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Mardig Ganayan Walked In Dad’s Footsteps

Growing up in the streets of Watertown, Mardiros (Martin) Ganayan was his father’s keeper. As the proud son of Armenian freedom fighter General Dro Ganayan, he had big shoes to fill. At AYF conventions, he served as a leader and worthy ambassador for his peers. At demonstrations and other political gatherings, his Armenian was impeccable. His demeanor was one of respect and admiration.

‘Hello Ellis Island’ Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Hourig Papazian-Sahagian is like the Energizer bunny. She just keeps going … and going. As producer-director-impresario of The Way We Were, Hourig is celebrating her 20th anniversary with “Hello Ellis Island,” a musical spoof on Armenian immigrants aboard a vessel bound for America during the genocide years following World War 1.

Let’s Publicize Armenia Correctly

Being in the newspaper business all my life, I know the true value of good public relations. And publicizing Armenia correctly continues to be an ongoing struggle. It’s too bad that every journalist in America wasn’t Armenian or sympathetic to our cause. But I’m afraid that is not the case. We must create our own PR vehicle.

Facing Poverty In Armenia

“Menk an-o-tee yenk.” These simple words sent my heart stomping as I left my apartment in Yerevan one afternoon in May. In my hand was a plastic bag containing the remnants of moldy bread headed for a dumpster nearby. Outside, a father and mother were camped out in a terrace by a small pavilion they were calling home. Nearby were two small children playing, presumably their own.