Kazakhstan to Host First Summit of Turkic-Speaking Countries


ASTANA, Kazakhstan—“The 1st Summit of Turkic-Speaking Countries Cooperation Council (TURKSOY) will take place on October 20-21 in Almaty with the participation of the Presidents of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey’s Prime Minister,” an official spokesman for the Kazakh Foreign Ministry, Altai Abibullayev, told a briefing.

TURKSOY Secretary General Dyusen Kasseinov and Secretary General of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Turkic-Speaking Countries (TurkPA) Ramil Hassanov have also been invited to the summit.

Following the results of the summit a final document, known as the Almaty Declaration, will be issued.

“The high-level meeting will focus on urgent international and regional issues, key priorities of extension of trade and economic, cultural and humanitarian cooperation between the Turkic-speaking countries,” he added.

The Turkic Council claims that it contributes to strengthening of cultural and humanitarian, scientific and technical cooperation. The Turkic Council is an organization comprising Turkic-speaking countries. It is open for accession by other interested Turkic countries.


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  1. Norin Radd said:

    Before Krygstan and Kazakstan sit down with these Turkish/Azeri animals at the same table, they should first look into their own history and ponder whether they are “Turkic speaking” due to natural cultural origination or whether at some point in time, they indeed had their own language and way of life and became “Turkic speaking” via the policies of subjugation, murder, and intimidation during Turkey’s “Ottomon” days.

    Kyrgiz people are very kind and intelligent and have a more mongolian lineage and far east heritage as oppose to a Turkish one, whatever Turkish influence and “Turkish speaking” there is in that nation is due to a policy of rape and molestation enacted by Ottoman and Seljuk Turks. Similar circumstances can be said of the people of Kazakstan, their cultural was destroyed and replaced with “Turkish speech”. Before sitting down with Turkey, both of these nations should look into their past and where they came from and what these fellow “Turkic speaking” Turks mongrels have taken from them. . .

      • Basil said:

        Elchin at his best again, I love this guy.

        Random dude insults a whole people. Elching calls the ethnicity the random dude belongs to uncivilized because the random dude insulted his (Elchins) ethnicity.

        See where this is flawed? He sure as hell doesn’t. :]

    • Camel Anaturk said:

      Dear Norin Radd,the `leaders` of former USSR -stan countries do not represent their people but the former `communists` and their kgbs .And it is very far-fetched to call the hundreds of tribes these countries consist nations.Its just an example of Money talks, bull,pardon, turkey walks.

    • Hratch said:

      Same could be said of the so-called Arab countries. Outside oof the Arabian penesula, all have been subjected to Arabization with the use of the sword.

    • Arman said:

      Yeah, they still have not given up on the idea of Pan-Turanism/Pan-Turkism, and that means Armenia can not let its guard down. It can never let its guard down until Turkey is made to pay!

  2. Arman said:

    The Turkish and Azeri Presidents staged a photography session of several other Altaic Turkic “brethren” Presidents from Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan in the Armenian territory of Nakhichevan, though it is under Azerbaijani occupation. This is the very motive that led the Young Turks to conduct the Armenian Genocide…to unite all Turkic speaking Central and East Asians under one Turkish Empire with its capitol in Istanbul or Ankara. The Armenians were in their way, so they did a genocide.

  3. Ahmet said:

    Do armenians have pan-armenian games? if yes, why is the pan-Turkist summit bothering you?

    • Basil said:

      Are you serious? By the way, if it wasn’t for certain events in the beginning of the 20th century, there wouldn’t be Pan-Armenian games. Because pretty much all Armenians would be at one location.

  4. Nazim said:

    Norin, by using such racist language regarding Azeris/Turks, you prove only your own inferiority (your personal, that is. Not that of your own nation, which merits a lot of respect, even if we are enemies).

    • Basil said:

      Whoever this guy is, he has figured out what makes Elchin look like a hypocrite.
      However, I believe that if a certain ethnicity’s history can be described as savage and barbaric, its the Turkish, so lets not be too politically correct here, ok?

  5. Hayq said:

    Its good to promote culture. I seriously doubt Kazakhstan really cares too much about pan-turkism. They have oil, they have a strong industrial/science connection with Russia, they are part of a strong security agreemenent known as CSTO and part of the SCO.

  6. Stepan said:

    Ahmet, for the obvious reason that the western Armenian community was butchered in the name of PanTuranist intentions. Imperialism and racism as its trademark.