Condoleezza Rice Brags about Killing Genocide Resolution

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

From The Armenian Weekly

In the newly released “No Higher Honor: A Memoir of My Years” in Washington, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice brags about her efforts to kill the Armenian Genocide Resolution in Congress in 1991 and 2007, dismissing the genocide as “something that had happened almost a hundred years before” and about which “there are many historical interpretations.”

Rice reveals how in 1991, as the acting special assistant for European affairs for the Bush Administration, she was tasked with the responsibility “to mobilize an effort to defeat the [Armenian Genocide] resolution in the House of Representatives.”

“The Turks, who had been essential in the first Gulf War effort,” Rice remembers, “were outraged at the prospect of being branded for an event that had taken place almost a century before—under the Ottomans!”

“Back then I had succeeded in my assigned task,” Rice congratulates herself, noting that in the years that followed, presidents and secretaries of state continued “to fight off the dreaded Armenian genocide resolutions,” pushed forward, of course, by none other than “the powerful Armenian American lobby.”

Pulling a page from the Turkish state’s official narrative on 1915, Rice notes that the massacres of Armenians are better left to scholars.  “Tragic” as these deaths were, “it was a matter for historians—not politicians—to decide how best to label what had occurred,” she observes.

Rice then proceeds to discuss her second encounter with the “dreaded” resolution in 2007, “in the midst of tension on the Turkish-Iraqi border and with Ankara’s forces on high alert.” Rice recounts how she begged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to block the vote, and the latter said “there was little she could do.”

She continues: “Defense Secretary Bob Gates and I delivered a press statement outside the White House, reiterating our opposition and saying that our own commanders in Iraq had raised the prospect of losing critical bases in Turkey. Eight former secretaries of state signed a letter opposing congressional action on the issue.”

At this point, having already argued a few paragraphs before that 1915 was old and passé, Rice repeats herself: “All this occurred over a resolution condemning something that had happened almost a hundred years before.”

The former secretary of state then notes that the Bush Administration persuaded Ankara that everything possible was being done to prevent a vote. The administration eventually succeeds in its efforts.

Rice proceeds to chastise Congress’ tendency “to grandstand on hot-button issues.”

“This was all the more galling,” she adds, “because the democratically elected Armenian government had little interest in the resolution. In fact, it was engaged in an effort to improve relations with Turkey, and it didn’t need it either.”

In two pages, Rice manages to repeatedly trivialize and deny the Armenian Genocide; mention, twice, that it’s a disputed, century-old issue; rehash the official Turkish narrative; and brag about killing its recognition efforts twice!

No higher honor indeed!

Khatchig Mouradian is the editor of the Armenian Weekly


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  1. Gary_S said:

    US will overlook and COVERUP what is “allies” are doing! Even when Americans get KILLED. In the 1960′s Israel purposedly attacked USS Liberty. It 34 killed crew members (naval officers, seamen, two Marines, and one civilian), wounded 170 crew members!
    Why? So Israel could cover up war crimes.
    It is the same about the genocide by Turkey against its Christians. It will cover up and overlook this CRIME!

  2. bigmoustache said:

    she was secretary of state under the bush administration…do you expect integrity from her?

  3. Haik Azad said:

    A few years ago the right honorable lady Con-doleeza Mice visited Lybia,kissed and hugged Qaddafi and promised him the full support of the USA,and then the western countries signed their billion $$$deals with their new found business pardner and reborn democrat-he called her ` Condi-my black magic lady from Africa`And now a few years on it turned out he was a tyrant and had to be replaced by the muslim brothers & Condi`s place was taken by an equally repulsive genocide denier called a snake by her own party colleagues.Its a pity these honorable ladies will never meet the fate of Muammar.

  4. Gaidzag Shahbazian said:

    I want to see how would you react when the US government deny’s the Black peoples’ history (slavery) !

  5. Gaidzag Shahbazian said:

    I want to see how would you react when the US government denies the Black peoples’ slavery !

