Clinton Keynotes at Genocide Deniers’ Conference

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the keynote speaker Monday at the annual conference on U.S.-Turkey relations organized by the notorious Genocide denier group the American-Turkish Council.

While the American-Turkish Council mainly promotes business relations between the two countries, it has taken a significant role in lobbying for the defeat of Armenian Genocide recognition efforts in Congress.

In her remarks, Clinton not only extolled the virtues and importance of US-Turkey relations, but went on to welcome “Turkey’s growing role in the region and on the world stage,” after acknowledging that Turks and Americans alike have begun questioning the viability and durability of US-Turkish relations.

Of course, she used the opportunity to once again discuss the importance of the State-Department engineered dangerous Armenia-Turkey protocols by urging Turkey to ratify the documents.

“Improving relations between Turkey and Armenia would be a positive step, and we hope that the Turkish parliament will ratify the protocols during its current session and normalize ties with Armenia. These festering conflicts hold back progress and development in the region. Reducing tensions with neighbors, increasing stability, is a recipe for expanded growth and influence,” she asserted.

Emphasizing a similar message, Assistant Secretary for Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs Philip Gordon said the US continued to exert pressure for sides to ratify the protocols.

The important aspect is not the message delivered but the message sent. Despite overtures to Armenia’s leadership and claims that the Obama Administration has done more for Armenia than any other administration, the US staunchly and unequivocally remains a supporter of Turkish interests, including on the matter of Turkey’s continued denial of the Armenian Genocide.

[The sad reality of this equation is that the Armenian authorities have also bought into this charade with Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian constantly enumerating the number of meetings and phone calls he has had with Clinton and other US officials.]

If she were such a staunch supporter of Genocide recognition, as both she and president Obama claimed during their presidential bids, to a point that she was compelled to make that now historic “personal” visit to Dzidzernagapert last year, she could have used the opportunity at the ATC conference to urge Turkey and the Turks to come to grips with their past and acknowledge history. She did take time to urge Turkey to protect minority rights, end corruption and ensure the freedom of press. It seems acknowledging the Genocide does not fall in the human rights agenda for Secretary Clinton.

Since Clinton took office, she has not met with any Armenian organization. In 2009, she insisted on meeting with several Armenian organizations with the express aim of discussing—peddling—the Turkey-Armenia protocols. After rescheduling several times, the meeting was postponed due to a massive blizzard in Washington. Not only did that snow melt, but Washington has had two more winters since then. But, the meeting with the Armenian community is still on ice.

This continued courtship of Turkey and bowing to pressure of organizations such as the ATC further demonstrates that the Obama Administration is very comfortable with the gag rule imposed by Turkey. She is right to point out that Turkey owes its economic prosperity to the US, but fails to mention that the dividends of that relationship dictate its actions and not the interests of US citizens.

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  1. zareh said:

    this is why Armenians should punish the Democratic Party in the coming elections knowing full well that the Republicans are no different than Democrats in the Genocide recognition.
    I suggest all Armenians not to contribute one cent to American politicians instead divert that money to Armenian charitable organizations in Armenia, Artsakh and the diaspora.

    • Edward Demian said:

      And isolate ourselves even more? I would sponsor Armenian Candidates, and campaign against any anti armenian politician. Create a committee of shock troop that canvases and aids the election process of challengers, and or recall petition campaigns. Strike terror in the veins of American politicians, considering taking Turkish money.

  2. Armanen said:

    So then the question is, why do Americans of Armenian descent waste so much political and financial capital on the Genocide recognition, when Turkey-U.S. relations are bound to trump any efforts?

  3. Rev. Fr. Aram Stepanian said:

    Very informative and to the point. Keep up the good work. Don’t give up!

  4. VZGO said:

    This is talmost the right step towards the Armrnian Genocisde issue
    Mrs Clinton is having hard time to acknowledge the Genocide , it seems her hands are tied so far by Turkey and the Obama admin.
    . She personally knows the truth and the actual reality of the Genocide of the Armenians in 1915 by the atrotious Ottoman rulers. Because She as a lawyer and an intelligent human being cannot deny the
    Genocide. but is being very diplomatis to protect the US Army operating on Turkish (Western Armenian) Lands.
    Turkish Authorities.: How long will it take for you to come to your senses and stop Lying to yourselves and to the whole world acknowledge publicly the Genocide instead of lying .
    The Whoile world knows the Truth “T

  5. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Dr. Hillary is only a person
    She will leave soon
    If 44 out of 50 states recognized the genocide
    I can’t see her seat any where where else
    She is repeating what others planed for her to say
    She has no word
    She has no place
    She is only a Blond Face…

  6. Haik Azad said:

    Aah,dear AMERICAN-armenian brothers and sisters,what do you expect from the `woman` called a snake by her own party buddies???Genocide recognition,or urging the wild turkeys to own up???Dream on, reality is US policy serves best the material interests of all US citizens ,a million of which happen to think of themselves as `haier`.You are US CITIZENS first and foremost.Vonts ek???

