Erdogan Says No Ties if Cyprus Assumes EU Presidency

Prime Minister Erdogan

KIZILCAHAMAM, Turkey (Hürriyet Daily News)—Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan slammed the European Union saying it was “slinging mud” at Turkey in its latest accession progress report and disparaged the bloc over its financial woes.

Erdoğan ruled out any dialogue with the EU if Cyprus takes over its rotating presidency next year and argued that rectifying injustices against the Turkish Cypriots had now become a “matter of honor” for the bloc.

“The progress report has once again shown the serious eclipse of reason at the EU. Turkey is closer to EU norms than ever and we all know why things are actually stuck,” Erdoğan said in a speech at his party’s gathering at Kızılcahamam, near Ankara, over the weekend.

“And their state of affairs is evident: they are crumbling, their currency is in disarray. But Turkey is up on its feet, and no thanks to them but to its own people,” he said.

Erdoğan pledged Turkey would stay on the path of reform, but said that abandoning the Turkish Cypriots will “not be the price we pay to overcome obstructions” in the accession process.

Stressing that Cyprus was granted membership despite rejecting a reunification plan at the 2004 referendum, Erdoğan said: “This problem is now a matter of honor for the EU. They will either implement their 2004 decision and open the door for trade with the Turkish Cypriots or will continue to spoil the Greek Cypriot side and live with this shame forever.”

Erdoğan dismissed Cyprus as “a country that is null and void for us,” adding that, “the EU will fail to find Turkey for six months” if Cyprus takes over the EU presidency in July despite the island’s persisting division.

Decrying a Cypriot drive for gas drilling in the east Mediterranean, he warned that “those who claim unilateral ownership of the island’s riches will see a multi-fold response by Turkey.”


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    • Camel Anaturk said:

      Barking dogs dont bite,dear Zohrab-this one does sensing its end-and dogs are noble animals,compared to the turkey politicians.

  1. Camel Anaturk said:

    Wellcome to the next Frankenstein monster created in the labs of the super-duper powers.Here we have the new Osama bin Langley,with a li`l help from our Lubyanka mates.This is the perfect symbol of today`s Pax Americana,ready to start the 3rd world war to be billed as the next arab spring.Now we can safely wait for Armagedon,if we can get out of our cold turkey state of mind.Vonts ek???

  2. Gary_S said:

    What did he say, “Turkey is closer to EU norms than ever and we all know why things are actually stuck,”
    Did any of the EU do genocide against its population? Did any of the EU LIE about it?
    Does any of the EU take over mosques and declare that it owns them? Turkey has many Christian churches and turns them to museums. Look at Haiga Sophia! A Greek chuch.
    Does any of the EU countries have bar Muslims from getting jobs like Turkey does?

  3. Hrant (Din) K. said:

    The Sick Man (sorry pathological Bully) wants to blackmail the EU for 6 months. Why don’t the Europeans

    throw all the turks from Europe, especially from Germany, Holland, Great Britain n France then we’ll see how

    fast erdogan’e people will come to it’s knees! erdogan’s tactics n dirty rotten scoundrels can only mud

    himself and his party. He has been unmasked by the Europeans, Greeks, Kurds, Armenians, Cypriots,

    Iranians, Syrians, Israelis and Lebanese and many many more!!! A wolf, no matter how much lambswool it

    wears, remains a wolf. erdogan forgets or ignores the fact, that the number of wolf hunters have multiplied

    100fold, since Davos, 1983, 1974 and 24 April 1915!!! (7)

  4. manooshag said:

    The EU has been against the Turkeys joining into the European Union for a very long time… It is only the Turks who do not recognize that they are not welcome to join the European Union – still thinking that one day the Turkeys will be eventually be albe to join the European Union. This is typical mentality of Turkeys – they only interpret that which they perceive to be beneficial to themselves. Does not the Turk leaderships see what havoc the flood of Turks into Europe has cost the nations that permitted Turkeys to come into their nations. As usual, Turkeys see, hear, smell only that which they want to see, hear, smell… they are still of the hordes from the Asian mountains… Their leaderships still believing they are the one and only peoples who are due and deserving (for what?) and constantly seeking which is not to be theirs – as if belonging rightfully and only – to muslim Turks.

    • Abdul Baser said:

      Do you really think majority of the Turks want to join EU. You are wrong mate. Let me tell you!! There will be no EU left in a few years (even if there is who the hell will join) anyways!! Greece, irland’ spain potugal and italy screwed by germans slowly but surely!! So, who the hell are you kidding??

  5. Vrej said:

    ” Erdoğan dismissed Cyprus as “a country that is null and void for us” ” … from the leadership of a barbaric country whose own existence is a slap in the face of honor and humanity.

    “When I consider history, I find that there has been no nation that has practiced more blasphemy of God, brutally, shameful fornication, and every kind of wild and chaotic living than the Turks.”
    —Philipp Melanchthon