  6. hratch said:

    Where is the Armenian Republican caucus on this one? Just when you needed to hear his justification, Larry Zarian goes and dies on us !

  7. Mabuballah said:

    Is anyone surprised? Well yes, I admit I am; but should not have been in retrospect, for a Bush administration high official who stood still as Serbs (and other minorities) were being murdered and otherwise “ethnically cleansed” from Kosovo under NATO’s watch and with its more-than-tacit approval; and as Bush broke this nation’s word given in UNSC Resolution 1244 when he split off Kosovo in Feb. ’08 in direct violation thereof. Personally, my eyes were opened on her when in a TV interview she acknowledged that her professor “mentor” at Colorado was none other than Madeline Albright’s father.
    All this came, we must sadly admit, from an administration which claimed to be Christian in its inspiration. Sadder still, that claim was widely accepted. As for Condoleeza, she need have looked no further than her own predecessor’s (Henry Morgenthau’s) testimony for an on-the-scene description of the state of affairs surrounding this atrocity. Worst of all, her claim that eight (probably all living) former secretaries of state signed a letter supporting her position indicates the level of depravity to which this nation has sunk.

  8. Norin Radd said:

    I wonder how long Ms. Rice would last in any sort of government position if she had written a book in which she characterized with the word “dreaded” the efforts of the survivors of the Holocaust to bring to official recognition the crimes of Nazi Germany? The answer is simple, Ms. Rice knows who spreads butter over her toast.

    Armenian delegates should ask at Ms. Rice’s next press conference or public speech if it is fair to hold the modern day democratic nation of Germany responsible for the crimes of a “past regime” such as Nazi Germany? After all, to date, 100’s of billions of dollars have been paid in reparations and restitution to world Jewry by the modern German state for crimes committed by Nazi Germany.

    By extension of this same logic, why is it so “odd” or “passe” to demand similar recognition, restitution, and reparation from present day Turkey for crimes of Ottoman Turkey, are Armenians any less deserving than Jews or any less human? Or were the lives of 2 million Armenians worth less than the lives of 2 million Jews? After all, what’s good for the goose is definitely good for the gander, or rather, what’s “just” and “right” for the Jews should also apply to Armenians for having suffered an equal fate and violation of basic human rights.

    What say you Ms. Rice? Or do your puppeteers have you on too short a string?

    “We must rattle the grass to startle the snakes!”

  9. Norin Radd said:

    Ms. Rice hopefully also didn’t conveniently forget to omit as part of her “illustrious” career, her approval for water boarding torture techniques on prisoners. . . .

  10. Katia K. said:

    I wonder what kind of kickbacks she is getting from the government of Turkey for saying these things…. After all there are many more important topics about issues facing Americans that you might think she should be discussing in her memoir….. Typical politician… First you do your term and play for the higher bidder, then you write a book to make some more money off of lies and deceit…

  11. zohrab said:

    i wonder how she will react if we say her ancestry slavery never took place its a myth not true never heard or read about it.all who read this remember we know the truth and understand that americans in general and some other nations have no culture no understanding of this they are only thinking of their dollars and cents ashamedly they come and deny.i can say more but i think i said enough

  12. Carl said:

    How did such an ignorant person became Sec of State?
    Now I see why Bush jr. was a failure.

  13. fact said:

    Is she talking about historical facts regarding Armenian Genocide, which even after 95 yeasr ‎of the start of this crime periodically are becoming the cause of sleepless nights for ‎politicians in Ankara and there fifth column in US ( so called Turkish American coalition an ) ‎‎?‎

    A question raise: If (recognition of) Armenian Genocide is an issue only for historians and not ‎politicians – as claimed wrongly by dr. Rice – how comes that the aggressively and shameful ‎denial of historical facts (and falsification) regarding the same Genocide has become an ‎important task of politicians in Ankara, Washington and Tel Aviv ? ‎

  14. Truth said:

    Armenian Genocide is for “historians” but falsification denial of Armenian Genocide, and ‎blackmailing and misleading of the public regarding historical facts, turning the Truth on ‎Armenian Genocide to an article of trade is the task of politicians such as Erdogan, ‎Condoleezza Rice & Co.‎

