Is Armenia Sending a ‘Secret’ Envoy to Tel Aviv?

Israel's foreign ministry

YEREVAN (—Is Yerevan sending a high-ranking official to Tel Aviv to discuss potential strategic cooperation with Israel? The Israeli-Russian news Web site reported citing unnamed sources.

“Despite the close relations between Tel Aviv and Baku on the one hand, and Yerevan and Tehran on the other, a ‘secret’ Armenian envoy will arrive in Israel to discuss possibilities of strategic cooperation. And Ankara’s regional policy creates favorable conditions for that,” the Izrus article said.

“The senior Armenian official’s visit to Israel was scheduled for late October or early November. He is authorized to discuss political and strategic issues with the Israeli side. His main objective is to explore opportunities for military cooperation,” the article continued.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry declined to comment on Izrus’ queries about the reported visit.


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  1. bigmoustache said:

    its about damn time! although i support armenia having closer relationship with arab states and arabs (in general) this is a long time coming!
    we share so much history with jews our genocides are intertwined. german officers who learned massacre from the turks, german and turkish alliances, armenian tales that inspired jewish resistance…the list goes on

  2. ARA said:

    Y not- they need us and we need them-we are genocide survivors-they did not kill or behead our people-they deal with the enemy for a few good reasons-lets learn something-trust with verify only of course-we have been around a long time- the weapons they give to the azeris are crap compared to what we have – lets not say too much

  3. fact said:

    Maybe to deliver Israel a polite diplomatic message that “Jewish State” has finally managed to become de ‎facto the first enemy of Armenian people…. ‎

    ‎-First of all Israel and a big part of Jewish Diaspora does different obstacle the official ‎recognition of Armenian genocide by the US government – For Israeli President – Shimon ‎Peres- There were no such thing as Armenian Genocide! And finally for such Israeli ‎politicians the fact of Armenian Genocide is an article of trade!‎
    ‎- Secondly Israel is creating a lot of problems for the Armenian community and Armenian ‎Church in Jerusalem‎
    ‎- Third attacks on Lebanon did cause a lot of harm to the Armenian community in Lebanon- ‎Even Turks and Turkey could dream of causing such big harm to the existence of Armenian ‎community in Lebanon
    ‎- Forth Israel is arming Azerbaijan (with different t kinds of spy technology, ) and threatening ‎the very existence of NKR and forcing Armenia to increase its defiance budget
    Beside this Jewish community in Azerbaijan (so called “mountain Jews” and Jews migrated ‎form Russia /CIS) being turned to an additional Anti Armenian tool by officials in Baku! ?‎

    Israel. Better to say “the Jewish state” has become de facto – by replacing Turkey- the ‎number one enemy of NKR , Armenia and in the whole the enemy of Armenian people !?‎

    • manooshag said:

      fact, thank you for having said it all as it is… our Obama follows the stance of the Israelis towards the non-recognition of the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation… on again/off again…
      For merely twenty years (20) following the Turkish Genocide of the Armenian nation a HItler, copying the Turkeys, committed the genocide of the Jews and others. If USA President Woodrow Wilson’s efforts for Armenia had succeeded, THE CYCLE OF GENOCIDES SHALL
      And, today, Darfurian Genocide shall never been – but still, in the 21st century Darfurians are suffering the Sudanese Genocide (Sudanese are Turks’ allies and copying Turkeys’ stance)
      so the Turkish Genocides are on going/unending – Turkish style.

    • bigmoustache said:

      what an idiot you are, shut up you dont speak for any armenian. israel replacing turkey yegher… that belittles the whole genocide. its because of people like you that legitamet arguments about israels policies get called ‘anti-semetic’
      nobody wants to hear you rant about how much your nazi little mind hates jews. clearly obvious you have an axe to grind. you should get out more…see the world, get out of mommas basement a little

  4. Stew said:

    Let’s see, Armenia has thousands of Russian troops and equipment in their country (yet, as a US taxpayer, my tax dollars are still going to support Armenia’s “military”?); they have developed close ties with Iran (they have sent weapons through Iran to Iraqi insurgents who used those weapons to kill and wound US soldiers in Iraq!); they celebrate any tragedy which befalls Turkey; they have illegally occuppied the NK region of Azerbaijan for almost 20 years and have declared it independent (which no country, not even Armenia, recognizes!); now they are trying to play “footsie” with Israel. Being well-known back-stabbers and liars, Armenians are following their ARF deception manual to a tee! Just remember…KARMA has a way of biting one on the rump for one’s actions!

