Liars’ Club Dissension

Garen Yegparian


What do Presidents Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Armenian Genocide denier Abraham Foxman have in common?  They’re all liars, it’s seems.  But they’re also involved in the latest “open mic” scandal, when reporters heard the two presidents speaking over a system meant for interpretation that they didn’t realize was still live.

It seems Sarkozy, while speaking to Obama, called Netanyahu a liar (LA Times, November 9, p.A3, “Sarkozy calls Israel’s leader a liar”)  Now, I can’t vouch for the veracity of that pronouncement, but let’s assume it’s true, just to keep our quartet together.

You certainly know Obama’s a liar.  He promised to properly characterize the Armenian Genocide as such, and has reneged thrice, on each of the April 24ths he has been in office.

Sarkozy ran on the promise to support passage of a law forbidding denial of the Armenian Genocide, then changed his tune once in office.

And of course, good old dishonest Abe of the Anti-Defamation League and his “tantamount to genocide” comment, which is genocide denial, which is lying, is a past master at the art of deceipt.

Here’s what’s funny.  Liar Obama complains to Liar Sarkozy that he was disappointed at not being alerted of France’s intent to vote for Palestinian membership in UNESCO.  This was after Liar Sarkozy complained about Liar Netanyahu being, well, a liar.  We don’t know if there was any contact between Liar Netanyahu and Liar Foxman about this matter, though it’s entirely possible.  But, Liar Foxman took it upon himself to express deep sadness and disappointment about Liars Obama and Sarkozy’s exchange about Liar Netanyahu.  And, we have a liars’ loop!

Can’t these liars all just lie (or would that be lay?) in their bed of deceit together and get along?  After all, they are, all four, playing on the same cheating team of duplicitous shame.

Contact whichever one (or more) of these liars you want, and tell them what you think of their ways.

Note: Please excuse the error that crept into my previous piece whereby I identified Al-Bashir as Somalia’s, rather than Sudan’s, president.


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  1. Tsayt said:

    I don’t understand Mr. Yegoarian’s expressed deep disappointment over the lying of politicians. The question to ask is when is the day when politicians will lie (and always will) but this time for the benefit of Armenia and Armenian issues. I think the answer is: when WE will make it happen. Anything else qualifies us as being a cry-baby.

    Not to sound too cliché, but in many ways the basic thesis of Khrimian Hayrig’s understanding is more than valid today, which can be simplified and summarized as: don’t wait for it to happen but make it happen.

  2. Grish Begian said:

    Mr. Foxman should be able to buy three first class tickets, when “Midnight Express” freight is ready to leave it’s home base, toward Turks ancestral land, Altai mountain, for a holy pilgrimage..This unusual trip, will make those liars wealthier, upon their return to “Midnight Express” home base station, they will be greeted by chief entertainer Mr. AKP… A signed blank check loaded with Turkish delights in a stolen Armenian made silver plate, will be presented to newly promoted “Hajis” by chief Grant Mufti of Turkey, for their faithfulness!!

  3. Haik Azad said:

    Sure,Grish,and the Armenians will just have to wait for the other shoe to fall until that train starts on its final journey on the 12th of never.Who is mr.AKP?

    • Grish Begian said:

      Turkish: Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi…English: Justice and Development Party … Mr. Rajab Erdoghan (new Ottoman leader)..

      • kerem said:

        Mr Recep Tayyip Erdogan
        3rd term in power
        1st time with 33%
        2nd time 44%
        and 3rd term come with 50% of total votes in last election whats funny that there were 18 parties running in last election…
        last two years after chine worlds highest growth rae in economy, Turkey has…
        New ottoman leader or other creps are just personal satisfation words for some but Mr erdogan is the most leader made the biggest transition in Turkeys history in term of democracy, modernizatio and eu-membershipness kriterias.. yes eu wont take us as a member but its not the joining but the criterias count as matter for a transition to a better country…I hope to fix relations with Armenia too but ofcourse not with Armenians exraorbitant demands of todays…. But sure there must be a cost for us to pay… a reasonable something…
        or should it be something like that Mr Sarkozy said for the french role in Algerian civil war connected with mass-murder arguments.
        Mr sarkozy said exactly: Sons shouldnt be hold responsible for fathers sins…..
        What a loyal and honest supporter Armenia has in EU thanks to Mr Sarkozy….

  4. Harb said:

    Garen is revealing that politicians lie and pander to their constituencies. Probably not a shock to many people. He condemns a number of people in this article for lying and essentially misdirection. I suspect-of course don’t know as a fact- but Garen’s outrage seems more related to these folks not supporting his concerns rather than the issue of lying. If they misdirected or lied but said that taking care of Armenians was in the vital national interests of the USA or France or Israel I suspect he would be effusive in his praise of these same people. He might be urging us to send emails praising their character and wisdom.

    Garen could look a little closer to home. In his October 28th statement of support for OWS groups he stated that people right of center were and this is a direct quote “Those bankster-loving, people-misleading pundits and hate-radio mouthpieces are desperate to undercut what is truly a people’s movement.”

    His statement labels all people right of center -clear misdirection or a lie. We can all recognize that such a blanket-all encompassing characterization is not true.

    In the same sentence he goes on to say that the OWS movement is “truly a people’s movement”. Ok, in a literal sense he is right–it is a movement of people. But, it is a false statement-or using Garen’s terms-a lie to imply or affirm as true that OWS is broad based movement of the overwhelming majority of Americans.

    It seems that there are some columnist that misdirect no less than politicians. Probably not a shock to many people.

  5. Robert Bezjian said:

    It seems to me that lately Garen Yegparian has become the voice of morality, manners and behavior for the Asbarez newspaper. lately his articles talk about Presidents lying, countries not apologizing for their behavior etc… I can easily say what does Garen have in common with all this? you guessed it. Let us all look at ourselves in the mirror before making a judgement. Presidents are under a lot of pressure to run a country and manage World Politics. If one day we decide to elect Garen as a President ( I would not vote for him ) HE WILL LIE TOO! and as for manners and behavior I do not want to go there…