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World War II Years Infused AYF Olympics

When the Armenian Youth Federation gathers in Philadelphia over the Labor Day Weekend for the 77th Olympic Games, there will be more at stake besides medals and championships.

Special tribute will be paid to those women who held fort while their male counterparts were off fighting World War 2, many of whom made the ultimate sacrifice.

Armenian Orphan Rug Lives up to Its Name

Somewhere inside the White House, stashed away inside an obscure storage room, lays an historic rug. This colorful piece of tapestry, which measures 18 feet by 12 feet, lives up to its name: It has remained an “orphan” rug since it passed through the hands of President Calvin Coolidge in 1926.

Sounding An Appeal For Help

On the surface, Irene Hamptian Katrandjian is a 52-year-old devoted Armenian who wants nothing more than to live a happy and fulfilling life and do what’s best for her three children. She enjoyed her daily visits to a gym, worked out faithfully to stay in peak condition and was there when it came to supporting the Armenian community around New Jersey where she resides and works as a Scholastic Aptitude Testing tutor.

An Armenian Family’s Life in Norway

As young woman growing up in Providence, R.I., Christine Varadian was prominently immersed in Armenian life. When she wasn’t breaking records in the AYF Olympics, she was displaying strong leadership skills at chapter meetings and at the Central Executive level. As an active member of an Armenian church, her heritage and religion drew no compromise, thanks to a vibrant family and community circle.