    • The Truth said:

      @stew, go bak to Baku or Ankara and publish your dirty propaganda there . US did themselves sold weapon ‎worth of billion $ to Sadams regime , beside this all so called Muslim Shiah groups in Iraq ‎were the coalition partner of US, as it was the case with Taliban’s- and other (current) ‎terrorist groups – Armenians were fighting these Taliban’s and other terrorist groups – haired ‎by Azerbaijan- to kill Armenian civilians in Karabakh! ‎

      And do not forget VAN is Armenia and not Turkey! These are racist Turkish TV Journalist ‎who does celebrate any tragedy in VAN – go get your record straight! ‎

    • Edward Demian said:

      You again? Thanks for reminding us of our best foreign policy achievements. Artzack has been and will always be Armenian. The Turkic element was there only though Azerbaijian’s Ethnic cleansing policy. That policy completely cleansed all of Nachichevan of it’s Armenian Population,
      and now the Azery/Tatar Authorities were about to finish the Job in the rest of Azerbaijian. No, it is the Tatars that are occupying Armenia. Converting by force those that were not killed or driven off, the Tatars imposed their language and their religion on the Locals. Even Aliev your hereditary King of Azerbaijian is Half Kurdish and half Armenian. Like a dog barking at the moon, you keep flapping your lips on our site. This site is for Armenians, not agent provoquetors on Azery payroll. No one on this site will be convinced by any of your anti Armenian comments. Another thing: That oil belongs to all the people of the Caucassus, not to the Aliev family. And not just to the Tatars, but to all the peoples of the greater Caucassus. After all, you drink their water. The Caucasians need to get together and take the oil resources and re distribute the wealth among all the nations of the Caucassus. The Tatars are squanderingthe wealth on armaments and personal villas. Did they give you a villa? I bet they didn’t even fix the rutt in front of your house. Twenty years of oil selling, and the villages in Azerbaijian still don’t have electricity, roads or sewers. Where is the money. And why would the people of Artsack want to give up their democracy for your dictatorship. They prefer to die on their feet than live on their knees. Are your knees sore?

    • Gary_S said:

      Is Turkey a friend of the US when it wouldn’t allow US troops to invade Iraq through Turkey? Are the billions of US taxpayers $ worth Turkey?
      NK problem would have never happened if Turkey didn’t pressure Stalin to transfer it to Azeribaijan. Remember there was NO Azeribaijan before 1918. It is a made up country with NO historic ties to NK.
      You Turks are complaining about NK, but are hypocrites about Cyprus! Us Greeks and Armenians have a historic right, whereas, you Turks have a historic right to Mongolia! You brought your genocidal thinking from mongolia to anatolia.

    • Barev Dzez said:

      If Armenia has excess weapons, which it doesn’t it would use them for itself not to supply them to Iraqi insurgents against US soldiers. That was a myth that came up and was quickly dismissed. Armenia illegally occupies Nagorno Karabagh? Are we talking about the same region of the world – you mean the historically Armenian land for thousands of years which was gifted to a pseudo state called ‘Azerbaijan’ which never existed and emerged circa 1918 thanks to the Russians? And we still had to fight a war and win to have what was originally ours? Is that what you’re talking about?

      Armenia sends peace keeping troops to Iraq and Afghanistan for pro US interests so I don’t believe you are quite aware of reality Stewik jan.

    • Hayasdan88 said:

      Stew stop hiding behind an anglo name and come out with the fact that you are either Turkish or Azerbaijani. I know it’s part of your cowardly culture to hide, but this is just taking it too far!!! First, Armenia has a partnership with Russia in the military sphere just as it does with NATO, and the U.S. Armenia has troops and is helping out Europe, the U.S., and the UN in Iraq, Kossovo, and Afghanistan. That is why Armenia is receiving aid from the U.S. Second, what you’re quoting is a wikki-leaks document about supporting arms to Iran that has not been verified by any government nor is there ANY proof that those weapons were used to kill U.S. troops. I would like to see what article or source you’re quoting by writing all of your non-sense. Third, Armenians are not back stabbers and liars. They are a hard-working and contributing people in the U.S. that are represented in all areas of the work force, including the U.S. military. Once again, if you’re going to throw out insults on my people you’d be better off backing your non-sense words with actual facts. But being an idiot and narrow minded Turk I guess that would be too difficult for you.

