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Armenian American Set to Take the Helm of Award Winning College Newspaper

With one of the largest circulations in Los Angeles and the challenges facing print media in the digital era, Alene Tchekmedyian is set to lead the Daily Bruin for the coming year. Endorsed by her colleagues and officially selected by the Associated Students of UCLA’s Communications Board which publishes the campus newspaper, Tchekmedyian was confirmed as Editor in Chief on April 7, 2009. A veteran of the paper, she comes into the position with years experience working the news and arts & entertainment sections and has worked with the online division since joining the paper as a freshman.

Anti-Genocide Legislation Showdown in Sacramento

In the last month, Armenian Americans across the country organized, led, participated in and covered events commemorating the 94th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The events were varied in nature from solemn personal reflection to loud occasions to raise community awareness. In the process much attention was drawn to US House Resolution 252, the federal Armenian Genocide resolution, but less well known is that in California three legislative items addressing the Armenian Genocide are making their way through the California State Legislature.