Senior Yerevan Envoy on ‘Secret’ Visit to Israel

Israel's non-resident Ambassador to Armenia Shmuel Meirom

YEREVAN (—The head of an Armenian state agency led a three-person delegation on what is being called a secret visit to Israel last week, sources told IzRus news agency.
The Armenian delegation toured a number of sites in Israel’s central and northern parts and visited Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter.

According to IzRus, which is joint Russian-Israeli news agency, this visit was the initiative of Israel’s non-resident Ambassador to Armenia, Shmuel Meirom, who accompanied the Armenian delegation.

The Armenian delegation did hold meeting with Israel’s political leadership. The visit is being described as a fact-finding mission and no concrete projects or initiatives were discussed.

The IzRus source added that the Armenian side expressed that the current détente in Turkish-Israeli relations creates good preconditions for developing ties between Armenia and Israel.

Last week Asbarez reported that, citing IzRus that the so-called “secret” official “is authorized to discuss political and strategic issues with the Israeli side. His main objective is to explore opportunities for military cooperation.” It seems, however, from the scant information, that no political discussions were held. Was this a sightseeing tour or something more substantive?


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  1. John MInassian said:

    The Armenian church should sell the Armenian Quarter in Jerusalem to the Israelis. In return , they could get the Merkava tank which will give Armenia a true advantage over the T-72 that the Azeris have. I would not be suprised if the Turks have secretly provided Leopard 2 and Sabra tanks to the Azeris and these would be a very worrisome development. Armenia needs a heavy armoured personal carrier like the Namer which the Azeris are buying from Israel. It is time to end this silly nostalgia and pride for the Armenian quarter because it has gotten the Armenians zero. We have suffered through genocide and masscres and what has this silly Armenian quarter gotten us. Enough with this stupid nostalgia and pride.The survival of Armenia and Nagorno Karabagh is at stake.

    • Kevork said:

      John, I’m sorry but armenia should not sell part of the holy land. This is history that can’t be replaced. What Armenia needs to do is focus more on attracting more outside investers, and more exporting. This is something that can be achieved. By selling part of the holy land is a short term fix.

  2. John MInassian said:

    I am glad that Turkey showed it’s true colors by threatening Israeli undersea gas exploration with Cyprus and through the Gaza flotilla. Turkey has always been full of Islamofacists but they were suppressed for many years but now they have come out in the open.

  3. Armen said:

    Armenians would be total fools to trust Israel and become an instrument in their ploys against Turkey. As an Armenian, I would much rather do business with Erdogan than anyone in the pro-Israel quarters. They are NOT to be trusted.

  4. Ashod Krikorian said:

    This is very dangerous! with Israel supplying weapons to the azeris and the army build up on the Artsakh border, coupled with the bad Iran-azeri/israeli relations… If Hayer even think for a moment of stepping on Irans toes, they are sunk. Iran has a long history with us, and is one of our life lines. Israel cares nothing about Armenia or Armenians, as proven by their Denial of our Genocide and their US lobbies consistently helping to defeat Genocide resolutions…

  5. zareh said:

    It was more than sight seeing. Turks should be very careful with Armenia-Israel rapproachment.
    An Israeli-Armenian-Kurdish front will dismember Turkey once and for all and diminish Turkish influence in the Middle East.

  6. The Truth said:

    I would say this was merely a misinformation from Israeli- ( Jewish lobby) side to make ‎Turks jealous … !‎

  7. Paul Grigorian said:

    Iran is a reliable ally and there is no need for warmer relations with Israel. The ultra-right wing government of Israel is playing games and I am highly susipcious. Netanyahu , Barak and Lieberman are dangerous people and this sudden warming of relations is extremely suspicious. The selling of Jerusalem is not a bad idea because the less contact Armenians have with the Israeli , the better off we will be.Keeping a polite and cordial relationship is ok but nothing more than that.The cooler the better.

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