Georgian-Armenian Relations Discussed in Yerevan Meetings

Nalbandian (center right) with Vashadze during Monday's meeting

YEREVAN (Combined Sources)—A wide array of issues pertaining to Georgia-Armenia relations were discussed Monday when Georgia’s foreign minister Grigol Vashadze visited Yerevan and held meetings with the Armenian president and foreign minister.

Greeting the Georgian Foreign Minister, Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian said Armenian-Georgian relations were advancing positively and there was a solid base for development and advancement of cooperation.

The two leaders also discussed implementation of agreements, scheduling of reciprocal visits, the upcoming session of the Armenia-Georgia Intergovernmental Commission, as well as issues related to political, economic, energy and culture.

The Karabakh conflict resolution was also among the discussion topics, with both leaders stressing the need for resolve the conflict peacefully and based on international legal principles.

A contentious issue that arose during Vashadze’s visit was his surprise at reporters’ questions regarding an upcoming visit by President Serzh Sarkisian to Georgia this month.

On October 18, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili’s spokesperson announced that Sarkisian would visit Georgia in early November. On Oct. 21, the Armenian Foreign Ministry said Sarkisian did not have such a trip on his schedule.

“I am here with a purpose to prepare the Armenian President’s visit [to Georgia],” said Vashadze, as reported by RFE/RL, adding that the dates of upcoming visit would be announced later.

Sarkisian’s office also confirmed that trip was discussed with Vashadze during their meeting.

After the Sarkisian-Vashadze meeting Monday, the president’s office said friendly bilateral relations were developing in the spirit of cooperation and that high-level dialogue between the two countries makes it possible to promptly resolve all the issues of bilateral relations.

Georgia’s Economy Minister Vera Kobalia was also part of the Georgian delegation visiting Armenia. She met separately with Prime Minister Tirgran Sargsyan, who expressed confidence in strengthening bilateral relations.

“We view Armenia and Georgia as a single economic zone. All obstacles to goods transfer between the two countries should be ruled out,” said Sargsyan referring to ongoing discussions about the creation of a single customs zone to enhance the efficiency of customs operations between the two countries.

Sargsyan said that a focus of the talks was a 42 million-euro project that would bring three customs points (Gogavan, Bavra and Bagratashen) up to par with international standards.

Cooperation in the IT sector, as well as the construction of the Meghri-Batumi highway that would facilitate access to the Black Sea, was also discussed.


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  1. Arman said:

    I like the old Georgian flag better, it was two stripes, one black, one white and both enclosed in a brown rectangle. The flag stood for Georgians’ capacity to call white black and black white when it suits them, and the overall brown color stands for how Georgians are people of s**t. They are Armenia’s close geographic neighbor, they are eye witnesses to the genocide, yet did notghing to stop it and that shows that they silently consented. One Georgian official said for them the recognition of the Armenian Genocide is not a “positive development.” Well no wonder it’s not a positive development since basically Georgians have agreed to become slaves of the West and that means bowing to the West’s thug in the region which is Turkey. Georgia is an accomplice in Turkey’s denial and historical revisionism. Just YESTERDAY I received an ANCA mailing with information about the much abused JAVAKHK……I was particularly taken aback by a picture of a pad-locked, fenced off Armenian Church there…..whatever face Georgians would like to show to the West, (even if that means Saakashvili taking his picture with Donald Trump and trying to act buddy-buddy, proving he’s a money whore), it’s more than obvious there’s no freedom of religion for Armenians in Georgia. But ultimately Georgian chauvinism is such they claim lands in Western Armenia have been inhabited by Georgians and there were Georgian churches there. They are too cowardly to make land claims from Turkey (regarding Western Armenia) because they think Turkey is too strong, but they will make claims from Armenians because they think Armenians are weak. If they had a righteous case they would openly say it to Turks’ faces just like the Armenians say it openly for all the world to hear. Georgians are parasites and opportunists at best and flat out marauding Tatars like their friends Turkey/Azerbaijan. There is much Turanic Tatar blood in Georgians. The fact that they claim to be Christians is irrelevant. Their behavior toward Armenians is indistinguishable from that of Turks.Their recent history at least is based on dispossessing Armenians of their belongings, stealing hundreds of Armenian church properties and ‘Georgianizing’ them, forcefully assimilating Armenians into becoming Georgians (you might as well kill ’em instead of trying to convert them, at least that’s what the Turks found to be more practical), forbidding Armenians in Georgia to even speak Armenian, let alone read or write it, (not to mention the fact that Georgians have basically copied the Armenian alphabet).
    P.S: George W. Bush must have been real happy knowing Georgia might as well be named after him since that whole country has proven throughtout history that they will kiss the feet of anyone with power….in Soviet times Georgians were the biggest Communists, after the USSR’s collapse now they are the West’s best friends, in Ottoman times they were Turks’ best friends… (they even contributed two shining examples to the array of world criminals with Josef Stalin [Djugashvili] and Lavrenti Beriya. Need I remind how Stalin gave Nakhichevan, Artsakh, and Javakhk to Azerbaijan/Georgia, and deported tens of thousands of Armenians to Siberia. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WATCHING THE FILM ‘GAROD’ [‘THE YEARNING’]). Bush must have been delighted with the inexperienced, bumbling fool Saakashvili who was his lap dog. And the punk Saakashvili is doubly a fool for actually believing Matthew Bryza’s promises that the West will support Georgia in an aggressive, Georgian inititated war against Abkhazia/South Ossetia which is practically a war against Russia. The West betrayed Georgians just like they betrayed Hungarians and Czechoslovaks in the 50s and 60s….”hold out a little longer, we are coming….hold on just two or three more weeks..” the West sent radio broadcasts to Hungarians stupid enough to trust them as they were being slaughtered by Soviet forces. Did any of them really believe the West will move a finger for them and stand up against the Soviets? Did any of them really believe the West will start WW3 over Hungary or Czechoslovakia?
    I say that Matthew Bryza has blood on his hands for encouraging the fool Saakashvili on a bloody adventure in 2008.

