Human Rights Activist Ayse Gunaysu to Speak at ANC Grassroots

Ayse Gunaysu

GLENDALE—The Armenian National Committee – Western Region has announced that journalist and human rights activist Ayse Gunaysu will participate in the ANC Grassroots presentation “Confronting Truth, Delivering Justice: Turkey and the Armenian Genocide,” which is part of the ANC Grassroots weekend that will take place from Friday, November 25 to Sunday, November 27, 2011, at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Studio City.

Ayse Gunaysu is a professional translator, human rights advocate, and feminist. Gunaysu is a founding member of the Committee Against Racism and Discrimination. Gunaysu was a columnist in a pro-Kurdish daily from 2005–07. Since 2008, she writes a bi-weekly column, titled “Letters from Istanbul,” for the Armenian Weekly.

Ayse Gunaysu, a member of the Committee Against Racism and Discrimination of the Human Rights Association of Turkey (Istanbul branch) since 1995, will discuss human rights movements in Turkey and the treatment of Turkish proponents of Genocide recognition.

She joins Khatchig Mouradian, the editor of the Armenian Weekly, who will speak at ANC Grassroots about the confiscation of Christian church properties by the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey.

Mouradian’s presentation will cover the Ottoman era of Sultan Abdulhamid and the Young Turks through to the present-day Republic of Turkey. Drawing from a wealth of primary and secondary sources, including recently published scholarly works, Mouradian will present an overview of the process through which Armenian property, including church property, was confiscated from Armenians and transferred to the Ottoman and later Turkish state, and how the economic wealth stolen from the Armenians contributed to the creation of the Turkish national economy.

Through a multimedia and photographic presentation, Mouradian will present a detailed inventory of pre- and post-Genocide religious properties. Mouradian will then discuss the Turkish state’s current policy towards Armenians and Armenian cultural and religious heritage in Turkey. He will also explore the moral and material remedies available to begin addressing the damages inflicted upon the Armenian and other victims of Ottoman and later Republican Turkey’s genocidal campaign to eliminate the Christian populations within its borders.

The three-day ANC Grassroots program is a groundbreaking weekend of workshops and panel presentations that will educate the community about civic leadership arising from grassroots efforts. This powerful event encompassing Armenian economic, cultural and social issues with a number of dynamic speakers will provide activists with the tools to amplify the Hai Tahd message. ANC Grassroots will bookend the Armenian National Committee of America- Western Region Annual Banquet, which will take place on Saturday, November 26 at 7 p.m.

The conference and Annual Banquet are open to interested individuals throughout the entire United States, and participants are encouraged to register early.

Due to a generous contribution by an anonymous donor the ANC has announced a significant reduction in ticket prices.

Tickets for ANC Grassroots, which includes the Friday night cocktail in the Starview Room; as well as conference sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which include breakfast, post-banquet dance, and the keynote luncheon on Sunday, are $49. Students with valid ID can purchase discounted tickets for $39.

Tickets for the Annual Banquet are $200. Students with valid ID can purchase discounted tickets for $150.

Register by November 15.


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    • Avery said:

      Ms. Ayse Gunaysu got US$1.5 Million for her appearance at the ANC-Grassroots.
      (get it? 1.5 million ?)

      I was there: while she was making her speech, people in the audience were bringing bags of cash, gold coins, jewelry, cheques and piling them up under the lectern.

      It was unbelievable.

      • necati said:

        i dont think Armenia has that much…5000-10.000 USD is possible per speech.

        It is good money. Nobody would pay her this much in Turkey. For her ability, intelligence , i would pay her 10USD maximum.

        • Avery said:

          The speech was in California USA, not in Armenia. Ms. Guanysu was the honored guest of the Armenian-American community. We have a lot of money. The 2 million Armenian-Americans are very wealthy.

          And we don’t care what Turks think of her. Her message is intended for the rest of humanity. One day, when Fascist Turks that run Turkey today pass from the scene, she will be recognized as a genuine Turk heroine. Very few tough guys have anywhere near the courage she possesses

          FYI: none of the speakers were paid a dime for their speeches.
          All volunteered their time to convey their message.
          Truth is free.

          • necati said:

            so, you say ms ayshe went to California from Turkey-Istanbul to give a speech for FREE ? She must be very rich.

