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Supreme Court Plaintiff to Speak at UHRC Protest

While a15-year-old Kurdish girl gets sentenced to eight years in Turkish prison, here in the US, a longtime civil rights lawyer waits to hear from the Supreme Court on whether his advocacy for Kurdish rights will land him in jail. This Wednesday, a coalition of Armenian and Kurdish human rights activists will bring these travesties of justice to light with a mid-day protest in front of the Turkish Consulate.

In Whose Interests? The Political Economy of Armenian-Turkish Relations

The Turkey-Armenia Protocols ushered in an unprecedented wave of international outcry against the policies of the Armenian government. Given the widespread opposition and detrimental effects the Protocols are deemed to have on such pan-Armenian interests as Genocide recognition, legal claims to the Armenian homeland, and the liberation of Artsakh, many people have been left to wonder why Yerevan has pushed forward with this controversial policy with such vigor.

As Community Unites, Armenian Assembly Steps Away

As political parties and community organizations have come together to express a loud and collective disapproval of the dangerous protocols on Turkey-Armenia relations, one faction in the community—the Armenian Assembly of America—has opted for a route of dissention and has chosen to herald the protocols’ benefits as a cure all for Armenia’s ills and step forward for US interests in that area.