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[VIDEO] Musurlian Confronts Genocide Deniers Steve Cohen & Jean Schmidt

Depraved Genocide Denial on display in these two excerpts shot in Tennessee & Ohio by Peter Musurlian, for his Summer 2010 documentary, "Turkey's Tools in the Heartland." The interviews, from these excerpts, were shot and the overall piece was edited by the ever-so-talented Ara Soudjian, who produced longer videos for the 2008 & 2009 ANC-WR (Armenian National Committee-Western Region) banquets in Simi Valley & Pasadena, respectively. Mark Geragos, nationally-renowned Los Angeles attorney, is in rare form about 3 minutes into the video.

Schmidt Can’t Pay Ethic Panel Fines

Embattled GOP Representative Jeanne Schmidt is having a tough time raising funds for the roughly $500,000 that the House Ethics Committee fined her to pay, reported Jordy Yager of The Hill.

Schmidt Got $105K-Plus from Turkish Coalition in 2011

Rep. Jean Schmidt received $582,768 over three years from the Turkish Coalition of America, and she still owed at least $515,000 in legal fees at the end of 2011, according to her most recent financial disclosure report.

Company with Turkish Ties Gives to Schmidt Fund

Since Rep. Jean Schmidt created a legal expense trust to help repay an improper gift she received from the Turkish Coalition of America, the Miami Township Republican has received a single $5,000 donation from a company called Global Eclipse.

Genocide Denier Can’t Represent Schmidt in Case Against Krikorian

A lawyer who works for the Turkish American Legal Defense Fund can't represent Rep. Jean Schmidt in a defamation lawsuit filed on her behalf against former political opponent David Krikorian, and a different lawyer for the congresswoman must disclose records that could show who is paying her legal bills, a judge has ruled.

Congressional Ethics Panel Investigating Schmidt for Turkish Ties

Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) is back in the news, this time for reportedly taking free legal advice from the Turkish-American Legal Defense Fund in a series of cases she is pursuing in Ohio, reported Roll Call. Schmidt was front and center in a lawsuit filed by her opponent David Krikorian, who charged that the Congresswoman took money from Turkish interests during her election bid

Geragos Lectures on Free Speech, Schmidt vs. Krikorian at UCLA Dept. of Communication Studies

This past academic quarter, nationally renowned attorney Mark Geragos was invited to speak as a guest lecturer in the UCLA Department of Communication Studies for an upper division undergraduate course titled “Free Speech in Advertising.” The course, taught by lecturer Raffi Kassabian, explores the First Amendment and commercial speech within the context of product and service advertising, including political speech.

Ohio Commission Issues Convoluted Split-Decision on Schmidt v. Krikorian Case

Following a second day of intense testimony outlining the complicated web of Turkish interests to fueling Armenian Genocide denial in the U.S., a perplexed Ohio Elections Commission issued, what can only be described as a convoluted and confounding split decision ruling on the case brought by OH Rep. Jean Schmidt (R) against her presumptive Democratic Congressional opponent David Krikorian.