Armenians Block Azeri Efforts in Swedish Parliament

The Swedish parliament building

STOCKHOLM—The Armenian community in Sweden swiftly blocked Azeri efforts to discuss a Karabakh resolution at the Swedish parliament.

The Armenian community in Sweden sent a letter to the parliament demanding to cancel the discussions. They said that the Azeri version contained false reports about refugees and claims about the events in Khojaly and was another effort by Azerbaijan to falsify history and continue anti-Armenian propaganda.

The effort was led by Swedish parliament member Mehmet Kaplan, according to whom the Swedish parliament would be informed about the “realities.”

Addressing a gathering of Sweden’s Congress of Azerbaijanis, Kaplan said that effort in parliament was prompted by Swedish media reports following the June Kazan meeting between the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan. He claimed that media presented “incorrect” information when reporting that Azerbaijan wanted to resolve the conflict through military means.

While at the meeting, Kaplan also discussed the involvement of Azeri youth in Sweden’s political life.


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  1. The truth said:

    Swedish parliament and government should better finally deliver a report what happen to the ‎international agreed and promises reforms for West Armenia and Armenian population in 6 ‎Armenian provinces , which Sweden jointly with Norway were going to supervise it? ‎

    Sometime Azeri-Turkish stupid steps and propaganda could even be useful for us‎

    Since Turkish-Azerbaijan anti Armenian and anti NKR propaganda is biased on lies , It would ‎be more correct if foreign ministry in Stepankert would try to use such opportunities created ‎by the Turkish-Azeri ultra nationalist to inform foreign parliaments als well international ‎organization about the history of NK and the truth about the Khojali or xocali and how ‎Turkey abuse issue of NK for its anti Armenian propaganda – because of the fact of Armenian ‎Genocide

  2. Ed said:

    Mehmet Kaplan is originaly from Antep Turkey. Before becoming a member of the swedish parliament he was chairman of the organisation of YOUNG MOSLIMS IN SWEDEN. He is a parliamentarian for the Greens Party and he is a fanatic moslim.

  3. relaity said:

    Therefore NKR and Armenia should be very carefully when it cones to peaces forces. So ‎called Nordic countries as well “christen EU” are not what we Armenians do expect! ‎

    Poor Sweden, Poor Norway, poor Holland, poor Germany, Poor Finals that the chairman of ‎the organization of YOUNG MOSLIMS IN SWEDEN becomes member of Swedish ‎Parliament. But what we should expect else when hoydens of women form Sweden, ‎Norway, Finland , Holland , Germany do travel to Turkey and African countries to have ‎simply some sex !? Eveb 18 years boy are able to cheat Sweden and son !!!‎

  4. Albert Nercessian said:

    The unwise Europeans thought that they would save big using “cheap” Turkish labor but now they can’t get rid of the Turkish blood sucking leaches. The majority of Turks in Europe collect welfare and unemployment , produce multiple children which destroys the economy of the European Union. They want to Turkify and Muslimize europe.Turks are involved in many crimes ranging from drugs to prostitution. Now the pot-smoking, retarded hippi garbage of the various Green parties in Europe are recruiting Turks to join their membership. The best way for the European Armenians to fight back is to join and support conservative or socialist parties and show that Christian Armenians share the same values as the conservative Christian Europeans. The Daskhak party has good connections with the socialists but connections with the conservative parties is also very valuable. It is interesting that both the Swedish and German green parties have Turks in their leadership.

  5. Albert Nercessian said:

    Mehmet Güner Kaplan is involved with many Islamofascist organizations in Sweden and I hope that Swedes wake up to the mess that they have created allowing these Turkish garbage into Sweden.

  6. Paul Nercessian said:

    The Armenians in Europe need to provide financial support and votes to conservative and socialist candidates. The Green Party people are hippis and they can be dealt with if you prevent them from forming ruling coalitions in parliament by providing votes and money to conservative and socialist parties so they form ruling coalitions.

  7. John Minassian said:

    Armenia should buy some Swedish military equiptment and that will buy Swedish favors. They have some great stuff.

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