Iceland Recognizes Palestine

Iceland's Foreign Minister Ossur Skarphedinsson

REYKJAVIK, Iceland (AFP)—Iceland has formally recognized an independent Palestinian state, becoming the first northwestern European country to take the move.

Reykjavik recognized Palestine as “an independent and sovereign state within the pre-1967 Six Day War borders,” Iceland’s Foreign Minister Ossur Skarphedinsson said in a statement on Thursday, AFP reported.

“Palestine is now recognized for the first time by a country in western and northern Europe,” the statement added.

Together with the country, at least 112 states around the world have recognized Palestine. Around 150 countries also maintain diplomatic relations with Palestine in one form or another.

The Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland in Eastern Europe and Malta in the south of the continent have already undertaken the recognition in Western Europe.

In September, acting Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas formally asked the United Nations to fully recognize Palestine as a member state.


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  1. Avedis said:

    That’s pretty impressive of Iceland. When the wicked Zionists who call themselves religious pass in front of an Armenian priest in Jerusalem, they spit on the ground and utter curses, and in some cases outright attack Armenian clergy while their counterparts in the government sell arms to terrorist Azerbaijan and Turkey, who make no moves to hide their intent to wipe out Armenia. All I can say is, I doubt the existence of Israel is anything positive for Armenians and Armenia, at least as a military power of the region.

    Israel wants to sell weapons to Azerbaijan? OK, then why doesn’t the US sell weapons to Iran? If you think about it that amounts to the same thing, and the same concept. Azerbaijan wants to wipe out Armenia, so the Israelis sell them weapons – to a terrorist country – and so Iran wants the same of Israel, and of course any country that sells them weapons automatically get labeled “evil”.

    On another note, I appreciate that many citizens of Israel recognize the Armenian Genocide and are against this hypocrisy, but unfortunately they are not the ones in power, the wicked are the ones in power and who cause all the suffering of the region.

  2. bigmoustache said:

    the lesson for us here is that you dont have to be a regional power to do whats right

  3. Aram Manssourian said:

    This is very good news. The poor Palestinians have been victimized too long by the ziofacists.

  4. Peter Megerdumian said:

    This is good for everyone in the entire Middle East. Israel is ruled by generals and this military oligarchy are ziofacists. They don’t want peace because they own many of Israel’s defense companies and make huge profits seling weapons. If there is a peaceful resolution, then the progressive forces in Israel will begin to dominate. Read the books by former Mossad spy turned anti-Mossad activist Victor Ostrovsky and he says the same thing that I am saying.

  5. LongLiveArmenia said:

    Great news! Armenia should also recognize Palestine – and un-recognize the Holocaust myth.

  6. Armanen said:

    Armenia has nothing to gain from recognizing Palestine. Especially in light of the fact that Artsakh is not de jure recognized by Armenia.

  7. Alex Postallian said:

    Good move.Since 1948,when Israel was established,the rules of human dignity should prevail,boundries reconized;we have been getting distorted news from biased news media,blinking by our biased diplomats,as to the rules of origination,boundries.So,now we are confronted by the truth,that we erred,not to admit it,the Jews pushing to hard,with the U.S.A running interference for them.The sad part of theb whole mess,we as American citizens never knew the TRUTH, was blindsided by our own country.