Veracity of Genocide Cannot be Questioned, Says Nalbandian

Foreign Minister Nalbandian

YEREVAN (ArmRadio)—“The Armenian authorities have declared on many occasions that the veracity of the Armenian Genocide and the importance of its recognition and condemnation have never been and will never be questioned,” said Armenia’s Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian in an with the Dutch De Volkskrant daily.

Nalbandian used the interview, published on Tuesday, to counter statements made last week by his Turkish counterpart Ahem Davutoglu that commission of historians should deal with the subject. The comments were made when Davutoglu was meeting with French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe, who endorsed the idea, thus negating a statement made last month in Yerevan by French President Nicolas Sarkozy who urged Turkey “to come to terms with its past.”

“The Turkish Foreign Minister’s statements on establishment of a commission of historians to study the events of 1915 are an attempt to question the fact that France and many other international organizations have recognized the Genocide,” said Nalbandian.

“It is nothing else but the continuation of the dangerous policy of denial. The French President made a clear statement on that matter in Armenia,” added Nalbandian.

Nalbandian also touched on Davutoglu’s assertions that an letter addressed to former president Robert Kocharian by Recep Tayyip Erdogan has remained unanswered. The Armenian foreign minister pointed out that the letter in question was, in fact, answered on April 25, 2005.

“Both the international community and Turkey – perhaps with the exception of a few people as it can be concluded from Ahmet Davutoglu’s statement – are well aware of the contents of that answer,” said Nalbandian, referring to Kocharian’s response who rejected the creation of a commission to study the Armenian Genocide.

[Asbarez: Might it not be time for Armenia to withdraw its signature from the protocols?]


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  1. Stepan said:

    In response to the comment at the end of the article, withdrawing Armenia’s name would be a popular emotional move in the diaspora and perhaps even in Armenia, but would not be in the interests of Armenia on the international stage. Withdrawing or deceiving is Turkey’s role and they are performing well with their pre-conditions and rhetoric. Once the protocols were announced(we obviously can debate that) , it became Armenia’s role to play good guy. We have little leverage and need to build some good will as an ethical player. Let Turkey be viewed as the unethical player and let’s take advantage of that.

  2. Dave said:

    But the honesty of Armenia’s leaders can and should be questioned. I am not impressed just because Nalbandian or Sargsian mention the Armenian genocide occasionally to get brownie points.

  3. Hay said:

    I’d like Asbarez to please remain impartial and refrain from adding little silly comments at the bottom of news reports as if this is someone’s blog and not a serious news reporter.

    As for the comment in question, no, it is not time for Armenia to withdraw its signature from the protocols. If we do, we end up looking like the unwilling party, while as of now Turkey is left being the child who just won’t cooperate in front of the international community. The protocols are dead, and Turkey conveniently for us killed them. No reason to withdraw the signature now, instead leave it as it is to show the world that we are the peaceful, civilized, and friendly nation in the neighborhood.

    • Avery said:

      Asbarez is the official news organ of the Armenian ARF Party, a partisan, political entity. They have every right to advocate a particular partisan viewpoint. They don’t claim to be an independent news organ.

      Harut Sassounian of the California Courier, a non-partisan thoughtful man and writer, has also advocated that Armenia withdraw the signature. Armenia already has the moral high ground: Turks openly state they will not ratify it.

      The frozen protocols are being used both by Turks and their sycophants as a convenient excuse to avoid turning the screws on Turkey, as in “…..let’s not do anything that will harm the reconciliation process…..”.

      As long as RoA signature is there, the Protocols are a dormant landmine that Turks can detonate when it suits them. RoA extended her hand, even though it did not really benefit Armenia – and Turks spat on it.

  4. Raffikian said:

    Good try Mr. French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe, Cheap shot on behalf of 1.5 million Armenian dead, just to gain the sympathy of Tuerkey, it isn’t worth it, moral and values has always been France’s asset and to tarnish that image is a big gamble, once lost that image the harm that will bring to France will be unmeasurable.

  5. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    We Know It Well…More than any famous Historian

    We know it well
    All the Armenian children know it well
    More than any clever historian
    What meant word Genocide…

    It was stories of our childhood
    Not the stories of Cinderella and the thee bears

    We know it Well…Well…and Well
    We cried on our grandmothers pillows
    How they left home…their belonging
    And walked to Der-Zor…the Arid Land
    To save their children…their lives…
    Remembering their lost spouse
    And all the relatives they left
    In their ancient place
    So called scavengers underground…

    We easily can write our history
    Without ink without pen…with our blood…

    Historian are not allowed to write
    They copy from here and there
    To sell as a book…Winning fame
    Defining themselves PhD doctorates
    On account on our lost…uncanned skulls

    We Know It Well…And Very Well
    Our real stories… are not a fiction…
    Imagination like Shakespearean ‘King Lear’
    We heeded from their lips their eyes
    Their shaking hands…sweats…tears…

    “We Know It All and Very Well”
    They uttered in detail and many times
    Those..who wanted to annihilate them
    To keep one Armenian…
    Keeping one waxy man in a Museum
    Near Ayasofya’s Cathedral
    Like Madame Tussuad’s…guiding the London maps

    We know It Well
    We refuse any one to tell us…
    More lies…
    We trusted them they continue to betray Us…
    Because… We don’t have scimitars
    We don’t possess killing Genes….
    Slaying DNA…s

    Shame on all politicians who lie
    I call them ‘Faithless Creatures’
    Faith is dead in theirs…in every cell
    Their faith is to lie in such a way
    Calling themselves truthful honest…!
    And they never commit any mistakes…
    They repeat with smirks not healthy smiles
    Lieing and laying on genocides…
    Millions massacred and…The rest stared working hard
    To earn their bread from stones they carved…

    Unbelievable stories no one can write…
    Historian are never allowed to write
    We can easily write with our tongues
    From our injured…scared cells
    Of Myocytes…
    And more

    We never need their help…
    Let them find another job…to eat more sweats
    Not betraying…those who left with eternal prayers…
    Calling God and Gods…

    (c) Sylva-MD-Poetry

    November 23, 2011

  6. Sassoun said:

    Let’s start an online campaign on getting signatures from Armenians in diaspora and Armenia to force the Armenian government to withdraw its signature from the protocols.