ARF Calls on Sarkozy to Condemn Proposal for Genocide Commission

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe

PARIS—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Central Committee of France on Saturday issued a statement calling on President Nicolas Sarkozy to condemn his foreign minister’s proposal to establish a commission that would study the Armenian Genocide, Nouvelles Armenie reported.

Speaking during a press conference last week in Turkey, French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe called the period of the Armenian Genocide hard for both Armenians and Turks and expressed France’s willingness for the establishment of a commission to study the Armenian Genocide.

While visiting Armenia last month, Sarkozy, in no uncertain terms called on Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide. He added that if Turkey did not come to terms with its past, other countries would have to step in to right the historical wrong.

Below is the English translation of the ARF statement:

The ARF learned of the intention expressed by Alain Juppe to set up a commission of Armenian and Turkish historians in France to study the period in the history regarding the Armenian Genocide.

ARF is furious at the Foreign Minister for his remarks, which potentially cast doubt on the veracity of the Armenian Genocide. Such statements are not acceptable. They contain hints of policy of denial. Statements by Alain Juppe significantly minimize the words of [President] Nicolas Sarkozy, who called on Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

The French government can not simultaneously call on Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide and proposer a commission of historians which must decide on the reality of the Armenian Genocide.

This is an intolerable contradiction by the French authorities, who apparently decided to play a game of double standards of truth and denial. This impression is further reinforced by the fact that when Nicolas Sarkozy was in Armenia, [France’s Interior Minister] Claude Gueant was hastily dispatched to Turkey.

We can not bear this duplicity and ask Sarkozy to express open disapproval of the position of Alain Juppe, contrary to President’s statements made in Yerevan. The Armenian community is angered and looks forward to decisive action by the President of the Republic. Inclusion of the bill criminalizing denial of Armenian Genocide in the Senate’s agenda is urgent. Nicolas Sarkozy promised to do so in Yerevan, let him keep his promise.


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  1. Raffikian said:

    Is France sinking? the last thing a person or a country should loose or sacrifice is the values they stand for.

  2. Nishan Basmajian said:

    To destabilize Syria France is playing a major role alongside Turkey, the European Union , the USA and the traitor arab nations. If the whole world is in coalition to destroy such a wonderful country like Syria , (one of the cradles of civilization and the hospitable arab country where the resurrection of the armenian nation took place after the genocide) by encouraging bloodshed, by financing and arming terrorists in the country and terrorist braodcasting organizations in arab countries , what one can expect from a certain Sarkozy or an Alain Juppe, who are toys in the hands of Zionism and US imperialism ? Double standards? Of course! what else could one expect ? Principles? France and principles? Have we forgotten the negative role played by France in Cilicia 70-80 years ago? Didn’t they change the fate of our nation ? The influence of politically bankrupt countries should stop , they have to stop deciding what will be the fate of other nations. “Glorious” nations like the US are kneeling in front of Israel. Israel is ruling the world . The only stronghold left which is fighting the jewish imperialism in the arab world remains Syria. A puppet like sarkozy can satisfy ARF’s demand only after getting permission from his Zionist bosses. “Ne cherchez pas midi a 14 heures” says the famous french saying. Are we asking Sarkozy to be a man and openly disapprove Alain Juppe’s statements? He can’t do that. He needs help. Can we get for him permission from his Zionist bosses?If yes, then only one can hope otherwise chances are dull for a positive response to ARF’s demand.

  3. Anait said:

    France never denied Armenian genocide and always was on our side. Why commission to research Genocide is necessarily an expression of doubt? Why cannot that be one more prove for us, Armenians? Why do our officials need to get so hysterical about every statement? I think those hysterics every time when somebody wants to look at the historical facts can cause a doubt why Armenians are so scared of looking at the facts? We should not do that, i think…

  4. John Doe said:

    cannot understand, why armenians are so against formation of joint commission? do they have anything to hide? if they think tehay are right, it shouldnt be so diffucult to prove it each and every time

    • Kevork said:

      On the contrary, Armenians have nothing to hide, because they do not need proof that 2+2 equals 4, or that the Earth is round, or that the Earth has one moon.