          • Avery said:

            She is not rich (as far as I know).
            Her travel expenses were paid for by the Armenian-American community, naturally.
            She was not paid for speaking.
            It is customary when important individuals make speeches to paid events, they are paid speaking fees.
            Ms. Gunaysu was not paid a speaking fee.She volunteered her time.
            Perhaps you have to live in USA to understand the difference.

          • necati said:

            “2 million Armenian-Americans are very wealthy. ”

            it is good for you. why not help a little to poor Armenia ?

          • Avery said:

            what makes you think we are not.
            We can help Armenia, we can help Artsakh, we can make life miserable for the Denialist State of Turkey, and whole lot more – all simultaneously.
            Despite what they teach you in your supremacist Turkish schools, Armenians are not the stupid gyavurs you Denialist Turks think we.
            We don’t advertise everything we do.

  1. Albert Nercessian said:

    Avery is obviously a TURK pretending to be an Armenian. Avery wrote down “Ms. Ayse Gunaysu got US$1.5 Million for her appearance at the ANC-Grassroots.
    (get it? 1.5 million ?) making a genocide joke out of it. He should be banned from contributing because he is a propagandist and liar.

    • Avery said:

      Albert, thank you for those kind words – the ‘liar’ part I mean.

      And Avery is most assuredly an Armenian pretending to be an Armenian.
      And you have absolutely no clue who or what I am, or who Turk poster Necati is.

      • necati said:

        ha ha..i think it is only me who can understand what you mean under your words.

      • Stepan said:

        Avery, menk kezi kespasink

        Kichme mer hed Hayerin xhosir, asa vordegehi Hay es, kerdetouynit masin, yev inchoo es mezi anrhagoom ko toynvatz xoskerov.

    • necati said:

      “Avery is obviously a TURK pretending to be an Armenian”…

      This was a good one…i cant help laughing…really good..

      • Stepan said:

        Lets give him the benefit of doubt.
        Egek hima Hayeriun irer hed xhosink, yev desnink ardyouk Averin mek katil Hayi arouyoun ouneh ir marmanoom?

        Avery, eskesir hima.

        • Avery said:

          I don’t need your or anybody else’s benefit of the doubt, Stepan.
          If you think whatever I have posted is անարգանք to you and those that think like you – I don’t care about that either.

          And if you think Turk operatives cannot read, write, and speak fluent Armenian – all I can say is that I hope you and your buddies that believe in that fairy tale are not next to me when the fit hits the shan.
          Turks will chew up gullible people that think like you and spit it out.

  2. Stepan said:


    Yeteh Hay es, inchoo me kani bar mer hed ches xhosa, yev ko asatcnereit tarkmaneh Hayerin.


  3. Peter said:

    Stephan. Mihat Averyien guratzuh gartah. Du vonce vor esh ches? Martuh asets vor Turkernel Hyeren garoken khosal, yev du noreets asumes eran vor Hyeren khosa. Martuh Hye ah, tohk es hartzuh.

    Instead of supporting Ayse Gunaysu, you all are distracted by the comments by Avery, who for some reason or another, you all think is a Turk. You all act like Turkish thugs who would rather gang up on a well to do commenter rather than rally behind Ms Gunaysu who has risked her life to speak at the conference because that’s how strongly she believes in truth and justice being served! Stop standing divided for stupid squabbling of who you think is a Turk

  4. Daron said:

    I always enjoy reading Gunaysu’s articles, she is an inspiration to all free spirited people.
    Regarding the comments made by Albert, Armen and Stepan, you need to read Avery’s comments on AW and on other forums before passing judgment on him. I consider him a colleague and a patriot. By showing up on Asbarez and insulting respectful individuals in our community is not welcomed brothers, so let us be more considerate.

  5. Peter Megerdumian said:

    An Armenian would never make a Genocide joke and it is clear to me that Avery is a Turk and Daron my friend, you have been fooled by the chameleon Turk. Turks are great chameleons playing games with Armenians. The opening of borders with Turkey will allow Turkey to invade Armenian from the inside and start a program of cultural genocide. They Turks will use their economic power to buy large parts of the economy . Iranian Azeris have already bought lots of properties in Armenia and also married many Armenian woman making Bastard children.

  6. Peter Megerdumian said:

    We would need a DNA sample from Avery to prove that he is not a Turk and send it to the Armenian DNA study for analysis. I am not suprised if Turkish operative do learn Armenian. That is how they can spy on Armenian radio communications.