Aliyev’s Top Advisor Blasts Clinton

Novruz Mammadov

BAKU—President Ilham Aliyev’s chief foreign policy advisor Novruz Mammadov blasted Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for a message she circulated to mark International Human Rights Day.

In the statement, Clinton lamented continued violence against those who exercise their right to freedom of expression and said: “From Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe, political prisoners still languish in jail for speaking, writing or advocating peacefully for their beliefs.”

Mammadov, known for his temperamental declarations, said “those who wrote Secretary of State’s remarks,” were confused about their knowledge of the English alphabet, insisting that Armenia comes before Azerbaijan in alphabetical order.

“Maybe those who wrote State Secretary’s statement relied on the logic of the English alphabet, referring to Azerbaijan along with Zimbabwe (first and last letters of the alphabet). However, either they did not learn it properly (at least, according to the alphabetical order Armenia comes before Azerbaijan), or we are again dealing with double standards in the US foreign policy,” Mammadov said.

“If this is indeed an important issue for the United States, then why does the same State Department keep silent on the issue of infringement of rights of one million Azerbaijani refugees and internally displaced persons, evicted from their lands as a result of illegal, armed aggression by the Armenian side? Why does no one make a serious statement on the matter?” said Mammadov.

Relying on the same logic, Mammadov went on to say that the US had “an unnatural love for Armenia.”

“One gets the impression that the US has some serious commitment to the Armenian Diaspora, which makes both media organizations and officials to voice negative evaluations solely about Azerbaijan while making only positive remarks about Armenia,” explained Mammadov.


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  1. Ashot Karapetian said:

    Novruz Mammadow must fly a kite along Aliev and leave politics for good. Where did we get these two idiots from?

  2. Haik Azad said:

    Here we have an azeri kgb kurd talking turkey on matters his tiny kgb mind can never grasp.

  3. Stepan said:

    I react with great pride every time I hear an official of Turkey or Azerbaijan attempt to insult the Armenian diaspora. How wonderful that the sons and daughters of those murdered or evicted from western Armenia are a contributing force in the pursuit of justice and the support of Armenia. How ironic that those who created the diaspora are unhappy about its capability.

  4. Seymur said:

    What Secretary Clinton really meant was “From Alabama to Wyoming, double standards is what unites us”.
    Someone should remind her about the 2008 Yerevan events, which in many peoples opinion were in no way different than that of what we see in Damascus today. Or even in Gaddafi’s Libya for that matter.

    • Avery said:

      “…..which in many peoples opinion were in no way different than that of what we see in Damascus today. Or even in Gaddafi’s Libya for that matter.” writes Seymur.

      Which “many people” Turk-oglu Seymour ? The same AzeriTurk people who claim the AG is an Armenian fabrication ? Same people that destroyed 10,000 Armenian Khachkars in occupied Nakhichevan – those people ? In 2008 Yerevan, 10 people were killed, including 2 police officers. And you are comparing that to Syria and Libya ? How many thousands of Armenian civilians your war-criminal AzeriTurk leaders killed when they illegally invaded Artsakh ?

    • Basil said:

      As an Azeri troll, you need to spell it “Irevan”.
      By the way, I wish Yerevan 2008 was like Syria today, they should have steamrolled the so called opposition the way Assad does with those Turk provocateurs.

    • Դրօ said:

      Unlike Azerbaijan, Armenia had actually released all of its “political prisoners” (even though the government had every right to keep them in prison because they were provocateurs with foreign funding, not political prisoners). So Clinton couldn’t say anything about that. Also, the US is not too happy with Azerbaijan for getting in the way of American interests; Azerbaijan is effectively preventing the realization of the Nabucco pipeline because of its interference in the Armenia-Turkey Protocols and keeping the border with Armenia closed.

  5. facts said:

    in every sentence this paranoid azerbaijani official did mention the word of “Armenia” at ‎least 4 times, to justly the actions of criminal regime in Baku .‎

  6. Ashot Karapetian said:

    Turkey is arming the so called opposition in Syria, is that right? Who has the double standards?

  7. Hagop said:

    Seymour, your comment makes me think of a whore speaking of virtues of virginity, fortunately for you an event happened in Yerevan during 2008 March which went for a couple of days and for which investigations are going up to date. Contrary to your dear Turkey and Azerbaijan where such things happen on a DAILY BASIS and you behave as very natural. somekind of a double standard from you towards your own country

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