    ‎During the Armenian Genocide this was official German Reich (German Empire) who did ‎assist Turkey to committee the Genocide (co-responsible power!) .Now Turkey has managed ‎to replace Israel und US to help Turkey (giving an helping hand) to assist Turkey in its ‎ongoing systematic denial of Armenian Genocide! – ‎ Certainly former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice would not deny this any more! ‎ ‎

    It is high time for politicians denying the fact of Armenian Genocide in Washington to re-‎write the constitution of United State, redefine what “human rights” are and finally to ‎redefine the “American values” …

    • Papken Hartunian said:

      Dear Truth:
      I agree with you totally! I have been working on the issue of German role in Armenian genocide. Please provide your references on this issue, if you don’t mind, so that we all would be informed. I will provide my references shortly. As to Rice, we have given the opportunity and we continue to be tested through such channels. We must take her to court! For your information, it is Germany who has committed the first genocide of 20th century in Africa not Ottoman Empire and et al.

  15. hye4life said:

    We should boycott her, and her book signings if she has any upcoming ones. We should publicly call out on her. Next time she does any TV or Radio interview we should be there right on her face, telling that she is nothing but a genocide denier, and doesn’t represent what this country believe in and what is foundation is based on.

  16. Anton A said:

    While working for Bush, Dr. Condoleezza Rice had earned the infamous nickname of “Warrior Princess,” supposedly, reflecting strong nerves and delicate manners. I couldn’t agree with that White House’s label more, except to say that those “Condoleezza nerves” were not “strong”, but “wrong.” After all, Dr. Rice, a proponent of 2003 Iraq invasion with her WMD salesmanship, is the same “strong nerved delicate mannered” lady who is somewhat responsible today along with her boss “the W” for second-hand killing 655,000 innocent Iraqi civilians. As a 3rd generation Armenian genocide survivor, I am digging deep within my slaughtered great-grandparent’s souls to find forgiveness for you, Dr. Rice. The world needs better people than you. In fact, America has had ethically STRONG and morally UPRIGHT diplomats and ambassadors before, such as the likes of Mr. Henry Morgentau, who did not have to belittle nor demean a genocide that he witnessed nor did he brag about the barbaric killings of a race. My label for you, Condoleezza, is simple: ” Rice, kills a race twice. ” Congratulations!

  17. Ararat said:

    Condoleezza Rice was the most incompetent secretary of state this country has ever had. She was a complete failure from start to finish. No foreign official took her seriously and that’s why she made futile trips one after another and came home with no result to show for. She was a book-worm out of touch with reality and followed what her masters dictated her to do. She should have been home spending her time doing what she does best, play piano.

    Having said that, I would like to offer ‘Condi’, as her masters called her, the following scenario: Let’s suppose, in the 1960s when she was a little girl, she witnessed the rape and the brutal murder of her family by racist thugs. Let’s further assume, the perpetrators of this horrible crime have now been identified but never been brought to face justice because this crime occurred so long ago and that these thugs have more value to the state outside the prison than inside or perhaps simply because the statute of limitation has run out on their horrible crimes. Now, some 50 years later Condi keeps appealing to country’s highest courts to do the right thing to honor the memory of her butchered family and render justice, after all she was witness to this inhumane crime herself. But unfortunately, all her pleas fall to deaf ears year after year and her appeals are denied. Additionally, let’s suppose, after every defeat she, Condi, receives a congratulatory post card from the perpetrators who are now roaming around freely congratulating her defeat and dishonoring the memory of her loved ones.

    How would Condi feel about this I wonder !

