Yerevan Not Troubled by Azeri Seat on UN Security Council

Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian

YEREVAN—Official Yerevan in not troubled by a recent vote granting Azerbaijan a non-permanent seat on the United States Security Council, said Foreign Minister Nalbandian while answering questions at the National Assembly Thursday. He said Armenian will continue its policy on the Karabakh conflict resolution process without “nervous convulsions.”

According to an official read out of the minister’s Q&A session at parliament, Nalbandian also said the leaders of the co-chairing countries of the OSCE Minsk Group—France, Russia and the US—who are permanent members of the UN Security Council have ruled out any UN involvement in the Karabakh peace process.

He pointed to three consecutive announcements, the latest of which came after the Kazan, Russia meeting in June, where presidents Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy and Dmitry Medvedev reiterated that the Karabakh peace process could only be resolved under the auspices of the OSCE Minsk Group.

Nalbandian was referring to statements emanating from Baku that now that Azerbaijan hold a seat on the Security Council the aim is to move the Karabakh peace process to the United Nations.

“I think there is concrete response given to this and there is no need to get emotional over statements coming from Azerbaijan,” said Nalbandian.

Citing announcements from the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairmen regarding the current state of the Karabakh peace process, Nalbandian said that Azerbaijan has backed itself into a corner given the statements by the international community, which correlate with the policies of Armenia.

Not all lawmakers agreed with this approach. Armen Rustamian, chairman of the Parliament’s standing committee of foreign affairs and a member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation parliamentary bloc, rejected Nalbandian’s arguments.

“I absolutely don’t share the view that we must not react emotionally to Azerbaijan becoming a non-permanent member of the Security Council,” Rusamian told journalists, as reported by RFE/RL. “That is not an adequate response to the situation.”


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  1. Basil said:

    I hope Armen Rus(t?)amian was misquoted there or that at least the translation is wrong. Because right now it looks like if he said ” We must react emotionally.” which is a retarded statement.

  2. Fact said:

    ‎ Armenia has almost no foreign policy – acting and reacting are to different issues! ‎
    I would recommend our FM at least to hand every foreign official visiting Armenia to hand a ‎copy of first Armenian constitution adopted in Karabakh for 1500 years ago !‎

    The administration of Serzh Sarkisian is busy one again with “job rotation”- and PM sees ‎forced immigration an effective way to fight unemployment and injustice and poverty in the ‎country

    One again Speaker of Parliament ( second after President) being replace one again so easy as ‎one use to change his underwear … the newcomers are all ready to serve the president instead ‎of the country and our national interests ! ‎
    ‎ The question is when the “job rotation” will reach FM and even to Etjmiazin ?‎
    Azerbaijani officials by refusing to allow a Russian Armenian to board a flight to Baku ‎simply for being of Armenian origin are practicing openly racism. ‎
    Our officials in Armenian Foreign Minister should better issue a statement by speking openly ‎of Nazi like racism to condom the Nazi like anti Armenian propaganda of officials in Baku- ‎Officials in our Foreign Minister are remaining always silence or are simply to late! And I ‎would recommend that Armenian FM and our defiance Minster to not make statements ‎regarding karabakh instead of the officials in Stepanakert by such wrong policy Armenia ‎becoming the only party to the conflict!‎

  3. The Truth said:

    The biggest achievement of Armenian FM (both Administration of Sarkisian and Kocharian ) ‎was so far : They made Armenia a full party to the conflict – In this regard the policy ‎pursued by Armenia did play in the hand of Azerbaijan!- which de facto managed to ‎neutralize involvement of Karabkah with the help of Armenia (visits of OSCE-MG to ‎Karabakh are merly are symbolic!)! The only think which troubles Baku so much is the cease-‎fire regime signed with Karabakh defence army in 90´s- Which Baku is trying to find ways to ‎get ride of this official document! ‎

  4. Anonymous said:

    Karabakh/Arstakh should have its own are force! ‎

    Karabakh should start to build a highway to Iranian border similar to “Mehgri -Goris” one! ‎
    ‎ ‎
    Beside this NKR (being united with Armenia) should start conducting more and more ‎aggressively its own foreign policy- ‎

    NKTR should bring to the attention of the world that the first democratic constitution of ‎Armenia being adopted by and in Arstakh for 1500 years a go! At that time there were no ‎Turkish nomads in and around Arstakh

    Anti Armenian and Anti Karabakh propaganda of Azerbaijan could be used against ‎Azerbaijan itself, as soon as NKR become active Azerbaijani officials will start thinking twice ‎before making any move against NKR! Armenia should only forward the statements of NKR ‎to international organizations on behalf of NKR and so on . ‎

    The world should be remind again and again that UN-SC and world community, journalist t,, ‎media that Baku has signed a cease-fire regime with Stepanaker itself! ‎

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