      It is the backwards Turk (you?) who needs such proofs, because the Turks are scared to face their past. If Turkey is interested in history, you need to take that step amongst yourselves, Armenians know very well what reality is and what happened in history.

    • ‎ Facts will remain facts ‎ said:

      ‎Turkish government is not even interested to solve the killing of one single Armenian – this ‎was Hrant Dink- killed on daily light, how could such a government be interested to discuss ‎honesty the mass killing of another 1,5 Million Armenians !?‎

      The “historian” which could take part in such a “historian commission” on behalf of “Armenians” and was well ‎aware of the many fact , was killed in Turkey with the assistance of the same Turkish ‎government – This was Hrant Dink other Turkish historian which could take part in such a ‎‎“historian commission” on behalf of Armenian being jailed short ( having found books about ‎Armenia Genocide translated by him in Turkish) and another Turkish historian is forced to ‎move to Turkey to save his life and may others are afraid to speak openly about Armenian ‎Genocide being afraid either to be killed or being regarded as “treason”- ‎

      ANY way ‎

      ‎ If Turkey was in any way interested to know the truth on Armenian genocide , would not ask ‎for a “historian commission”- Turkish politicians know exactly about the facts regarding ‎systematic annihilation of Armenian people in there historic homeland. Simply one example ‎two years ago Turkish defiance minister openly did announce in Brussels in a celebration ‎organize for the death of Kemal Attatürk: .” we wouldn’t have this Turkey if Armenians and ‎Greeks were allowed to live in Anatolia and east Turkey- something like‎

      If Turkey had any honest and serious intention to face its bloody past there are enough proves ‎in Turkey ( including on the ground) which could help denial state of Turkey to face its bllody ‎past and recognize the mass crimes against humaity!! ‎

    • Gregory said:

      You sound just like David Irving speaking of how we need to have a commision to research the genocide of the jews.

    • gary_S said:

      I’m all for the historical commission if it was by non-biased historians. Unfortunately Turkey has to pay historians to come up with their version of history.

  5. ‎ Facts will remain facts ‎ said:

    sorry, I mean forced to leave Turkey and live in US to save his life

  6. ‎ Facts will remain facts ‎ said:

    If I were the Armenian FM, I would simply announce that Armenia is much willing to help ‎Turkish to build a “historian commission” for themselves and face the historical facts BUT ‎‎„historians” which could take part in such “commission“having different stand and opinion ‎than Turkish pAlace historianS; either being killed – with the hidden assistance of Turkish ‎security forces- or being jailed (and more) for speaking the truth about Armenian Genocide! ‎

  7. maryanne said:

    I agree with the posts, if we Armenians have nothing to hide we shouldn’t get all exited about their comment of bringing in a 3rd party of Historian.

    • Norin Radd said:

      You’re missing the point here Maryanne, let me elucidate for you. Armenians have nothing to fear and should NEVER participate in any “joint commission” simply because by engaging in a “fact finding” mission, we are implicitly introducing into the equation an air of self-doubt and a “burden of proof” when in reality the evidence is so grossly overwhelming there is no need for any sort of commission in the first place.

      As a previous poster mentioned, trying to “prove” that the Armenian Genocide did in fact happen and that the perpetrator was Turkey is the same as putting together a commission to prove that the Earth is round and that if you stand in the rain you will get wet.

      Some people believe that the moon landing was a hoax, that does not mean that rationale scientific minds that know it happened need to put together a commission composed of imbecile doubters and pseudo-intellectuals into a rocket ship and attempt another landing to prove Neil Armstrong placed his feet on Lunar soil 50 years ago.

      These talks of “commissions” are merely clever ruses by Turk denialists and criminals as a means to derail the worldwide recognition of the crimes against humanity committed by the Turks in 1915.