BREAKING NEWS: $18 Million Raised for Armenia Fund in Moscow

Telethon 2011

MOSCOW—A gala banquet attended by Russian-Armenian businessmen just concluded in the Russian capital, where $18 million was raised for Armenia Fund activities, reported Artsakh Times newspaper. The funds raised at the Moscoe gala will be combined with last month’s telethon pledges bringing this year’s Armenia Fund total to more than $30 million.

Last month, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund announced that $12,286,478 was pledged during the annual Armenia Fund Thanksgiving Day telethon. Proceeds of the Telethon will benefit vital water and rural development projects in Armenia and Artsakh.

During the gala, Argentine-Armenian business Eduardo Eurnekian announced that he was planning to make investments totaling $11 million in Karabakh in the coming year.

Nagorno-Karabakh Republic President Bako Sahakian attended the gala.


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  1. Halo said:

    According to some sources the Russian economy has apparently recovered quicker than the US and Europe and is now doing fine, so the figures here also reflect that, (not to mention that there are a lot more Armenians in Russia). $30 million + $11 more million, this is great news for Artsakh and Armenia, but somehow I feel its still too little. I can’t help but wish Kerkorian would have given the $200 million to Armenian organizations instead of UCLA which does not need it.

    • Avery said:

      OK where how did arrive at 30+11 ?
      US$12 million was raised during Thanksgiving.
      Russia raised US$ 18 million.
      Total should be $30+ million.
      In 2010 it was 10 million Thanksgiving + $10 million Russia.
      Both Thanksgiving and Russia were records this year.
      West raised US$12 million despite being in deep recession.

      Having said that, more of us need to start contributing.

      • said:

        Yes, the wording in the article was confusing. It sounded like the $11 million was a separate thing in addition to the Gala money. If this is not true, it means that the Russian donors actually donated less then last year. But they donate outside of this process so it’s hard to say if it would affect the situation in Artsakh.

        The main thing is to make the money work in Artsakh for as long as possible and not let it just travel from one account to another in Western banks. At the end the only things that count are materials, equipment, and expertise that cross from Armenia to Artsakh and stay there forever turning into infrastructure that would allow to sustain decent living conditions for 1-2 million people in the next 25-75 years.

      • Halo said:

        I don’t understand your question. I simply reiterated what I read in the article. 30 million raised and Eurnekian will contribute 11 million => 30+11 = great news for Armenia & Artsakh.

  2. said:

    30 + 11 for Artsakh is more then DOS’s 40 million for Armenia!

    Every working Armenian should pay an “Armenian tax” of 1.915% to Armenian causes every April 24th. With such tax revenue we would be able to solve most of the problems in our communities without Russia, USA and the moody super rich!!

    • Avery said:

      Good idea, except it needs to be Monthly.
      I believe Armenia Fund already allows recurring donation. But not sure if they have monthly.

      Annual fundraising can be a bonus. But Artsakh and Armenia need a steady source of surplus funds. Both Governments can take care of strategic and military needs.
      We need to pitch in for social and humanitarian needs.

      • said:

        Well, it could be monthly or bi-weekly or whatever works for folks. The main thing is to have people to sign up for a 2% Armenian tax similar to the “protection” tax that Armenians had to pay to the Ottomans.

        But this time it should be collected and spent on Armenian COMMUNITIES in Armenia, Artsakh, Javakh, developing countries and our local communities here.

        Armenia Fund’s model fits the best because it’s not associated with any particular group. Such tax revenue will allow to leverage resources and accomplish sizable projects. Once people see how it benefits THEM and THEIR communities there will be more and more participants.

        The key is to keep the actual monies IN ARTSAKH like the Swiss do. Artsakh is the Armenian Switzerland nature-wise and could become it money-wise too.

        Once the total annual revenue could be demonstrated, additional financing could be obtained for long term infrastructure projects.

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