to do.To begin with, to teach you history, thers is no country called Azerbajan. Its occupied territory from Armania and Pursia.
      Well, you say 600,000 refugees (wrong), I say 1.5 million armenians killed and the rest forcefully dislocated in 1915 but your Turk cousins. We will come after all your oilfields, and damage them to sent you to stone age. Be careful Azeris, and stop killing of young heroes

    • Vrej said:

      I think you have some good advice for us. ” go back to Armenia”.
      We are in Armenia, Artsahk is Armenia so thank you for your insightful advice.

    • Mabuballah said:

      Are YOU an American, Stewie? Where’s your “home”? Armenians have been in NK for over two millenia, and they have the discovery of an ancient city to prove it. Against that backdrop, where do you belong?

    • bigmoustache said:

      600,000 +? wow that that number gets bigger every time. i remember when stats showed that azeris didnt even make up 15% of karapagh population, so were going to withddraw for 15%? 85% armenians are going to live under the turk again? keep dreaming!
      we had hundreds of thousands of armenians become refugees too, so why dont you STFU and protest your government to spend some of those petro-dollars on the refugees. stupid azeris are getting shafted by their own country and they cant see it

    • john said:

      another “azeri” bites the dust.

      Ge stewie-oglu what is happening? you’re dropping like files now. LOL

      Արցախյան զինված ուժերը կրկին պատժել են հակառակորդին
      18:25 . 11/10
      Հայկական կողմից արձակված կրակոցից սպանվել է ադրբեջանական բանակի զինծառայող Մահմուդ Մարդալիեւը:
      “Երկիր մեդիայի” տեղեկություններով, ադրբեջանցի զինծառայողը սպանվել է արցախյան զինված ուժերի կողմից իրականացված պատժիչ գործողությունների հետեւանքով:
      Նույն կերպ՝ որպես պատասխան գործողություն, հոկտեմբերի 5-ին Չինարի գյուղի հատվածում Հայաստանի զինված ուժերը պատժիչ գործողություններ էին ձեռնարկել հակառակորդի նկատմամբ, ինչի արդյունքում երկու ադրբեջանցի զինվոր է սպանվել:

  8. Edward Demian said:

    Look Stewie, If anyone is going anywhere, the Tatars will be the ones to go back to Mongolistan. The Kurds, the Talish, the Alans, the Georgians will always be there to take your place. I can’t wait for the Azery army to go “charge”,and as the Tatars will charge, they’ll look around and find that there will be no one there. The land is populated by a lot of ethnc minorities which are very nervous about how you have treated the Armenians. They know that they are next. Do you think that they are going to die for the Tatar ambitions? If the Tatars want to live in a medieval world, with a medieval mentality, than expect a medieval outcome. The Tatars have started 3 wars in recent history, and lost all three. And lost them to the miserable and despised Armenians. Have you paid attention to what happened in Abchazia? The Bagratian Armenian batallion joined the Abchazians and beat the Georgians and all their American weapons and advisors. You need to be afraid, really afraid. Because the Armenians are itching for your army to start something. they are on a roll, and everyone is rooting for them. The Iranians won’t help you, The Turks can’t get to you. The Russians are with the Armenians. You are alone and vulnerable. Like a rich man in a bad neighborhood. Always looking over your shoulder. Because of it’s oil, other nations are singing your song, but privately they all think the same thing. That the Tatars are a primitive murderous bunch. If the Azery leaders had any intelligence, they would have started with a massive development campaign, building roads, electricity, medical facilities, schools, financial aid to farmers and entrepreneurs; All smart and progressive ways. Why would the Armenians want to separate then? Instead, the Azery government decided to do the primitive, medieval thing. Passport checks, abuse, intimidation, rape, murder. You reap what you sow.

  9. Peter said:

    Stewie, NK is rightfully called Artsahk; and Artsahk is rightfully Armenia. If you want to bring back the 600K+ Azeri’s who are living as inhumane guests on our land, by all means, go ahead and lead them back…we’ll be more than happy to escort them right back OFF our lands as soon as they come.

  10. Ararat said:

    The Azeris were in Karabakh illegally and we took care of that. Karabakh was facing the same destiny as Nakhichevan did, but instead it was successfully and heroically liberated and returned to its true people, the Armenians. The Azeris succeeded in eradicating the indigenous Armenian population from Nakhichevan and it is our national duty to uproot the Azeris from there and welcome hundreds of thousands of Armenians who had to flee due to attacks, racism and discriminatory policies. We must surround and take over Nakhichevan, restore and resurrect the sacred cemeteries and cross stones of our ancestors destroyed by racist Azeris AND we must reciprocate in kind and drive them out for good.