    • sebouh nazarian from sydney australia said:

      I find you very, very entertaining…typical dumb ass mongolian mentality….post a derogatory note and sit back and enjoy the comments….dumb ass “midnight express” movie mentality….keep posting them as it provides good comic relief for me

    • Daron said:

      Dear Stew,
      With your ignorant and baseless propaganda I am compelled to enlighten you or to introduce you to your Turkish Al Qaida cousins.
      You state in your comment referring to Armenians “they have developed close ties with Iran (they have sent weapons through Iran to Iraqi insurgents who used those weapons to kill and wound US soldiers in Iraq!)” You don’t know how much I appreciate such comments, you are providing me an opportunity in this forum to shed some light on the direct involvement to the Turkish government and Turkish Al Qaida in killing American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan .
      Here are some quotes:
      BAGHDAD, Iraq
      June 27, 2007
      Release A070627a
      High-level senior al-Qaeda leader killed during Coalition operations
      BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces positively identified two terrorists killed in an operation June 23 south of Hawija.
      Mehmet Yilmaz, also known as Khalid al-Turki, was a known terrorist and senior leader in al-Qaeda who operated a cell that facilitated the movement of foreign fighters into Iraq for al-Qaeda operations.
      Yilmaz was positively identified through photo comparison and a forged Iraqi personal identification card was also found on him.
      Yilmaz was an al-Qaeda leader who led a group of Turks to Afghanistan in 2001 to fight against Coalition Forces. Intelligence reports indicate he was wounded in the fighting there and went to Pakistan for treatment, where he was captured by the government in 2004 and deported to Turkey. He was released in late 2005 and returned to al-Qaeda operations in 2006, moving his operations to Iraq. Turkish authorities are also investigating several terrorist operations that may have involved Yilmaz.
      Yilmaz was killed when Coalition Forces targeted him during an operation south of Hawija. As Coalition Forces approached the targeted building, four men got into a vehicle and drove away from the area. Coalition Forces followed the men, one of whom was believed to be Yilmaz. When the vehicle stopped, the men got out of the vehicle with weapons in hand. Coalition Forces, responding appropriately to the hostile threat, engaged the armed men, killing them.
      Inside the vehicle, Coalition Forces found rocket-propelled grenades. They safely destroyed the vehicle and weapons on site.
      Also killed in the operation was Mehmet Resit Isik, also known as Khalil al-Turki, a close associate of Yilmaz who was assessed to be a courier for the same al-Qaeda cell and a close associate of Yilmaz and senior leaders within al-Qaeda.
      “These are two very dangerous, very significant international terrorists that are no longer part of the al-Qaeda network,” said Lt. Col. Christopher Garver, MNF-I spokesperson. “We will continue to relentlessly pursue the terrorist leaders who plan to deny the Iraqi people a future of their choice.”

      WikiLeaks: Turkey Allowed Weapons Flow to Al-Qaeda

      by Gil Ronen

      Turkey allowed weapons to be smuggled to Al Qaeda forces in Iraq, according to documents that are about to be exposed in the WikiLeaks website. This – according to a report Thursday in the London-based Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat.
      The newspaper reports that WikiLeaks – which specializes in publication of classified documents – has gotten hold of classified official documents that prove that the the Turkish authorities allowed money and weapons to pass across Turkey’s border with Iraq, en route to Al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq.
      In addition, the documents allegedly show that Turkey was involved both directly and indirectly in carrying out terror acts in Iraq, including the blowing up of a bridge in Baghdad.
      One of the reports mentioned by Al Hayat is an intelligence cable that appears to have been sent by an American intelligence agency. The cable says: “Large amounts of water have arrived from Turkey, large waves will hit Baghdad in a few hours. Some people are widening the irrigation canals.”
      This message is believed to refer to the arrival of weapons from Turkey, that were intended for terror and warfare in Baghdad. Al Hayat also says that the WikiLeaks documents show that ammunition seized.
      Stew, I can provide more info on this subject if you are not satisfied.

    • Daron said:

      I’m sure you are overwhelmed by the responses that your comment received. Surely I thank my Armenian colleagues who took initiatives to respond to you in kind. Still, I would like to bring to your attention and remind you that no Government has the gift of backstabbing like the Turkish government.
      I will provide couple of examples, so next time before entertaining thoughts to discredit Armenians you need to look into your own government.
      Turkey sacrifices Uighurs to trade
      By Chris Zambelis

      ”Although the exact nature and location of the maneuvers have not been disclosed, sources in China claim that the drills focused on joint counter-terrorism missions. The same sources also report that the drill was staged in mountainous territory, essentially the type of terrain conducive to harboring insurgent and terrorist movements.

      The recent developments in Sino-Turkish relations are all the more significant given that it was not too long ago that both countries were embroiled in a spat over the crisis spawned by the violence in Urumqi, the capital of China’s northwestern Xinjiang Autonomous Region (XAR), in July 2009 between ethnic Uighurs – a Turkic and Muslim minority that faces discrimination and repression by the state – and Han Chinese, China’s majority ethnic group.

