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Double Helix Hillary

Both spiral, interwoven, and creating conflict; one helix appears to be real and good, the other real but sinister victimizing Hillary Clinton in the hands of the State Department reactionaries who set the direction of our foreign policies. I feel sorry for her!

A Modern Day Saladdin: Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Like a surgeon’s scalpel, the events of Mavi Marmara (Blue Marmara) lanced the abscess which had formed in Turko-Israeli relationship since 2002, when Erdogan and his AK Party came to power. It spewed putrid political pus relieving both countries of their insincere political stances toward each other since both countries were delusional in counting on each other for support and defense under the umbrella of the United States. The rapprochement was both artificial and insincere for Turkey did it to please Israel’s guardian angel, the United States, and Israel did it to have a Muslim Ally in a sea of hostile Arabs and Muslims, also to protect their 50,000 or so Jews who led a prosperous life in Istanbul.

Plastic-Dog Races: Who Gives A Damn About Davutoglu Being Honored By The WWC?

Whether due to inexperience, naïveté, ineptitude, ignorance, or lack of intestinal fortitude, the leadership of the Diasporan, so called political establishment has, once again been sucked into a new quagmire. Whether they want it or not they have been dragged into another dog race; chasing a plastic rabbit round and round, expending people’s donated money, energy and emotional capital.

Shame on You Hillary !

Shame on you Hillary, shame on you! If this is too harsh or impolite, it is not unprecedented in politically correct situations. You used it to highlight a lie, or distortion of facts by the Obama camp during the recent Democratic Primaries. In doing so you set an example for us ordinary human beings who revolt against lies, distorted facts, cover-ups, or obstruction of justice. That much to justify my outburst to which my late mother would have objected, she would have told me “Shame on you for being impolite and for daring people in government”. But thank the almighty God we live in these United States, not in Turkey where, until this moment, a comment like that would have subjected one to the tenets of article 301 justifying criminal trial for insulting Turkishness.

The Good, the Bad, and the So-So Armenians

Like Hitler’s classification of peoples, Turkey looks upon Armenians in a manner, which only a reactionary ruler or regime can; in an outburst of anger over various Armenian issues that gave them agonizing colic, they thought they can squeeze us into three straight jackets expecting us to behave according to the constrains of each. In a failed effort to divide and conquer, they have oriented Armenians into three categories to be dealt with independently; Good Armenians, like the ones who are Turkish citizens and live in Istanbul to be treated with tolerance, the So-So-Armenians “Who are our neighbors” with pseudo-diplomacy , and the Bad Armenians of Diaspora to be fought with impunity.

This is Turkey!

Never for a moment, since its inception, has the so called “Modern, Democratic, Secular” Turkey been any one of them. Never for a moment since its inception has Turkey veered towards tempering its Islamic fervor to become a secular state. Never since Mustafa Kemal Ataturk massacred tens of thousands of civilians to establish modern day Turkey, has the Republic been for all its inhabitants; it has been for a select few of the Central Asian Turkic origin.

National Schizophrenia; the Grey Genocide

A vicious virus, covertly infesting the Armenian nation, has created a full blown entity, which could be defined as the Grey Genocide. Unlike the Red Genocide where blood is spilled, and the White Genocide where the individual is alienated from his ethnicity, the Grey Genocide is a complication of the two and assumes the characteristics of Schizophrenia.

A Festival Of Robbers And Crooks

In the dark of the night they gathered, masked like common thieves and bank robbers. A bunch of crooks, corrupt and dishonest politicians, using their illegitimate authority gained by rigged election, sold the Armenian Nation down the pike. They signed the ill fated Protocol of surrender with Turkey, which paved the way for concessions to Azerbaijan over Karabakh, and bolstered Turkish strategy of denying the Genocide.

Yes We Can! Part II

So, this is Turkey inside out, with the inside being its underbelly; exposed, soft, and vulnerable. Despite its genuine structural weaknesses, Institutional Turkey continues to colonize the non-Turkic inhabitants of Turkey; the Kurds and other minorities, who suffer ethnic, cultural and educational oppression.