Sarkozy Urges Turkey to Recognize Genocide

Presidents Sarkozy and Sarkisian place flowers at Dzidzernagapert

YEREVAN (Combined Sources)—Saying “Collective denial is even worse than individual denial,” French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is visiting Armenia said after laying a wreath at Dzidzernagapert and urged Turkey to “revisit” its own history.

“The Genocide of Armenians is a historic reality that was recognized by France,” he added. “We are always stronger when we look our history in the face, and denial is not acceptable.”

Asked whether France will pass a law criminalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide, Sarkozy replied by saying that if Turkey does not take responsibility further action would be warranted.

“If Turkey revisited its history, looked it in the face, with its shadows and highlights, this recognition of the genocide would be sufficient. But if Turkey will not do this, then without a doubt it would be necessary to go further,” he said.

“Turkey, which is a great country, would be honorable to revisit its history like the other great countries in the world have done: Germany, France,” he told journalists.

Sarkozy arrived in Yerevan Thursday as part of his official visit to the region.

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  1. Berj said:

    Bravo Monsieur le Président. Finally a world leader who has the guts (sick…) to stand up to “the sick man of Europe”. But we should not be sitting on our laurels just because the leader of a country acknowledges a fact; it is up to us to stand up and take what is rightfully ours. It took others 2000 years, we should be able to do it in 200. Never give up.

  2. Stepan said:

    How refreshing to hear these words!!! Bravo to Sarkozy and to the Armenian community of france>

  3. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Sarkozy is a real man
    Short and brave
    He knows very well
    What Turks had done
    And still do
    To hide the truth…

    Shame on every politician
    Who play with fire filled with sweat of humans…
    Skulls of genocided are still burning
    Can’t turn into ashes
    Politician…MPs’… Presidents
    Helping tyrants to continue their road
    Filling it with Blood…Bones…
    Instead of roses
    Supporting the scavengers…
    To do more…
    What their genes were born to do…
    from many centuries past…

    Written Instantly

  4. Hrant (Din) K. said:

    Whether it’s genuine or upcoming French elections’ related, the mere fact of President Sarkozy’s visit

    to Dzidzernagapert is as much important as President Chirak’s latest visit. President Obama should follow

    their steps, if he wants to stand a chance to be re-elected, and discredit the fact, that “French do it better”!!!

  5. facts said:

    Still not a single Armenian in France should give his vote to Sarkozy!!‎
    For Sarkozy Jewish state is a miracle (he don’t promises even to Jews community in France to ‎be in such way pro Israel as President of France) – well nothing against such statement but he ‎finally acted the way he had promised in hidden to criminal Turkish government!‎

  6. Vazken said:

    This President of France is a “Scarecraw” and turks know it. With his insuficient expression…of “its shadows and highlights…” on a historic fact of frances’ envolvement in that history… he is an insult for France.

  7. Gary Artinian said:

    Like every other president, or State, he is using Armenian genocide as a pawn in his chess game with Turkey.

  8. zareh said:

    Sarkozy’s visit to Armenia is a pure political ploy to woo Armenian voters in France for the upcoming presidential elections. Sarkozy opposed the French Senate passing the Armenian Genocide criminalization bill. Deeds are more important than words. He is just another politician whose sole purpose is reelection.
    Just telling Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide is akin to Obama’s campaign promise to recognize the Genocide.
    When will the Armenian people realize that the only salvation of our destiny is through unity of the global Armenian diaspora, creation of jobs in the homeland and eradication of corruption at home. A strong Armenia demographically, militarily, culturally and financially is the only way to force Turkey into the recognition of the Genocide and eventual compensation through transfer of historical Armenian territories to the present day Armenia and financial compensation of the heirs of the brutally murdered Armenians all across the Ottoman Empire and historic Armenian provinces of present day phony Turkish Republic.

  9. Vahe said:

    Sarkozy Talk is cheap; criminalize genocide denial in France, whether or not Turkey takes responsibility.

  10. Komidas H.Badolian said:

    It is a great pleasure to welcome Sarkozy’s invitation to those Turks. We need more and more countries and Heads of countires to follow Sarkozi’s footstep, being skeptical is normal, we have been lied to so many times and by so many people, and I mean like Presidents?…
    Anyhow lets hope one of these days Turkey will realize that Armenia and Armenians even though we are a small country and a small population, BUT WE ARE LIKE “DIAMOND”.

  11. Gaytzag said:

    I am glad that President Sarkozy went to Armenia for two whole days and he is friends with Armenians. He is a good man.

  12. Edward Demian said:

    Wow, I’m a little surprised. I guess public opinion is changing as the Jews and the Turks are falling out of love. Never in my lifetime did I suspect that Armenia would obtain independence. And then, the heavens opened and there was “mana”. Let us be ready for the challenge. The heavens may once again open and reward us with “Wilson’s territorial award”. Will we be ready? Keep your eyes on the prize.

  13. Somebody said:

    As soon as France recognizes the algerian, the tunesian, the sysrian and african genocides committed by them, they will have the right telling others what to recognize, and what not.

    • Gary_S said:

      If Germany can recognize its dark past, why can’t Turkey? Always come up with excuses!

  14. ArdeVast Atheian said:

    If Turkey had not created it would there have been an Azerbaijan? And if they didn’t have the oil would they have been able to finance their hate and defamation campaign in their Islamic circles?
    Turkey created Azerbaijan so they can play to the world ‘They did it to us and now we Armenians are doing it to them’. Shame on those imposters.

  15. zograp said:

    Thank you President Nicolas Sarkozy You know there are many President .in this world but you are, HANDS DOWN one of the BEST I have had the pleasure of meeting. Thank you for your support and.. It meant the world to me when I really needed . God Bless .France and Your family!

  16. Bob Mason (Vormnaterian) said:

    I appreciate the persuasive efforts for Turkey to just cross this line, the same line that modern Germans have had to cross long ago, acknowledging what was done and moving on.

    People who love freedom everywhere, however, should be chilled by every impulse to criminalize historical views and expressions whether they are correct or not. Criminalizing holocaust or genocide denial does nothing to persuade anyone of the truth. In fact, it makes the truth less believable. If laws are required to prop up the truth, then the implication (intended or not) is that the truth can’t stand on its own 2 feet.

    I know that holocaust denial is criminalized in Europe. I pray that the truth of the Armenian genocide will not be undermined by the same kind of liberty-denying support.

  17. Z. Ken Darian said:

    France is a great country. How come the U.S. who claims to be a great democracy, above all others, etc, cannot dare to recognize the Armenian genocide.

  18. Fred said:

    I Urge Yerevan to recognise Karabakhs independence from Azerbaijan. It is about time the home of Armenian people acted as the home of Armenian people.

  19. Raffi said:

    You’r right ZARAH, The Armenian people should realize that the only salvation of our destiny is through unity of the global Armenian diaspora, creation of jobs in the homeland and eradication of corruption at home. A strong Armenia demographically, militarily, culturally and financially is the only way.