    We must also put snipers on the Turkish border and make them realize they are occupying Armenian provinces in eastern Anatolia illegally. We should make them get out of Armenian provinces by any means possible and welcome millions of Diaspora Armenians, who are the descendents of the Armenian Genocide survivors, back to their homeland.

    It is time to turn our defensive forces into an offensive force. Only we can be the masters of our destiny and the only language Turks understand and respond to is the language of force. Restore Armenian homeland and never give an inch.

  11. Monte said:

    Arstakh is apart of Armenia, so is Nakhichevan, upper Arstakh and Western Armenia….The only reason it was placed under Azeri control under the soviet union was because of a sick, twisted dictator named Stalin who arbitrarily decided to give those lands to you even though they were mainly populated by Armenians for thousands of years. You should be happy that you guys have an access to s sea port unlike us. All we want is what is ours.

  12. john said:

    Azeri snipers killed one Armenian soldier and injured another one, in retaliation Armenian soldiers killed two azeri snipers

    Destroyed two Azeri sniper
    5 October at 17.00 in the eastern part of the boundary of the Artsakh and Azerbaijan Azeri sniper fire killed a soldier of the NKR Yuri Sargsyan Aramovich. On the same day, in the 13.00 at the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia, near the village of Chinar Tavush region, as a result of sniper fire from the Azerbaijani side, injured soldiers of the National Army of Armenia Henry R. Khachatryan, 1992 and Khachatur Sukiasyan Grantovich born 1993

    According to information received from reliable sources the information, at about 16.00 hours, the Armenian soldiers to retaliate against Azerbaijani snipers in the village of Chinar Tavush region. As a result of punitive action Armenian armed forces succeeded in destroying two Azerbaijani snipers – the killers.…011-10-05-7778

    This is just the BEGINNING.

  13. Peter Megerdumiam said:

    The NKR army needs to build bunkers where soldiers can be stationed and safe from sniper attack. Furthermore soldiers patrolling in trenches should use periscope binoculars to monitor the enemy so that they don’t have stick their head out of the trench to observe the enemy. There needs to be a greater use of armoured vehicles in the border area.. Precise retaliation with mortar fire can be an effective way to neutralize the enemy sniper .The sniper rifles used by the Azeris are 14.5 mm to 12 mm and this can puncture through body armor so being inside an armored vehicle or in a bunker is the only safe protection.

  14. hagop meldonian said:

    armenian troops do not waite longer teach them the lesson they will never forget once & for all

  15. Gaytzag said:

    Get hold of yourself and know the REAL HISTORY. All the Nagorno-Kaapakh/Artsakh lands and much more were part of the Armenian Highlands LANDS. Today’s so called Azerbaijan first off; it’s a stolen name from north east state of Persia and secondly; 100 years ago there was no Azerbaijan until Stalin gave it away as a gift to Kemal Ataturk our Nakhichevan and Artsakh to the Azeris. Plus thanks to the Azeri pogroms who mutiliated and barbarically murdered thousands of Armenians, Armenians to defend themselves went into war that Azerbaijan initiated the war and Armenians won the war. Since there is legal ceasefire that Azerbaijan does not comply with. Artsakh is an Armenian land and instead of Azerbaijan buying billions of dollars’ worth armaments, they should make better homes for their refugees.

  16. ArdeVast Atheian said:

    A sniper is only as good as his rifle. How is it we are not equipping our troops with matching rifles so they can revisit their Azeri counterparts with a piece of their own medicine?

  17. Sheila said:

    The loss of 1 Armenian soldier is a trajedy. I hope we retaliate in tenfold measure. They need to accept that Artsakh is Armenian land, and move on with their lives.

  18. Hayq said:

    I think for the next Armenian Telethon, we should collect money to give to Stewie as the man clearly lacks a brain. Armenian soldiers killed 2 Azeris in retaliation of this. I agree with Ararade Mer Ne, how about 10 for every 1!

  19. Gary said:

    Shut ur face Stewie. That’s our land and mountain. Your people will pay for it every single days of your lives.

  20. john said:

    Armenian side continues punishment for the ceasefire violation

    By at 11 October, 2011, 5:25 pm

    A soldier of Azerbaijani Army was killed on the contact line, APA informs.

    According to the Azerbaijani source the soldier of the Azerbaijani Army Mardaliyev Mahmud Museddin was killed by the fire of Armenian side.

    Mardaliyev was drafted from Gobustan military commissariat in January, 2011.

    Remind that Azerbaijani side violated ceasefire regime some days ago and injured two Armenian soldiers. One Armenian soldier was killed as a result of the ceasefire violation. These actions are Armenian response to the aggressor Azerbaijan. They were warned not to violate ceasefire otherwise they would be punished.


  21. Vrej said:

    hamozvatzenk vor myan zenkov ga hyots pergootune……..Getze Hyasdan yev Getze mer hye heghopagan Tashnagtutune..