Azerbaijan Gets UN Security Council Seat

UN Security Council

UNITED NATIONS (Associated Press, RFE/RL)—Azerbaijan received the two-thirds support of U.N. member states needed for a Security Council seat Monday after its lead competitor Slovenia dropped out, reported the Associated Press.

Azerbaijan and Slovenia went into a second day of balloting Monday after each failed to get the two-thirds majority needed from the General Assembly for the sole eastern European seat on the U.N.’s most powerful body.

The Slovenian representative announced his country was withdrawing after losing the 17th round to Azerbaijan by a 77-116 vote.

In the final round, Azerbaijan got 155 votes, Slovenia 13 and Hungary 1, with 24 countries abstaining.

Four of the 15-member council’s five new members were chosen more easily on Friday: Pakistan, Morocco, Guatemala, and Togo. Their terms will run from Jan. 1 through the end of 2013.

Security Council seats are highly coveted because they give countries a strong voice in matters dealing with international peace and security.

The new makeup puts Pakistan on the council alongside its regional rival India, which like Colombia, Germany, Portugal and South Africa is serving a two-year term that wraps up at the end of 2012. They’ll also serve with the five permanent, veto-wielding members: China, France, Russia, Britain and the United States.

The five new members replace Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Gabon, Lebanon and Nigeria.

Because ballots are secret, multiple rounds of votes are common in Security Council elections. In 2007, a runoff between Guatemala and Venezuela went 47 rounds before Panama was finally offered, and accepted, the Latin America candidacy.

There was no immediate reaction from Yerevan.

RFE/RL cited a statement last month by Armenian Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian who said Azerbaijan’s membership would run counter to the Security Council’s mission to promote international peace, pointing to Baku’s regular threats to end the Karabakh conflict by force.

“This will not add anything to the reputation of the Security Council,” Nalbandian said. “Quite the opposite.”


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  1. bigmoustache said:

    giving up artsakh is an execution warrant for thousands of armenians
    there are some in armenian society that wouldnt give up artsakh if the whole world was against them,
    thank god for those crazy armenians

  2. Camel Anaturk said:

    Aaah,dear Asbarez editors,the title should read:azeristan buys a UN security c. seat;we all know azeri money can buy an `Euro`vision song `contest`,an olympic medal or two, and now maybe Allahtan ilham should replace good old Bankymoonkey,as he is much more funnier.As the good old Wall street corporate bosses say:Money talks,bull -, pardon turkey walks.Shukran.

  3. The Truth said:

    When ever Azerbaijan is going to conducting anti Armenian and anti Karabakh propaganda , ‎official Stepanakert should forward a copy cease-fire agreement with Azerbaijani. Many ‎international organization and countries as well the leading world press are not aware of the ‎fact, that Baku has indeed signed a cease-fire with defiance units of NK!‎
    Therefore Azerbaijan is doing every thing to make Armenia to start negation on so called ‎‎”peace treaty” hopping to make Armenia by such a trick to be the only side of NK conflict, ‎since Azerbaijan is not happy with the fact that official Baku has signed a cease-fire regime ‎with Stepankert – Baku likes to get first of all ride of signature/document which Stepanakert ‎has put its signature on the cease-fire regime ‎

  4. Դրօ said:

    All Azerbaijan has gained is 15 minutes of fame. Nothing more. Azerbaijan will use this opportunity to try to try to put the Artsakh conflict on the UN agenda but it will get a humiliating triple veto from Russia, the US, and France. Azerbaijan won’t gain anything in the UN SC. It will only embarrass itself for two years.

  5. Albert Nercessian said:

    Armenia needs to form stronger relations India,Germany, Portugal and South Africa and China in order to offset the influence of Azerbaijan and Pakistan on the UN security council .It is sad that the Azeris bribed many African countries and Muslim countries for bribes. India and China are good to partner with.
    Pakistan is a stone-age caveman Islamofacist country and it is sad that it gets a seat on the UN security council.

  6. Paul Nercessian said:

    Armenia needs to boost relations with India, Colombia, Germany, Portugal and South Africa in order to offset the influence of Pakistan and Azerbaijan. Good relations already exist with Portugal , Germany and India and these need to be further expanded. The Germans see with their own eyes the damage that the Turks have done to Germany so they sympathize with us.

  7. John Minassian said:

    Armenia needs to keep Russia happy and pleased because we need their UN vote. Armenia needs to also build relations with India which can be a useful ally. The Indians have excellent military equiptment. India is a natural enemy of the Pakistan/Azerbaijan block and the alliance between Armenia and India can be very useful in many ways other than the UN security council. Armenia can also build stronger relations with China to secure votes. France and Portugal are also pro-Armenian but it is good to keep building even better relations.

  8. john minassian said:

    The Armenian newspaper Aysor states that “Peaceful Armenian population of Maragha village was sacrificed for the global fuel and energy interests just because the village was on the territory where the valuable hydrocarbon raw materials were produced – the so-called “white oil”. Perhaps it was because of these global interests of not only Azerbaijan but also the major powers, that Maragha was never released, although the Armenian side was ready to do it in just a few days before the signing of the Bishkek protocol on ceasefire in the conflict zone in May 1994″. This information should motivate Armenian enterpreneurs to invest in oil exploration in the Maragha region and I hope that the Armenian government will be smart enough to allow protect and encourage these investors to feel safe about putting their money into this amazing opportunity.