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The Armenian Youth Identity: Through the Looking Glass

Not a day that goes by without a person questioning who they are, where they come from, and what it all means. The process isn’t necessarily a conscious one, since a majority of a person’s day is spent dealing with work, taking care of family and other minute, trivial things like traffic, dinner and laundry.

A Filmmakers Love of Art

Arshile Gorky has played a role in shaping and influencing not just 20th century American art, but he has also been a deep rooted inspiration for many artists and individuals. If art is meant to inspire, then Atom Egoyan is living proof of that. In 1995 it was evident what an impact Arshile Gorky had made in Egoyan’s life when he created a short film about the artist called A Portrait of Arshile. Continuing to be further inspired by his love for Gorky and his ethnic heritage, Egoyan went on to write and create one of his accomplished motion pictures called Ararat. While the movie was notoriously known for depicting the history of the Armenian genocide, one of the most prominent story lines was about Gorky’s life and artwork.

Azkayeen Bardaganoutiune: The Responsibility to Our Nation

One of the fundamentally incredible aspects of being an Armenian is the plethora of history that is an essential part of our heritage. It is that history that has kept and bound who we are as an ethnicity and as a culture the force that is the Armenian people. It is our history that has taught us that united we truly do stand and that divided we become lost. The Armenian National Committee of America as well as countless other Armenian organizations have taken a stand for unity. They have chosen to come together to keep what is most sacred in the hearts of our people across all generations. It is organizations like the ANCA that really give us a greater voice as a people in a day and age where it is most needed.

This is… How We Live

I had the pleasure of meeting Sara Anjargolian for breakfast recently to discuss her upcoming photography exhibit and book release called “How We Live,” which documents life on the margins in Armenia. When I met with Sara, I didn’t know very much about the project other than it involved photography and an upcoming event. What I thought would be an interview with an artist, turned out to be an interview with a humanitarian who has elevated peoples’ lives, art, and social service to a new level.

Hye Profile: Three of a Kind-Front and Center with Hollyscoop

It was a crisp November morning when I arrived at a Burbank, California, studio to visit the set of KTLA Channel 5’s new television show, Hollyscoop. The excitement at the pit of my stomach was a telling sign of how much fun I was going to have meeting with the three Armenian women who had worked their way into becoming media, celebrity, and fashion virtuosos.

The Audacious Visionary

Audacity. Not just his favorite word, but the way he depicts himself. Roger Kupelian is a man who has the audacity to believe. His biggest belief is the vision he sees in the work which he creates. Being a visual effects creator requires more than just a technological know-how; it demands inspiration, creativity and determination. Roger, fortunately, possesses all of the above and so much more.