    • sebouh nazarian from sydney, Australia said:

      What a great, well thought out , and articulate post!! Thanks Ararat

  18. Capital Hill said:

    Armenians have a good a saying:‎

    ‎ ”A Turk is better than a turkified person” – “she” and other politicians in Capital hill would ‎be a good living example of this Armenian saying! ‎Ami

    The most important thing is that she admit that her Boss – Bush ( Abush) – did promise Turks ‎to kill the Armenian Genocide resolution by every means – The same Bush “Abush) spoke ‎of systematic mass killings of 1,5 Armenians by Turks- this means the opinion of ‎independent scholars and truth is of no value and of no importance – what matter is the ‎opinion of fascist Turks! Hilary Clinton did attend a gala organized by the same fascist ‎Turks! ‎

    Any way This Rice – “She” admit in her memories that indeed Turks did manage to ‎blackmail US and indeed Turkey did manage to force US to knuckle down and to ‎subordinate Turkey at least concerning this issue ! ‎

  19. Marylander said:

    I admire her for taking the right action at the right time for the benefit of the United States. Recognizing genocide wouldn’t benefit our country in any way. The U.S. needs Turkey’s friendship more. What Armenia can give us?
    Yes, we live in a real world and any nation is determined to benefit itself. Does Armenia [in solidarity with the United States] cut its economic and political ties with Iran? NO.

    • Ararat said:

      You are telling us it is more important for USA to make friends with genocidal Turks than honor the mass murder of Armenians by them? I bet you anything you are a Turk disguised as an American. I hope one day the roles are reversed and whoever you are your people are wiped out and then we can talk about what’s important to us than your dead relatives!

  20. hrair said:

    the honorable condoleeza rice owes the armenian people a huge apologoy, she kowns very well that the turks comitted the first genocide of the century against the armenians i am certain that she has researched the us state departments archives. i wonder how soon will she be lobbing for the turkish goverment? she and her cohorts should never be proud or think they are clever of deying the truth, again shame on her and her fellow deniers, the armenian lobby is strong because the armenians and their fellow armerican friends in the us and in congress stand for the truth. god bless AMERICA..

  21. kevo said:

    Condaweezy was just doing her job! However if this is something that she can hang her hat upon its pretty lame. A 10 year old could uphold US policy against the Armenian genocide resolution. Even if the AGR had unanimous support it still gets shelved, stalled and forgotten. Policy will dictate this outcome EVERY SINGLE TIME. POLICY. The “P” word rules. So if weezy wants to brag about something let it be that she was the first black Sec. of State.

  22. Tigran said:

    It’s about time to declare USA an enemy state to Armenia. All actions USA takes, starting with genocide denial, arming turkey, fueling a conflict in our region by arming Saakashvili, supporting Azerbaijan and planing to attack Iran are against our national interests. Armenian government diaspora need to pressure USA administration about their unfriendly acts. in fact about time to cash out from USA and come back to Armenia. we need to invest and work for our country now.

    • Sargis said:

      I agree Tigran – ANCA does not realise that whatever it does USA will remain a country committed to Jewish and Turkish interests. We should instead work actively against US interests and support its enemies until it gets the message.

  23. Kombushaa said:

    Is she stupid or just plainly retarded? The Jewish Holocaust happened a century ago and they respect it fully. This idiot should read what A.Hitler said about the Holocaust, that no one would remember it because no one remembers The Armenian Genocide.

  24. Kevork said:

    Someone hand this ‘CON die’ the book BLACK DOG of Fate so she can learn something and get educated instead of spreading her worthless opinion to unsuspecting minds.

  25. hrair said:

    to marylander its very clear that your are very proud that the turks committed genocide against the armenian people, it is also VERY CLEAR that you must be a turk or a sympathizer. why do you still put salt on our wounds? but we will never stop fighting for the recognition of the genocide by the us and turkey, the genocide of armenians BY THE TURKS is accepted and recognized by most of the world BECAUSE IT IS THE TRUTH.

  26. BOB said:

    I would ask her how her ancestors would feel If I mentioned the same about slavery. It happened hundreds of years ago, this should be left up to historians not politicians. What do you think her answer to that would be?

  27. Kiazer Souze said:

    The only historical interpretation that counts now is mine and GOD’s. I am going to make sure that Congress pays a HEAVY PRICE for their delay tactics. Courtesy of Ernest H. Dervishian.

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