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Anti-Armenian Banners Celebrating Genocide Displayed in Turkey

Anti-Armenian banners celebrating the Armenian Genocide have been displayed in cities around Turkey. Meanwhile, on Feb. 22, two protests were held under the banner of “Demonstrations Condemning the Khojali Genocide and Armenian Terror,” in the Kadikoy and Beyoglu districts in Istanbul. Some protesters chanted anti-Armenian slogans, while others invoked the name of Ogun Samast, the ultra-nationalist youth who gunned down Agos Editor Hrant Dink in 2007.

Judicial Nomination Exhumes ADL Fiasco

Massachusetts Superior Court Nominee Faces Opposition for Failing to Act in Face of Genocide Denial BY NANORE BARSOUMIAN From The Armenian Weekly BOSTON—“I don’t enjoy voting no, but it is the right thing to do,” Councilor Marilyn M. Pettito Devaney told the Armenian Weekly during an interview, as she explained why she opposes a Superior