    • Sargis said:

      They are just cheap prostitutes, prostituting themselves to the West/Turkey. It was a good development when they were embarrassed when Russia crushed their attack and army in 2008.

    • Basil said:

      I love the part about how you like their old flag better than their current one, which by the way is nothing but ridicolous. I mean… four crosses? Also it looks like England + 4 tiny Englands. Nice going there, too dumb to come up with something original.

      The rest I also can agree with. In fact, I feel like the relation with Azerbaijan is much better than with Georgia. With Azerbaijan you know they are an indoctrinated people, led by the Aliev dynasty for 40 years now, woozy from the smell of oil and willing to bribe everyone and their mom to get what they want – which is a wet turanic dream. With Georgia on the other hand, you never know what you are up to. By the way, I think after changed their religion to Armenian Apostolic Christianity and then to Orthodox Christian I think it is time that they convert their “Georgian” churches to mosques. I mean, they are the only neighbour Turkey doesn’t have problems with and they are living of the scraps that Azeris give them.

  2. Sargis said:

    It’s a shame that economic priorities lead our politicians to ignore the anti-Armenian policies of Georgia, a country supported by Zionists and American neo-cons.

  3. Basil said:

    First of all, the dual turkish blockade is only relatively succesful because Georgia has rather unfriendly high tolls imposed on Armenia.

    Secondly, it is due to Georgia’s cooperation with Azerbaijan and Turkey (Baku-Ceyhan, Nabucco) that Azerbaijan can act as high and mighty as they are right now – always keep this in mind. Not a single drone could be bought by Aliyev, if the Georgians weren’t letting Azeri oil pass.

    Thirdly, the idiots that were screaming “PAYKAR PAYKAR MINCHEV VERCH” twenty years ago (99% of Armenia, as shameful as it is to admit) should be reminded that even though the Azeris were going mad in Sumgait and Baku, Armenians in Javakh today are less autonomous than Armenians in N-K were back then.

  4. Stepan said:

    I have no trust in treachery of the Georgian’s, they are shallow and narrow minded people, and if not for Armenians they would all have converted to islam multiple times by now, they have a chip on their shoulder for always being less in everyway to Armenians, in the arts, the sciences, in faith and lets not forget they still would not have an alphabet if not for St. Mesrob.

    These ignorant people have no concept of diplomacy and believe in their myths of Georgians being warriors, their puppet President is controlled from Washington and when he needed them most after attacking the breakaway republics in 2008 proved to be a single stroke of fatal move for Georgia, because NATO & USA were not going to start WWIII to save Georgia which much like Armenia has no resources that are of interest to the West.

    In 1993 war of Abkhazia, Armenians and Armenian villages were ruthlessley attacked by Georgian military and militias killing hundreads of innocent people including women and children, thus forcing Armenians to take sides with the Circassians, Chechens & Abkhazians.

    This is the nature of these people arrogant without any reason to be so, ignorant with no understanding of diplomacy. They watched as bthe turks were slaughtering our people, and the first opportunitty they got they tried to claim Lori in 1918.

    Trust Georgians?

    Never again

  5. Hripsime said:

    Dear Stepan!

    I like your comment! Yes in 1993 war of Abkhazia, Armenian villages were attacked by Georgians.
    they abuse Armenian in Javakhk! But our politicians ignore this reality! Yes we do not trust Georgian again but our statesmen trust them?
    Yes you are right this is the nature of them….They are arrogant without any reason!
    I do agree with you!
    Thanks for your comment

  6. Edward Demian said:

    Hello there!!!
    Surely if you were to describe the devil, you could come up with at least one compliment. Is there not a single redeeming quality that you can atribute to the Georgians?
    Put yourself in their shoes. We have very serious territorial claims, and they know that one day, we will be acting on them. We were always the big power next door; While they, the country Bumpkins, north of us in the highlands were sheltered geographically by Armenia. And at the same time pressured. Since Armenia did not participate in their latest humiliating defeat, I think the Georgians are warming up to us. They have no choice. If they loose Javack, then there will be a very short landspan between South Ossetia and Javack with Tifliss sitting right in the middle. Russia would love a land corridor with Armenia. The Georgians don’t want to give them the reason to cut their country in two. I think that the situation will improve from now on. Hamperutyoon.