  7. The Truth said:

    Ironically George Bush and Condi did contribute in some way by there anti Genocide ‎resolution campaign more for the recognition of Armenian Genocide then the administration ‎of Obama… ‎

  8. vzgo said:

    Hey too all intelligent educated Turks in power.
    Can you see how mrs Clinton is playing with words to protect the US troops in Turkey ?
    Why don’t you get your best together to see the truth about the terrible Genocide your ruthless Ottoman butchers committed against the so refined and culturally and historically rich people of the then Armenia now Turkey . How much longer will you live with the lies you claim as truth ? .
    You have a good choice as the Germans blamed the Nazis and Hitler for the Jewish holocost and now they are best of firned and Allies.
    We have so much to give to your country and people, instesd you have closed your doors and creat more lies and brainwash your kids agaist Armenians.
    When will you smarten up???
    The whole world is waiting for your noble move and you and your leaders do not see the end of the tunnel. and are lost in the dark and confused and still insist that Armenians killed and ran away
    Does that make sense?

  9. Mardiros said:

    I wonder whether the author of this article does a serious review of the issues he writes about.The whole tone of the article smacks of partisan attitude and hence the reader is taken for a meaningless propaganda ride …
    Let us be clear about one thing. We should never blame other people for our failures.Every instance that reveals our shortcomings should be used for introspection, then corrective action. We are to be firm on issues, soft on people if we have to entertain a useful dialogue particularly with US government officials, no matter what party they belong to. Our cause requires serious long term plannning and hard work at all levels of community life and beyond ,particularly where it counts, to exert the necessary lobbying pressure that are capbale of changing opinions at US Department of State and among those who become US presidents … to honor their pledge given to the Armenian-American community. Our inability to stand UNITED on pan-Armenian issues is already a drawback. Do not blame Clinton or ATC. The day we stop believing that one segment of the Armenian-American community can on its own bring solutions to Armenian issues will be the day! The day we stop believing that the whole world should listen to us whenever we are frustrated in our quest for justice , that will be the day ! So whether it was the election of Azerbaijan to the UN security council,or Clinton making a speech at ATC the world did not stop a tiny second and it moved on. What we do or did is more important than pointing fingers at others.

    • Hamasdegh said:

      Mardiros :
      You make a lot of sense! Airing our frustrations does not lead to any solution if not followed by a well thought out strategy and action. Politicians are what they are , no matter what party they are affiliated with.The higher our profile in the political arena, the more we would be listened to. Unfortunately, the best we manage to do presently is to field a few highly dedicated people ( i.e. those who work in ANC for example) to carry a huge load , in my opinion with miraculous results given the tiny amount of resources put at their disposal.This is the field of professionals, highly paid and supported with tremendous lobbying machinery.Can we come up with such machinery at the national level and start from there.If we want to be taken seriously, we must do a serious job!

  10. vzgo said:

    one good solution and starting point could be The restoration and saving of ruins of ANI, the old capital of Armenia, by both Turkish, and Armenian Historians , Historian aschitects and many othe professionals united with UNESCO architects , as a third party to melt the ice between Armenianbuilders and Turkish restorers.

    More to come later.

  11. Krikor Sarkissian said:

    For 30 pieces of gold US government sold Armenia.SHAME SHAME ! No moral left.

  12. Papken Hartunian said:

    My dear fellow Armenians:
    Might is Right. Do you want justice. Be Might. Do you want peace. Be a super power. Everything else is poetry….
    United we would dictate! We need a new United National Party to claim and protect our national interests.

  13. Grish Begian said:

    US needs “moral support” and approval from Israeli Knesset, then she will utter the word of genocide without hesitation, or approval by ATC!!

  14. Levon Lokmanian said:

    If armenians were voting as ablock we can rule in US .Unfortunatelly we are devided.In 2012 election we should not vote for obama ,to let him know that he can’t lie and get away with it.

  15. SIRAN said:


  16. Raffikian said:

    Clinton will go, Armenia will stay, who cares if we wait little longer, Middle East melt down is near

  17. Greg K Basmadjian said:

    Clearly, Hilary could not go against the Clinton thinking in this matter (when her husband overturned the Senate’s chance to do something at the eleventh hour during his presidency)….things will not change, despite all the wishful thinking. I can only hope that Armenians avoid being swallowed up by world politics and maintain their efforts to suvive in dignity and pride.Long live Armenia!

  18. Seth said:

    Once again, American hypocrisy surfaces at highest level of her government. As Armenians we should draw conclusions from our own history to only rely on, our unified strength and resources for advancement of Armenia’s national interests and recovery of our robbed lands and treasures. The Turkish thieves will not reform unless they have no more options left for blackmail and room for deception.
    Our expectation and dependence on the pathetic mercy of these crime partners will lead us to no where but failed nationhood and miserable existence of the past.