Armenians Detained for Spying for Azerbaijan

Prosecutor General's office has charged three with spying

YEREVAN (—Armenia’s Prosecutor General confirmed that three Armenians have been detained for allegedly spying for Azerbaijan and have been charged with high treason. Another three have been accused of having knowledge and not reporting the alleged collaboration with Azeri intelligence service.

The Prosecutor General’s office reported K. Mehrabyan, R. Matevosyan and A. Chtrkyan allegedly were recruited by officers of Azerbaijan’s intelligence service during a visit to Turkey.

The three were asked to collaborate with Azeri intelligence services in exchange for payment. The prosecutor’s office reported that the three were asked to provide information about the armed forces of Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

The prosecutor’s office also reported that Armenian citizens K. Petrosyan, A. Avetikyan, and D. Avetikyan were aware that K. Mehrabyan allegedly had agreed to find the required information and transfer it to Azerbaijani officers in exchange for payment. The three did not inform Armenian law enforcement about the latter’s alleged collusion.


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    • Mher said:

      I’d like to see them in hard labor for life and have all their assets confiscated from them.

  1. Stepan said:

    Of course it is naive to think that all our people are patriots, but if this is true…amot eh.

  2. Norin Radd said:

    Upon being proven guilty, anything less than life imprisonment or the death penalty will not suffice. Treason against one’s own state, country, and ethnicity deserves nothing less. All of them and their affiliates should be tarred and feathered before being sentenced.

    Tkem zter mairi yev hairi vra, if there is a hell, may you burn in it in slow painful agony until the end of time. Traitors.

  3. ARA said:

    Well- hopefully they were spying for us and got some good $$ for it-and we need to give the enemy-the azeri’s all the misinformation we can-that may drive them to the seas-hopefully these 3 were doing good for us-

  4. Nick said:

    Why not use them to give false information to the Azeri’s? Either that or execute them, we don’t need traitors in our country.

    • bigmoustache said:

      yes, that would be a double agent. we could have converted them to such. but thats too late. if found guilty, line em up and shoot em down

  5. The Truth said:

    Turks and Turk-Azeris will try this by 10 000 Armenian Tourists and guest workers in order ‎to be successful by on or two. ‎

    Armenian needs to educate its citizens about tricks used by of our enemies. Armenia needs a ‎strong defensively system to contra such actions and execution for spying should be re-‎introduce ‎

  6. Edward Demian said:

    According to European Union standards, there is no death penalty. And 25 years, is considered a lifetime. The only exception is espionage. Armenia cannot do anything draconic, despite the veracity of your reactions. Armenia aspires to legitimacy, and that requires following the rules. In this case, it seems that three naive Armenian boys did much of nothing and one thought about doing something. And how quickly we want to kill. Lets show some mercy for a change.

    • Vahe' said:

      Keep your mercy for yourself. Without a minute doubt , they should be killed either “accidently ” or officially. And public should be kept informed un-officially. That is ANVTANGUTYUN.

    • bigmoustache said:

      ok i agree, but only because i belive a life sentence is worse than death, but theres no room for mercy.
      firstly, we should be at the forefront of training spies. a lot of our grandparents, parents know turkish coming from western armenia as do a lot of armenians who lived with turks in artsakh.
      there should be a strong deterrent for such actions. one loose lip can cost thousands of lives, and for armenians one is too many

  7. mike said:

    why did not these guys take the money and give them completely wrong information? They would have been
    ahead of the Azeris.

  8. Hrant (Din) K. said:

    We should give guidelines to future vulnerable youths how to act and avoid

    falling into a trap when approached by hostile intelligence agencies and to report

    pictures and names of the hostile agents!