      Sharing ethnic, religious, and linguistic ties with the Uighurs, Turkey assumed an advocacy role on behalf of Uighur causes after the fall of the Soviet Union. At one point during the crisis, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused China of committing a “near genocide” in Xinjiang.

      Ironically, China’s participation in ground maneuvers with Turkish forces in mountainous terrain in Turkey suggests that the PLA is keen to tap the Turkish army’s experience waging counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations against Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) guerillas to shore up its defense against the “three evil forces” it has identified as threats; Expressions of Uighur identity, activism, and grievances, as defined by China, embody the threats of terrorism, separatism, and extremism.”

      You brag about your tax monies going to Armenia who has developed closed ties with Iran. With the same token I can complain that my tax monies have been feeding Turkish economy and the military for decades and that your government has been oppressing Kurds and killing innocent protesters.
      I don’t want to go into the Kurdish issue, certainly this is becoming a huge obstacle and effecting Turkey’s foreign policy.
      Going back to Iran issue and knowing you consider Turkey as a staunch ally of United States, I will remind of recent Turkish dealings with Iran, and again you will see how good you are in backstabbing your own ally.
      ISTANBUL, Sept 16 (Reuters) – Turkey wants to triple its trade volume with Iran within five years, Turkey’s prime minister told businessmen on Thursday, at a time when sanctions are scaring off Western investors from the Islamic Republic.
      Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and Iranian First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi oversaw the meeting which brought together over a hundred businessmen, including Turkish investors eager to buy into Iran’s mostly government-owned textile, machinery and automotive industries.
      “Our bilateral trade ties have reached $10 billion … When we take away the barriers to trade between ourselves, when we complete our preferential trade agreement we can reach a bilateral trade volume of $30 billion in five years,” Erdogan told the businessmen from Turkey and Iran.
      Numerous rounds of sanctions on Iran by the United Nations, the United States and the European Union have hit the Islamic Republic, discouraging investment in its huge natural gas reserves as well as its banking sector. Meantime, Turkey, which took over the presidency of the Security Council this month, has fostered diplomatic and business ties with Tehran. A trade agreement between the two countries is set to expand business ties even further.

      The recent Turkish approach to Iran issue has created a heated friction between President Obama and Erdogan, to a point where a phone call turned into a quarrel.
      Davutoglu reportedly told the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) members that Erdogan and Obama had a spat during a meeting, the daily Milliyet reported on Oct. 16. According to Milliyet, Davutoglu said Obama criticized Erdogan for defending Iran. Erdogan shot back, calling Obama “a lawyer” for Israel, meaning he is defending the country, the paper quoted Davutoglu as saying. Media reports also quoted Davutoglu as saying Obama had called Erdogan 11 times in nine months – a sign that Turkey has gained significance in the world.

  5. rita said:

    this is uncited information, from jew source. well i think they should send something else to tel aviv instead…

  6. Armenian said:

    LOL “being well-known backstabbers and liars”? Drop the Anglicized name, Stew. You’re a Turkish nationalist and a xenophobe hiding behind the guise of the “good, tax-paying American” mascaraed.

  7. alex said:

    hey stew ,why dont u change ur name and put ur reall name on MOUHAMAD,OR SULTAN ,OR WHATEVER IS IT.isnt it enough ur hiding ur true face from the world u think u can hide in our websites 2,or maybe i should ignore u just like my other country mans doing

  8. Kevork said:

    Stew, it smells like a stew of S—–. I wouldn’t be suprised if you were a turk, or an azeri, all the same B S. As far as commenting on NKR, please know that it was,is, and allways will be ARMENIA, know your history. For your last comment about karma, it is a B—–. Thank you.

  9. John Minassian said:

    The Armenian Church should sell the Armenian quarter to the Israelis and get Israeli Merkava tanks,Namer Armoured personal carrier which the Azeris are buying , and Spyder surface to air missles and Israeli missles such as the Deliah cruisemissle and the Popeye long range strike missle. The survival of the Armenian nation and Karabagh is key and it is better to sell this land than to have the Israelis take it eventually because that is what they will do.

    • bigmoustache said:

      oh god if armenians had a leader like you, john minassian, we wouldnt need turks.
      fact: we have a contract with russia to get military equipment for cheap/free.
      fact: jerusalem, one of the most famous cities IN THE WORLD has an ARMENIAN quarter. the armenian quarter and its armenians are one of the OLDEST in the diaspora, from 301. Any time any historian mentions jerusalem or its christian monestaries they have to mention the armenians..and this has been going on for centuries….you would sell that?! for a couple of tanks no less?!
      how about some magic beans!